Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 207: Vacation

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 I took a vacation today to rest my eyes.


 After having dinner with my family…



“Brother, brother! Let’s practice sword fighting” (Claus)


“No! We’re going to read a book together today!” (Ren)




 I was pressed by my brother Claus and my sister Ren.


 They were now seven years old and had grown up a bit, but they were still children.


 Even though they are twins, their personalities don’t match, and as usual, the things they want don’t mesh well.



 However, I laughed a little when I realized that every time we went on break, we had a similar exchange.



 Most of the time, I’ll do both, and that’s all there is to it.



“Okay, Ren-chan, why don’t you read a book with me?” (Lithia)



 Lithia, who was next to me today, suggested with a smile.


 Playing with children is quite a challenge.


 She was probably trying to ease my burden as much as possible.



“Sister! That’s a good suggestion!” (Claus)



 Claus said in a cheerful voice.



 Claus already treats Lithia like his sister…



“No.” (Ren)



 Ren turned away from her.



“I hate her.” (Ren)



 Ren immediately says she hates Lithia, and her expression instantly freezes.



 After getting married, I was worried that Claus loves Lithia too much, but Ren seems to really hate Lithia for some reason.



 I don’t think that Lithia did anything to make Ren dislike her, so I was wondering the reason why.


 In the first place, Lithia is very good at winning people’s hearts.


 I think it’s unusual for her to be hated like this.



“There, there Ren. Don’t say hate easily.” (Lithia)


“I hate, what I hate.” (Ren)




 When I glanced at Lithia, her expression remained frozen.


 It would be a shock to hear someone say that they are hated this much.



 After that, Lithia went in front of Ren, crouched down, and looked at her,



“Why does Ren-chan hate me? I’m feeling quite sad if I’m hated by you, so please tell me.” (Lithia)



 She asked that.



 Ren stood silently, but after a while, she opened her mouth.



“Because you’re your brother’s wife, right? Brother was supposed to marry me…”



 Ren pointed out as she muttered.


 I see, in other words, she was jealous of Lithia?


 Well, she’s still a kid, so maybe that’s the case.



“Oh, that’s okay. Ars has a big heart, so Ren-chan will be a good wife in the future.” (Lithia)


“For real?” (Ren)


“Yes, Ars, that’s true, isn’t it?” (Lithia)


“Oh, yeah.”


“Yay!” (Ren)



 When I nodded my head in reply, Ren’s eyes lit up with joy.



 I think it’s a good idea to allow your sister to be your wife, even if it’s just to convince her. It might be a good way to round out the situation since he was dealing with a child.



“Then, don’t you hate me anymore?” (Lithia)


“Hmm, I don’t know.” (Ren)



 Ren tilts her head.


 Ren tilted her head. It didn’t seem like her favorability had suddenly skyrocketed.



“Yeah. We haven’t talked much about anything yet. I wonder if Ren-chan has something she likes.” (Lithia)



 Lithia started chatting.


 Ren didn’t ignore her but responded to her words.



“I like my brother, books, and flowers.” (Ren)


“It’s strange. I also like Ars, books, and flowers.” (Lithia)



 It’s said that I like it lightly, and I’m a little surprised. It’s often said at night.



“Do you like growing flowers, Ren-chan?” (Lithia)


“Just look. I don’t know how to grow them.” (Ren)


“That’s right. Well, I know how to grow them. Would you like to grow some with me?” (Lithia)


“Can you grow it? It’s amazing! Let’s grow some!” (Ren)



 Ren’s eyes glittered as she said this.


 It seems that both of them have similar hobbies.


 I’m sure they’ll hit it off quickly, so there’s no need to worry.




“Then, how about we do some sword practice?”


“Yes!” (Claus)



 I went out and started sword practice with Claus.



 A few hours later.


 After a few hours of training, I returned exhausted.


 It seems that Claus still had a lot of training to do, but my body couldn’t take it, so I left it at that. If I don’t get stronger, I might be in trouble in the future. Maybe I should go for a run.



 Lithia and Ren seemed to have gotten to know each other pretty well and were talking to each other with smiles on their faces. I was relieved that they seemed to be getting along well.




“Do you know? It’s important to have a facial expression to be liked by the gentlemen… You can do this by looking up at them…” (Lithia)


“I see, is it like this? Sister dearest…” (Ren)




 …Are you talking about something strange? [T/N: That’s not just strange. That is super scary.]


 Ren has really high potential in Strategy and Politics.


 If she gets along well with Lithia and grows up steadily, she may become a very terrifying woman in the future.



 When I saw Ren talking to Lithia, I thought of this.


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