Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 212: Enan

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 A few days later.


 I had another interview with the people I had hired.



 The two men we had hired as magic cavalrymen had no particular personality problems.


 They had never used magic or ridden a horse before, so we were going to train them as magic cavalrymen.



 The problem was Enan, the last person we recruited.



 As usual, her voice was too low and it was difficult to communicate with her.


 Perhaps she has some kind of disease in her vocal cords.


 If that’s the case, it would be impossible to talk to her.



 I gave up talking and decided to try writing to communicate.



 Enan looked a little apologetic as she wrote sloppily. Some uneducated people can’t write, so if she was like that, I would have been out of luck, but fortunately, she seemed to be able to write.



 She wrote very carefully with polite words.



“I’m sorry. I haven’t had a chance to talk to people for a long time, and it is hard to talk to people.” (Enan)



 She wrote in slightly shaky letters.



 So, a disease wasn’t the cause of your weak voice?


 I’m wondering what kind of environment you’ve been living in that you’ve lost the chance to talk to people for a long time you lost the ability to talk to others… If that’s the case, maybe you’ll get used to it and be able to speak from now on.




“My name is Enan Rouges. I’m sorry I couldn’t even introduce myself.” (Enan)



 Enan wrote in an apologetic tone.


 The fact that she couldn’t introduce herself properly seemed to bother her quite a bit.



“No need to apologize, it’s not your fault if you can’t speak.”



 I said this to cheer Enan up, but her expression didn’t really brighten.


 After that, she started writing something on paper again.




“Am I really going to be hired? I can’t believe it, because there’s no way I could have been accepted.” (Enan)



 It was certainly inconceivable that she would be accepted without even being able to introduce herself properly. Enan seemed to be skeptical.



“I have the ability to appraise someone. I saw a hidden talent in you, so I thought I’d hire you.”


“A talent in me?” (Enan)



 Enan looked at me with a face full of doubt.


 She wouldn’t believe me right away.



 Enan then looked down for a minute, thinking about something, and then looked relieved.


 For some reason, her face is a little flushed.



 After that, she started shakily writing down letters.



“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it until too late. That’s what you said. It can’t be helped at this point. Please do what you want with my body.” (Enan)


“It seems like you’ve reached a terrible conclusion…”



 It seems that she thought I hired her for her body. What did she misunderstand?



 After pointing out that it was a misunderstanding, Enan hurriedly replied with her face red.



“I’m so very sorry!” (Enan)



 She apologized profusely by bowing her head.



 …I also heard her voice.


 It’s still very muffled, but the voice from Enan’s mouth certainly reached my ears.


 Perhaps her panic had worked with her, or perhaps she had remembered how to speak.



“My voice…” (Enan)



 She said with a shy expression that was mixed with joy.



 It was a good thing that she could do it as soon as possible because I knew it would be a disaster if she couldn’t speak properly.



“I’m glad you can speak now. It’s a complete misunderstanding to say that I recruited you for your body, so please understand that. I’m married.”


“Well, was that so? I’m sorry. I apologize for that. I’ve always been told that the only good thing that I have is a good face…” (Enan)



 Apparently, she grew up in a harsh home.


 By the way, I can’t really tell how good her face is because her eyes are hidden by her bangs. If she raises her bangs, she may really have a cute face.



“About my talent… what is it…?” (Enan)


“You must have a talent for creating things.”


“Huh… umm… my talent is for creating things…?” (Enan)



 It seems that the person herself did not understand her talent.


 Well, her ability isn’t developed at the moment, but if she practices a lot, she might see something.



 For the time being, let’s have Enan meet Shin.




 I brought Enan to Shin’s office.


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