Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 203: Meeting 2nd Half

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 The conference continued to build relationships with other counties.



 To the west of Canale is the state of Sights.


 Since we had just had such a brutal battle with Sights, we couldn’t easily make up for it. It seems that Sights wants to take control of Canale, and the only way to reconcile would be to join Sights, but I had no intention of doing that.


 It is safe to say that the relationship with Sights cannot be improved unless something more is done.


 It was decided that we should be more proactive in building relationships with the other counties in Messiaen.



 There are four powerful counties in Messiaen: Alcantes, Beltud, Massa, and Sempler.


 In particular, the central city of Alcantes and Sempler, which faces the sea and has a very strong economy, is very powerful.



 Alcantes is currently ruled by Clan-sama, and Sempler is ruled by Leng, Clan’s son.


 I have a somewhat friendly relationship with Clan-sama. I may not be particularly fond of Leng-sama, but Leng-sama will obey the will of Clan-sama to some extent, so there is no problem with not pursuing a more positive relationship.



 That’s just for now, not for the future. Leng-sama will be the next governor of Messiaen if Clan-sama dies.


 Since the Leng is closer in terms of age to me, it is more likely that a relationship with Leng-sama will be longer than that of Clan-sama.



 Thinking ahead, we should build a relationship with Leng-sama.


 He was a rather simple man, so it might not be that difficult to gain his trust.



 I have a strong relationship with Lemail, who governs Beltud.



 The mayor of Masa is the only one I’ve barely met.


 Of course, we don’t get along well.


 Canale and Masa counties are located relatively close to each other.


 If we can get along well with Masa, we will have many advantages in terms of trade and military cooperation.



“What exactly do we need to do to be friendly with Masa County?”



 It was Lithia who answered my question.



“You could invite them to a party, or attend a party that the mayor is attending, or give them a gift, or ask someone who is close to the mayor to arrange it. The best thing you can do is to get married, but that’s not going to happen.” (Lithia)



 I’m already married to Lithia, and my brother and sister are still too young to get married.



 I don’t know about Masa’s Mayor’s relationships, but I’m sure he was pretty close to Lemail.


 Then there is Clan-sama. Masa’s Mayor has consistently been on Clan-sama’s side. I doubt it if they are not close.



 However, it was a little difficult to send a letter saying, “I want to get along with Masa’s Mayor, can you help me?” I think it would be a bit rude.



 If Lemail or Clan-sama holds a party, it would be a good idea to actively participate there, get to know Masa’s Mayor more, and then send gifts to show our willingness to have a friendly relationship.



 This is just a guess, but I’m sure Masa’s Mayor would like to get to know me too.


 I’m sure he’s paying some attention to me now, as I’m a young nobleman who’s moving up the ladder quite fast in the Province of Messiaen.


 Of course, they don’t necessarily see me in a positive light. They may be more cautious because they don’t know what I will do.


 Still, if they have me in their sights, I’m sure they’ll want to build a relationship.



 As for diplomacy, it’s important to gather information, so I decided to have Shadow gather information on the county leaders of the Province of Messiaen.



 It was a much easier task than trying to craft something, and I was sure Shadow would be able to handle it.



 This meeting was over for now.


 My job for the time being will be to search for talent.


 If there is a party or something, I may need to attend it.



 I also sent a letter to Shin that day, asking him to come to the castle to discuss the airship with me immediately.



 A few days later.



 Shin appeared at Canale Castle.


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