Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 21: Reward

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 With the help of the hunters, we started to create a wider trap.

 The place to put the trap is still around the center of the forest. We decided to remove the first trap and replace it with the wider trap.

 The size of the enclosure is about seven times that of the first one.

 There are many trees inside the area of enclosure. It would be inconvenient when killing the sue once inside. So we cut them and the lumber will be used for the fence material.

 We built a tower that wasn’t installed in the first trap.

 It is a very simple tower, and it is about 4 meters high. It wouldn’t be very useful on the battlefield, but this time it’s high enough.

 After six days the trap was completed.

 The scale has grown, but the number of people working has increased, so the work time didn’t change much.


“Is this really going to work?” (Greg)


 Greg murmured, looking at the completed trap with suspicion.


“Even if the scale is increased, the basic structure has not changed, so it’s okay.” (Ritsu)


 Ritsu said so, but Greg’s suspicion seems to be unrelieved.

 After making it, we left the trap as before and waited a day.

 The next day, we went to see the trap to check the results.

 There is a dark circle in Russell’s eyes. He was afraid that it wouldn’t do well, so he couldn’t sleep.

 It wasn’t the case when we checked the first trap, but the fact that it will also be seen by Greg seems to be a lot of pressure on him.

 As with the previous trap, you can see at a glance if you look at the door and see if any was trapped.

 The yellow paint has almost completely come off. Since it has been scraped off more than before, it probably trapped more than before.


“Looks like there’s more”


 Ritsu predicted that and went inside to look inside.


“Three sues…No, there are four.” (Hunter A)

“Is it true?” (Greg)

“Oh, I see too.” (Hunter B)



 Greg and the hunters who helped create it also began to look inside the trap.


“Truly! It’ll take a while!” (Hunter A)

“Success!” (Hunter B)


 The hunters began to rejoice in the success of the trap.

 I looked inside, and there were certainly four sues in the enclosure. Some were awake this time. Licking the cloth soaked with apples juice.

 When Russell saw that Sue was in, he was relieved and exhaled deeply.


“Wow, this is convenient. You don’t have to bother to go hunt it.”

“Sues are very quick-footed. I you miss the first shot, it’ll run away immediately. Because it’s not very big, it’s hard to hit with a bow and arrow.”

“In this state, I can hunt very quickly. No, I thought that Greg’s third son was weak, unlike the first two, but he’s pretty smart.”


 Seeing the success of the trap, the hunters were delighted that hunting would be easier, and praised its designer Russell.

 Russell, who was praised was unfamiliar with the reaction, is confused.

 Greg was a little confused about what to do. So instead, he put his hand on Russell’s head,


“Russell, you did it well.” (Greg)


 Greg said to Russell.

 Hearing the compliment, Russell’s eye widened in surprise for a moment. And…


“Yup!” (Russell)


 He nodded with a big smile I had never seen on him before.




 From this day on, hunters began to hunt using the traps designed by Russell.

 As a result, the hunting efficiency of sue was improved, and sue became commonly eaten in the village.

 Originally, it was not something that could be hunted often. So sue’s meat was considered a treat. With a new source of meat, the food situation in the village changed drastically.

 Furthermore, dried meat from sues are now being used as export goods so foods that had not been on the market were now entering the market.

 Russell’s personality improved a little. Perhaps because of Russell gaining confidence because of the compliments he received from his father.

 Russell was credited for the idea of the trap, and was called by father to receive a reward.


“Let’s give him 5 gold coins as a reward” (Raven)


 It’s a lot of money.

 Greg, who was next to Russell, was so surprised his eyes look like plates.

 By the way, Charlotte, who was present near me, muttered, “twelve of me…”. The price for buying Charlotte is five silver coins, and gold coins have the same value as ten silver coins, so 10 people priced the same as Charlotte is the correct answer. It seems that Charlotte should have basic education.

 Russell doesn’t look very happy when he receives the five gold coins with his father. Has a gloomy look on his face?

 I wonder why he’s still gloomy. His father is now constantly giving him compliments. Five gold coins is a big amount of money, and I’m sure they should happy.

 I was wondering so I asked Russell.


“No, I wonder if it’s okay… That I get that much…” (Russell)

“Of course. Russell did all that, so you can receive it.” (Ars)

“Because all the hunters in the village have begun to use traps. Then sue may disappear from the forest then we can’t eat sue anymore. That’s what could happen…” (Russell)

“Ah……” (Ars)


 That’s right. If you continue to hunt sue will disappear from the forest.

 It’s a simple matter, but it seems that the happiness of being able to hunt a lot of Sue was clouding my eyes.

 Only Russell was looking at the future without being blinded by the present.


“Oh, I got a lot of gold coins, so I shouldn’t ask for that… I can’t do anything about it… But if I say I’ll release some of them, can I… Can I not just take the money. If the hunter asks…I’ll just let the young sue get released…but I wonder if the population will survive with just the kids…I should develop a trap to catch another animal… yes, this is an option…”


 Russell murmured and began to think about measures for over hunting.

 Normally, it seems silly, but it seems that the fact that he is pessimistic helps planning for a future that could be irreversible in the long run.

 This time I see that his pessimism is not a bad trait but preventive one.

 Surprisingly, now I wonder if it is a waste for him to just be a military officer.

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