Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 22: Three Years Later

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 Three years have passed since then. I’m now nine years old.

My height has grown considerably and my strength has gradually increased.

The problem of over hunting sue in the forest was finally settled by having my father talk to hunters and make a rule to limit the amount of prey.

The hunters are responsive since there are heavy penalties waiting if they were caught.

Russell has also developed other traps for hunting animals other than sue, so the hunters’ prey will not drop after the restriction.

There are many things that have changed over the last three years.

It is because recently my father has been found to be ill.

He started to get coughs and fevers often. I don’t know what kind of disease he has because I have no medical knowledge. In the first place, there is a difference in the illnesses between this and my previous world.

Diseases are often caused by viruses and bacteria. It is not strange that viruses and bacteria differ. No, it would be strange to say that both have similarities.

Anyway, my father is suffering from an disease I don’t know.

I don’t know if he will get better or if he’ll just waste away.

But my father was sick a few months ago, and since then he has been sick all the time, so I’m sure it’s not a simple illness.

I told my sick father that he was getting older and that I’m too, so it’s definitely a matter that could affect the skirmishes happening.

I said that I would go in his stead, but he would have to send a 9-year-old child into the battle, and that was useless.

I wasn’t able to persuade him, so I told him to bring him at least.

The person I trust the most, Ritsu.

If he is with him, he’ll do something during an emergency.

Instead, Ritsu will no longer be my educator when the war takes place.

Most soldiers are on the battlefield in Messiaen these days, as signs of an upcoming war are getting more pronounced. We haven’t had much time together recently.

There are a few good retainers, but after looking for three years, I only found some above average talents, but I couldn’t find anyone outstanding.

I have already seen the town of Canale, so I should head to scout another town.

However, because of the distance and the risk of banditry increases the amount of escorts must increase

At present, everyone with high battle capabilities, including Ritsu are fighting, so it travelling will be difficult.

I want peace to come soon, but it won’t happen anytime soon.

After all, the reason why the battle has become more likely these days is because of the battle for the rightful heir to the Governor of Messiaen.



In the dining room of the mansion.

It is the winter season and the fireplace is lit. Although it doesn’t snow in winter, it was cold enough to need the fireplace.

Perhaps people don’t feel like fighting in the cold, but recently the number of fights have decreased, and I have been spending more time with Ritsu and my dad.

My father is at home today, so we are eating together.




My brother and sister, Claus and Ren, who were eating together, finished eating and soon stood up at the same time from their seats.

They used to be babies but they have grown up quickly. Nowadays they can talk and run, and they are very active. Children sure grow fast.

Their appearance is also quite different.

Claus is like father with his golden hair. Len has hair similar to me.

Their face is also similar, but it’s not identical.

Probably because they are fraternal twins.


“Nii-nii play with me” (Claus)

“Play” (Ren)


They pulled my clothes but I wanted to talk with father a little bit, so


“Please have Ritsu play with you”


I had Ritsu play with both kids.


“Eh” (Ritsu)


“Nii-nii you play” (Claus)

“Play” (Ren)

“Okay then. I’ll play with you later. I’m talking to father now, so wait till then.” (Ars)


Then I send them both to Ritsu downstairs.

It’s hard for my brother and sister to go down stairs so I escorted them.


“Father, how are you nowadays?” (Ars)


After they left, I asked.


“No, no, no, no problem.” (Raven)

“How can you say that when you’re coughing…” (Ars)

“This isn’t a problem.” (Raven)


However, my father coughs again.

I feel that my father’s condition is gradually getting worse, probably because of the cold.


“That one who can’t participate in the battle anymore…”

“I must have said that I couldn’t go there many times. Now, I can’t say that I can’t enter the battle in this situation.”


Mr. Lemail is the Mayor of Canale, Lemail Pail. The one my father serves.

The current situation in Messiaen is in a fragile state.

About a year ago, Governor Messiaen fell ill. Although he didn’t die, he seems to be bedridden and barely conscious.

It seems that the Governor left it in a letter that he made his successor his youngest son, but there was doubt about its authenticity, and his older brother said that it was forged by their side.

In fact, that claim cannot be said to be wrong. It seems that the younger brother’s vassals thought that their liege, who had very few achievements, would receive during the war and would thus make him the heir.

As a result, the successor was a younger brother. The people who doubt this are on the older brother’s side.

However, the vassals on the younger brother’s side are saying that the letters were truly written by the governor.

It is terrible but the Region is now split into two.

Since the governor is alive, a full-scale battle has not yet begun, but it would be unavoidable that a great war would occur if he died.

Canale Mayor Lemail is in opposition because he favors the older brother, while the neighboring Mayor of Perena favors the younger brother.

As a result, skirmishes have begun to occur frequently, and the neighboring region of Sights have not quietly watched the situation, increasing the frequency of skirmishes on Canale County.

Our situation was extremely unstable because the quantity of the soldiers was small but the quality of the soldiers was high. And the Louvent family, who had many war achievements within Canale County, could not help but keep fighting.


“So I’m going to take the place of father…” (Ars)

“As I have told you before! Can you command the army I have already lead and fought with, while having no experience?” (Raven)


I was forced to shut myself up.

Even though I have lived a long time in my past life, I have never gained any experience useful in battle.

I couldn’t proudly say, “You can leave it to me father, though I’m inexperienced I’ll show you that I can take command very well.”


Although I was just nine years old, if I could show my ability in battle, my father wouldn’t have to go to battle, but I couldn’t.

I silently stand up to leave the room.


“Wait Ars. I had almost forgotten.” (Raven)


My father stopped me from leaving.


“What is it father?” (Ars)

“It seems that a letter came from you’re a marriage candidate. I had Ritsu hold it, so read it then.” (Raven)

“Ah, a marriage candidate…” (Ars)



Wife candidate?

Am I hearing things?

A marriage candidate is a lady who will be my wife in the future, right?


“A marriage candidate…? Is it a mistake?” (Ars)

“You didn’t hear me wrong; you now have one.” (Raven)


I was told about the shocking news without any warning.

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