Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 20: Results

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 The creation of the trap was made by several servants.

 The material for the enclosure is wood. It is a construction in which the piles are driven in and the wooden boards are fitted between them.

 The wooden board is thick enough not to break even if it charges against it.

 There are small holes in the board so you can see what’s inside.

 The size of the cage is about 3 tatami mats. Around 3 sues can be caged in. (T/N – A standard tatami mat is about 1.8 m x 0.9 m, or about 5.9′ x 3.0′ – Source)

 However, when at full capacity, sue charging from the outside may hit the sue inside.

 Well, this time it’s an experiment to see the effectiveness of the traps so other matters are of no concern.

 The door material is a thin iron plate.

 It’s unclear at this point if it’s the right thickness, as it won’t open if it’s too thick, and it breaks if it’s too thin.

 The proper thickness can only be confirmed by testing.

 If it doesn’t work the door will be remade again.

 The yellow paint for painting the door has been procured from the town.

 I expect a certain amount of paint to be rubbed off after each charge against the door, so we bought a good amount. The paint’s cost depends on the color. Since yellow was cheap it did not cost much.

 A cloth soaked with the smell of apples is used to attract sue. It can be made immediately. Apples are common in villages, so it’s easy to turn them into juice and soak the cloth.

 And the first trap was completed three days after the starting date. The test area is in the middle of the forest near Lamberk Village.


“Is this going well?” (Russell


 Looking at the trap completed by Russell, he murmured anxiously.


“I don’t know if you can’t do it. Well, it’s something that you have to do through trial and error a few times to improve the degree of perfection. Even if you can’t do it at first, there’s no problem.” (Ars)

“Oh, that’s right?” (Russell)


 Hearing my words, Russell’s anxiety decreased a little. The word “It’s okay if you can’t do it” would have been unexpectedly effective for the pessimistic Russell.

 Then we left the trap in the area.

 next morning.

 I went to see it with Ritsu and Russell if the trap was working.


“This probably contains…” (Ritsu)


 Ritsu said the moment he saw the trap.

 The yellow paint on the door is a little scraped.

 Probably due to the sues’ charging in.

 Ritsu looks into the hole in the wall and looks inside.


“We have two of them. It looks like they are sleeping.” (Ritsu)

“Huh, really?” (Ars)

“Success?” (Russell)


 We also look into the hole in the wall. Since the hole is too high to be used by a child we had Ritsu help us look into it. Certainly there were two sleeping sues. Those who are locked up are usually too nervous to sleep.

 Let’s check the condition of the door.


“I don’t think it’s a problem. I think it’s pretty good.” (Ritsu)


 The durability of the door seemed to be no problem.


“Well, should we make for a wide enclosure?”

“I don’t think it’s a problem. I think this would improve hunting efficiency, and Greg would review his thoughts on Russell.”

“My father might change his mind?”


 He didn’t talk to Greg about the trap so he wouldn’t put more pressure on Russell.


“Now let’s make a wider version of it. Now let the hunters also help.” (Ritsu)

“Yeah. What do you do with Sue we caught?” (Ars)

“For the time being, let’s kill it and bring it back to the mansion. It should be possible to dismantle sue. Let’s eat it as today’s lunch. We’re eating the sue from the trap. I’m looking forward to lunch a bit more than usual.” (Ritsu)


 After that, Ritsu killed the sue inside and brought it back to the mansion.

 Then, at noon, we eat the sue. Russell was eating quite happily.




“Hunt Sue by using a device…?” (Greg)


 The next day, he said he would gather the village hunters at a meetinghouse in the village to create a trap for Sue.

 If they agree, we’ll ask the village hunters to help us create the trap.

 Ritsu prepared the figure and explained the trap.

 It is a drawing in which it is easy based on what Russell drew.


“I see… surely if this goes well, the hunting will be more efficient… As expected, Ars-sama, you can think of such a thing.” (Greg)


 Greg said so as he was impressed.


“I didn’t think of it. Russell thought of it all.” (Ars)

“e!?” (Greg)


 Astonished, Greg looks at Russell’s face.


“That’s a lie. How can Russell do that…” (Greg)

“I did say that Russell has a great mind. It was all thought by him and I didn’t do anything.” (Ars)

“…Ho, is it true?” (Greg)


 Asked by Greg, Russell nodded.


“…Is this really good?” (Greg)


 As soon as he heard that it was made by Russell, he began to doubt the performance of the trap. It seems that he doesn’t want to recognize Russell’s talent.


“We tried it with a small one, we’ve been successful, so it’s okay to make a bigger version of it.” (Ritsu)


 Ritsu explained so.


“So, I want the people here to help us make this, but can you do it? Of course, all the prey caught using the trap will be shared. Also if you learn how to make it, you can make the same thing yourself.” (Ars)


 When I said that, the hunters volunteered and started raising their hands.

 Greg was the last one left, but he raised his hand in the end while showing a little resistance.


“It’s okay for everyone to help. Well then we’ll start tomorrow. We’ll make a place in a nearby forest. Gather around this place early in the morning.” (Ars)


 The next day, the creation of a wide enclosure trap was to be started.

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