Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 213: To the Workshop

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“We’re here…”



 Enan looked at Shin’s workshop with a puzzled expression.



“What is this place for…?” (Enan)



 There was no other workshop where airships were studied, so it was natural to wonder what this place was for.



“It’s the workshop of a man named Shin. He’s currently working on airships.”


“What is an airship?” (Enan)


“It’s a vehicle that flies using magic power. It’s not finished yet, but we’ve successfully tested it.”


“Oh, how unbelievable…” (Enan)



 Enan’s eyes widened.


 She seemed to be interested in it.



“…What? Wait a minute. Since I was brought to the workshop… does that mean that I could help build an airship?” (Enan)



 Enan seemed to have realized the situation she was in.



“That’s right.”


“Im-Immmpossible! To help with building such an amazing thing. I’m not familiar with magic or anything like that at all!” (Enan)



 Enan denied and screamed out loud so it’s hard to believe that just a few minutes ago I couldn’t even speak.



“It wouldn’t be possible for you to suddenly do it, but I know you have the talent. If you study under Shin here in the workshop, you will be able to make that talent bloom.”


“Bloom…?” (Enan)



 Enan looked down as she pondered.


 After a while, she started muttering.



“Honestly, it’s really hard for me to believe in Ars-sama’s words… I’ve never been able to do anything like other people… but I know I don’t want to keep doing nothing… I want to do my best in something.”



 It didn’t sound like she was enthusiastic, but she seemed to have been motivated.


 If she wasn’t motivated at all, there was a good chance she wouldn’t be able to improve even if she was talented. This is a positive development.



 I enter the workshop with Enan.


 There was some kind of work going on in the workshop. It was probably the assembly of an airship.


 It was a little larger than the airship I had seen before. Development seemed to be progressing smoothly.



“Hmm? Ars-sama. Why are you here today?” (Shin)



 Shin, who was supervising the work, noticed my appearance.



“Who is that woman?” (Shin)


“I’ve made her my new vassal. I want you to let her work in this workshop.”



 When I frankly told him, he looked at me skeptically.



“You want to let her work in the workshop? There’s a lot of hard work here, and it’s hard for women. Or is it that she looks weak but is really strong?” (Shin)


“No, not at all. I have assessed with my own ability that she has a gift for creating things. She is still a beginner and her knowledge is still limited, but as she grows she will surely be useful in the development of airships.”


“Hmm… So you’re saying that you want me to train people? And since she’s a beginner and doesn’t have much knowledge, I’ll have to teach her everything from scratch.” (Shin)


“That’s right.”


“I’d like to say that I don’t have time to do that while I’m busy developing airships… But it’s true that I’ve always wanted someone who could be useful. It is true that I am a genius, but sometimes it is difficult to work alone. I’m sure you’re also right, and if the woman really has talent, I can raise her. ‘If’ she’s really talented.” (Shin)



 Shin looked at me with a probing gaze.



“She definitely has talent. I can guarantee it.”



 I answered immediately.


 There was no need to doubt my own appraisal skills now.



“If so, I’ll hire you. I trust the county mayor’s eyes to see through my abilities.” (Shin)



 For the time being, the matter was settled. What will happen now will be up to Enan and Shin. I’ve assured them that they’ll be able to use their talents to their fullest.



“Newcomer, what’s your name?” (Shin)


“Eh… oh, my name is Enan… umm, is this little guy Shin-san?” (Enan)


“Who’s the little guy!” (Shin)



 Immediately after being called a little guy, Shin’s face turned red and he got really angry.


 He seemed to be concerned about his short stature.



“Oh, I’m so sorry! As the owner of the workshop, I imagined you to be a more muscular person, but you are much cuter than I expected.” (Enan)


“Huh, who’s cute!?” (Shin)



 Shin got angrier and his face was much redder.


 Enan, what’s with the tactless comments…


 Perhaps her limited speech has helped her avoid a lot of trouble.



“Hey, is this woman’s head really screwed right?” (Shin)





“What do you mean “maybe”? …Well, okay, I’ll take care of her for a while. If not, I’ll send her back to Ars-sama.” (Shin)


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