Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 223: Appointment

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 The meeting proceeds without a hitch after the decision is made to assign Braham to exterminate the bandits.


 So far, no major problems seem to have arisen other than the bandits.



 After the meeting, as I was walking down the hallway to return to my room to take a break, I heard a voice saying,



“Why did you select me to exterminate the bandits?” (Braham)



 I heard a voice calling me.


 I turned around and saw Bradham standing there.



“Because I thought you could do it.” (Ars)


“That’s ridiculous! I’ve recently learned and realized that the way I’ve been fighting so far is pretty sh*tty. I can handle it if it’s a minor thief, but this time it’s a troublesome bandit, isn’t it? I don’t know if I can win…” (Braham)



 Hearing those words, I understood why Braham’s attitude had changed.


 By studying, he knew how inexperienced he had been, and he had lost his confidence.



 Still, Braham said he would accept the last one this time.


 I guess he thinks to himself that he wants to become better.


 I had to somehow cheer him up with words here.



 I thought so and called out to Braham.



“The fact that you can look back and reflect on the past like that is a sign that you are growing up. I am sure that I would be too scared to entrust the old Braham with this task, but I am sure that your present self can do it.” (Ars)


“……but.” (Braham)


You’ve been studying tactics hard, haven’t you?” (Ars)


“I’ve studied and memorized a lot of them, but I’m not sure I can use them in a real battle…” (Braham)


“You can. I can assure you that Bramham has a talent for commanding an army.” (Ars)


……” (Braham)


“Your deputy, Zat, is also very capable. If you cooperate with him in times of trouble, you will be fine. The soldiers you are entrusting to me are the best of the best of Canale County.” (Ars)



 When I said this, Braham was silent for a while without opening his mouth.



 Then he looked me in the eye and said,



“Understood! I’ll do it!” (Braham)



 He said this with an expression where all his hesitations were blown away, and then he rushed out of the castle.



 Apparently, there’s no need to worry.





“The county lord has ordered me to take on the task of defeating the bandits! From now on, this unit, my team, will do its utmost to accomplish that mission!” (Braham)



 After being ordered to exterminate the bandits, Braham immediately gathered the soldiers of his elite unit.



“Did I hear bandit?” (Soldier)


“Then it’s an easy one, isn’t it?” (Soldier)



 The soldiers did not feel much tension.


 The unit led by Braham has also exterminated the thieves who have been misbehaving in the territory several times. The two sides have a big difference in strength and equipment, so they seldom had a hard time fighting.



“This bandit group isn’t some easy opponent! They’re ex-Sights soldiers and they’re numerous! Brace yourselves!” (Braham)



 Hearing Braham’s words, the soldiers braced themselves a bit.



“The enemy’s base is northwest of Canale County. There is an old fort there that is no longer in use, and they are using it as a stronghold.” (Braham)


“They are using a fort, albeit an old one. If there are a lot of them, it will be troublesome.” (Braham)


“That’s right. First… We will send scouts to find out what the enemy is like.” (Braham)



 The moment Braham said that the soldiers looked surprised.


 Obtaining information is the foundation of all basic tactics, but until now, Braham had never done much information gathering and had often enthusiastically attacked head-on.



 The soldiers knew that he had recently become more studious, but most of them thought that he would not change that easily.



 Braham selected a few men who were best suited to scouting and sent them to investigate the bandits. 



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