Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 215: Mercenaries

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“Good morning, Ars.” (Lithia)



 In the morning, right after I woke up, Lithia whispered these words to me.



“…Good morning, Lithia.”



 Now that we are a couple, we sleep in bed together every day, but I somehow still feel a rush of excitement when I see Lithia’s face when I wake up from sleep.


 It can’t be helped that Lithia is a beautiful girl, but I need to get used to it.



 After that, we had breakfast together.



“The Canale is becoming more and more lively, isn’t it?”


“Oh yes, it’s changed a lot since I first came to town.” (Lithia)




 During breakfast, I chat with Lithia.


 I see Canale every day, but it seems to be getting more vibrant by the day.



 Not only because the war is over, but perhaps because things are going well in terms of internal politics.


 According to Ritsu’s report, the newly appointed vassal, Verge, is doing a pretty good job, and with his natural eloquence, he has been able to persuade the people to start new businesses.



 It is Ritsu, Russell, and the others who are thinking of policies to develop Canale. Since they had come up with the right policies, all that remained was to implement them well, but with Ritsu, who some of the people did not like because he was still a Marcan, and Russell, who was still inexperienced as a skilled wordsmith, things did not always go well, but it seemed that Verge had just filled in the gaps.



 After finishing breakfast with Lithia, I read through the various reports while heading to the office.


 There were a few troubling reports.


 The population had increased, the economy seemed to be improving, and the research from Shin seemed to be progressing well.



 Among the reports, there was one that bothered me.



“There is a suspicious movement within Sights…”



 It was a report from Femme.


 It is the province of Sights, which had once launched an invasion against Canale. Even though they have exhausted their strength, we cannot neglect to be vigilant.


 For this reason, Shadow was dispatched to send intelligence and other information back to us.



 According to the report, Sights had begun to increase its military strength by increasing the production of weapons and buying Ether from other provinces.



 After suffering a crushing defeat in the last war, are they going to attack us again not learning their lesson? Or, since the unification of Messiaen has been achieved, is the province speeding up the buildup of its forces, wary of being invaded in return?



 I think the latter is probably more likely, but I can’t be sure.



 After the war, Canale did not strengthen its military forces all that much.


 Sights has not been a threat for a while, and funds have been invested more in economic development and airship development. However, it may be time to increase vigilance against the Sights and strengthen military power.



 I’ll have to talk to Ritsu and his team about this…



 Just as I was thinking this, Ritsu came to the office to report.



“Good morning, Ars-sama. Actually, I have something to tell you that you might want to hear.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu looked a little flustered.


 I wanted to talk to him about it, but let’s stop now and listen to what Ritsu has to say.



“Actually, a group of mercenaries have been visiting our town and have offered to make a contract with the Louvent family.” (Ritsu)


“Mercenaries… are not like Shadow, but mercenaries who will fight for us as an army, is that right?”


Yes, sir. It is a medium-sized mercenary group with about two hundred members. They are not very famous, so I don’t know what they are capable of, but I think it would be easy for Ars-sama to discern their ability.” (Ritsu)



 Just when I was thinking of strengthening my army, I didn’t realize that a group of mercenaries would visit me. Just in time, I would say.



“Have you read Shadow’s report already?” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu inquired.



“Yes. There seem to be strange movements within Sights.”


Yes, sir. Just because something is strange doesn’t mean they will attack, but we should be prepared in case of an emergency. The population of Canale is growing and the number of troops is increasing accordingly, but even so, it is difficult to say that we have sufficient military strength.” (Ritsu)



 Apparently, Ritsu had also thought about what I was going to discuss with him.




“I, too, have been thinking that we need to increase our military strength. I’ll meet with that mercenary corps first and decide if I want to hire them or not.” 


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