Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 229: Discovering Talent

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 In the main street of Canale city.



 Ritsu and I were walking through the city.



 The purpose was to find talents.


 Recently, we have been recruiting people who come to the castle, but I thought it would be nice to walk around and do some appraisals once in a while, so we went out into the city. Some of them might not be able to come to the castle.



 Well, there was also the reason that I wanted to go out for a distraction. I think that reason was rather more important.



 Ritsu is accompanying me as an escort.



 I can’t go out alone in this situation where Sights might try to mess with us.



 The reason why Ritsu is my escort is because I appointed him.


 I thought that walking in Canale would be a good substitute for a vacation since he seems to be very busy these days.



 However… Ritsu is more warry than usual because he is my escort.


 This is going to make me more tired than usual.


 It might have had the opposite effect.



“Ritsu, it’s daytime now and there won’t be anyone attacking in broad daylight, so you can take it easy.” (Ars)


“I can’t take it easy… I can’t put Lord Ars in danger. Besides, recently there was a bandit problem in Canale.” (Ritsu)



 I had heard about the bandits.


 It is said that there are bandits in Canale who not only steal expensive things but also do quite vicious things such as kidnapping people and killing them.


 We have mobilized a large number of soldiers to search for them, but it seems that they have yet to be caught. They are a troublesome opponent because they are not showing their tails even though they are on the rampage.



 Like the bandits who occupied the old fortress the other day, the number of troublesome people in Canale has begun to increase.


 As the population increases, the number of thugs also increases, which is probably inevitable.



 I walked to the town square while appraising the situation, but I couldn’t find anyone of note.


 Well, it’s not that easy to find them. I could search all day and still not find anyone.



“Hmm? There are people with unusual clothes.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu muttered to himself.


 I moved my eyes to check and found three young men and women in the center of the square. Two men and one woman.



 They were certainly dressed in a way you don’t see around here.


 They were wearing kimono-like clothes.


 In addition, they had Japanese-like faces, similar to mine in a previous life.



 They were a trio: a man of medium height and medium build, a large, muscular man, and a small woman with shaggy hair.



“Are they from outside the country? What brings them to Canale?” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu seemed a little wary.


 Well, as an escort, he was to be wary of strangers, right?



 I had been Japanese in my previous life, so I felt some kind of familiarity with them.



 Well, it is not as if I had no sense of caution.


 Even though I was originally Japanese, I was born in this world some time ago, so I am not that peace drunk.



 The three of them were looking at a recruitment poster on the bulletin board in the plaza. It looks like they can understand the language. If they couldn’t read, they wouldn’t look at it so intently.



 Perhaps they are looking for someone to serve?


 No, they are not necessarily looking to become a vassal, since there are posters on the bulletin board for other jobs in addition to those for the Louvent family vassals.



 But it seems likely that they are looking for work in Canale.


 It is not easy to find a job for a foreigner.


 If they are capable, I would like to make them my vassals, so I appraised them.



 I decided to appraise three people.


 Let’s start with a man of medium height and medium build.


 He has gray hair and a reasonably good-looking face. He has a sword at his waist, and it looks very tall.



 I stared at the man and used my appraisal skill.


 Rikuya Fujimiya – 18 years old – ♂



 Command 60/75

 Bravery 68/75

 Strategy 63/75

 Politics 65/75

 Ambition 54



 Infantry B               Cavalry B                   Archery B

 Magic Soldier D    Fortification B           Weaponry D

 Navy B                   Air Force D                Strategy B


 Born on June 20, 179 Imperial era in the capital of Tento, Yo. He has eight older brothers. Five older sisters. One younger brother. One younger sister. His father and mother both died. Eight elder brothers and five elder sisters are dead. Both younger brother and sister are alive and well. He is a serious person. His favorite food is onigiri (rice balls). He has no particular hobbies. Prefers gentle women.



 His name is Rikuya Fujimiya… even his name sounds Japanese.


 All his status values max out at 75, which is a rarity.


 He has no outstanding talents, but his overall ability is excellent.


 And he is from the country of Yo? I’ve never heard of this country.


 Well, I am not that familiar with countries outside Somerforce, and I guess there must be such countries somewhere.


 Also, he has many brothers and sisters, but they are all dead.


 His parents are also dead.



 Even though it is rather common for parents to die… Losing thirteen brothers and sisters in total is too many. The fact that they die as children is also quite common in this world.


 In the first place, he has too many siblings, so perhaps he was born into a special family.



 Next, I appraise the muscular man.


 He has a shaved head and is very tall. He has a strong face and is difficult to approach.



 Takao Fujimiya – 16 years old – ♂



 Command 44/79

 Bravery 90/99

 Strategy 12/21

 Politics 10/25

 Ambition 12



 Infantry S               Cavalry A                   Archery A

 Magic Soldier D    Fortification D           Weaponry D

 Navy D                   Air Force D                Strategy D


 Born on April 13, 181 in the Imperial era in the capital of Tento, Yo. He has nine older brothers. Six older sisters. His father is dead, but his mother is alive. Eight older brothers and five older sisters have died. One brother and one sister are alive and well. He has a laid-back personality. He loves meat. Enjoys eating and napping. He likes tall women.



 He has a very extreme ability value.


 But this value of Bravery is amazing.


 He looks quite strong, but I guess he is not what he seems to be.


 Also, is this guy’s last name Fujimiya too?


 Could he and Rikuya be brothers? They don’t look much alike…


 However, Rikuya’s mother is dead, but Takao’s mother is alive. Well, that is not contradictory if we consider them half-brothers. Or rather, considering the lack of similarity in appearance, it would be more fitting to say that they are half-brothers.



 I guess we’ll find out when we ask.


 Lastly, let’s take a look at the girl.


 She is a girl with straight black hair. Her eyes are sharp, and although she is small in stature, she gives off a mysterious sense of strength. Her face is well-defined.



 Maika Fujimiya – 17 years old –



 Command 12/22

 Bravery 9/15

 Strategy 90/99

 Politics 71/91

 Ambition 34



 Infantry D               Cavalry D                  Archery D

 Magic Soldier D    Fortification D           Weaponry A

 Navy D                   Air Force D                Strategy S


 Born on February 1, 182 in the Imperial era in the capital of Tento, Yo. She has nine older brothers. Five older sisters. One younger brother. Her father is dead, but her mother is alive. Eight older brothers and five older sisters are dead. One older brother and one younger brother are alive and well. Has a rational personality. She likes sweets. Her hobby is collecting relics. Prefers smart men.



 Her name is Maika huh?


 She has amazing Strategy status… On the contrary, her military prowess is very low and her athletic ability will never be exemplary. Her Command is also low, so it would be difficult for her to go into battle.


 This is another one with extreme ability value but in a different direction from Takao’s…


 Also, her last name is Fujimiya too. Are the three of them siblings?


 Even for a girl, she is short and child-like in height, so I thought she was the youngest, but it seems she is one year older than Takao.


 I don’t mean to be rude, but to be honest, she doesn’t look 17 years old. She looks about my age.



 Rikuya has no outstanding abilities, but his overall strength is high.


 Takao excels in military prowess.


 Maika excels in tactics.



 They are definitely excellent people, and I definitely want to make them my vassals.




“Um, Lord Ars… Are you concerned about those three?” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu asked me since he noticed my state.


 I’ve known him for a long time now, and I’m sure he knows what I’m thinking to a certain extent.



“Ah, I appraised them, and they are quite the excellent group. I definitely want them to be my vassals, but…” (Ars)


I see that they are looking for a job, so we might be able to make them your vassals, but…” (Ritsu)



 As we were talking.



“Hey, you little kid!” (Voice)




 A voice came from the other side.



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