Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 206: Interview

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 “Oh, no! I can’t believe they hired me! I’ve heard rumors that County Mayor Canale has a good eye for people, and it looks like it’s true!” (Verge)



 When I talked to Verge after he was hired, he said it in a jovial way.


 He seemed to be quite confident.



“So what kind of work am I supposed to do? Do I have to lead a battle? I’m not very good at fighting, but I’ve acquired some knowledge, so I might be able to command!” (Verge)


“Well, commanding is…”



 His leadership skills are low at the moment, and his limits are not very high.


 It wouldn’t be a good idea to let him lead the troops.



 But what kind of role would be appropriate for Verge?



 The ability to speak well is an ability that can be used not only in diplomacy but also in many other ways.


 For example, he can persuade dissatisfied citizens and help to organize business negotiations.


 It can also play an active role in a variety of situations when conducting internal affairs.



 At the moment in Canale, Ritsu is taking the lead in running the internal affairs.



 Although I am searching for talents, I don’t know much about the details of internal affairs, so I often leave it to Ritsu.



 To be honest, it’s quite a burden on Ritsu since he also conducts military training. Recently, Braham and Zat have been gradually developing their military skills, so they seem to be leaving some things to them, but the workload is still enormous.



 Having Verge as Ritsu’s assistant might help him in internal affairs.


 Of course, he won’t be useful all of a sudden, and he’ll need a period of learning at first.


 On the other hand, there is also a possibility that this would put a lot of burden on Ritsu.



 But if we trust my appraisal skills, Verge should be a competent person in politics.


 I’ll put him as Ritsu’s assistant.



“You help Ritsu for a while.”


“Ritsu is… a Marcan, I believe. Rumor has it that he is very strong. Am I going to train under him!?” (Verge)



 He said excitedly.


 What if Verge wants to fight?


 Is there a pattern between his talent and what he wants to do?



“No, I don’t want you to fight… Ritsu does a lot of work within internal affairs, and I want you to assist him with that.”


“Aa job regarding internal affairs rather than fighting? I’m not sure if I can do that any better but I’ll do my best. I thought it was a pity that Marcans were enslaved wherever they went, but Ritsu-san can do anything, can’t he? He’s amazing.” (Verge)



 Verge seemed to be the type of person who felt sorry for the Marcans rather than discriminating against them. He may be a rather kind person.



“Then I want to go under Ritsu-san right away! Where are is he?” (Verge)



 Virg said looking very motivated.


 I’ve called the castle servants and had them lead him to where Ritsu is.



 He seemed to have a lot of ambition and would be able to grow properly and help Ritsu.



 I then interviewed the rest of the personnel and assigned them to jobs. Except for Verge, most of them were people who would become soldiers.



 We had acquired a good amount of talent.



 My eyes are getting tired, I think I’ll take a break tomorrow.


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