Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 23: Bride

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Marriage candidate…?

 No, if you think calmly, I’m an aristocrat now, so it wouldn’t be strange if I had one of my marriage interviews.



 However, I was quite surprised because I had never heard of it until now.


“Um, is there really a marriage candidate? Why didn’t you ever tell me?” (Ars)

“I forgot” (Raven)


 You don’t ever forget important matters…

 My father looks like a muscle-head but he is quite clever.


“Your marriage candidate is the daughter of the Plaid Family from Torrequista territory here in Canale County. This was ten or eleven years ago. They already had a six-years old son, a second son who is four-years old, and a newborn eldest daughter, and he had promised that he would marry one of his daughters to my child, *cough* *cough*…” (Raven)

 My father explained the situation with an occasional cough in between.

 I don’t think there should complicated political circumstances. Well, my dad is still alive but marrying is important because the aristocrats have few blood relatives.

 Naturally, it is a weakness to have too few relatives when I become the lord. It is not a bad thing to be able to marry a noble child to me.

 The desire to love and marry someone you fell in love with was a thing of the past. There are exceptions but I must give up in prioritizing love.

 The letter is now with Ritsu, so I left the room and went to see Ritsu.




 Ritsu was in the study room.

 Russell and Charlotte, also the twins Claus and Ren were there.

 It seems that Charlotte is playing with the twins and Ritsu and Russell are studying.

 Recently, I had Charlotte study to learn basic knowledge. But she doesn’t remember things very well.


“Ars-sama good morning.” (Ritsu)

“Good morning Ars-sama” (Russell)

“Oh, Ars-sama. Good morning.” (Charlotte)


 Ritsu, Russell and Charlotte greet me when they come in. I also returned their greeting.

 Over the last three years, the appearance of my three retainers have changed significantly

 First of all, Ritsu is now eighteen years old. His boyish looks are now replaced by a more adult face and stature. He’s also considered an adult now if he’s in Japan. His battle experiences probably erased any childishness he used to have.

 The back is also wider he is quite tall, around 190 cm (6’3″) tall.

 He has experienced the battlefield many times, so his stats have grown considerably. Currently,



 Command 95/99

 Bravery 89/90

 Strategy 95/99

 Politics 90/100


 It all went up evenly, and almost all are around 90 and near his full potential.

 Russell is now eight-year-old. He is still a child but he’s grown taller. His back is 15 cm (6″) wide and is about 130 cm (4′ 3″) tall.

 He still looks childish. But his expression is not. He always has a wrinkle between his brows. He’s either thinking a lot or he has bad eye sight.

 His personality is beyond his age. Even adults have noticed he is quite mature for his age.


 His current status is

 Command 40/88

 Bravery 15/32

 Strategy 88 /109

 Politics 50/95


 It looks like this.

 His increase in strategy is remarkable, but the politics have risen only for a bit. His bravery and command have barely increased. Having those increase means he has to fight in battle and command troops, which is impossible for now

 For the time being, it might be better to have Russell practice martial arts in the training grounds.

 Finally, Charlotte who is now around 15 years old.

 Her body and face was still childish when we took her in. Now she has a more adult and feminine look.

 Especially her “upper body”. You can consider her “well endowed” for a girl her age. Though she likes hugging me, it makes me nervous. I should really try to practice interacting with girls.

 I has been three years, but I still can’t grasp her character. However, she likes playing with the twins and she also acts like them.


 Her status is

 Command 78/92

 Bravery 103/116

 Strategy 44/45

 Politics 36/40


 It looks like this.

 She has experienced many battles, and her command value has soared.

 However, he bravery is not growing as much as I had hoped. It has increased by only 2 in three years.

 There are many places where the rate of status increase is unknown.

 In some cases, it may increase by 3 in one day, and in other cases, it may only increase by 2 in three years.

 In the case of Charlotte, I think it’s because she doesn’t need the increase.

 Apparently, her current firepower is enough during skirmishes, probably hindering her growth.

 In fact, even with the current figures, there is no doubt that they are extremely high, so I’m not sure how satisfied she is.

 I’m wondering how much magic she can use when it is maxed out. That’s why I’m hoping for more of her status increase.

 If mages that have higher potentials than her emerge, they may develop a sense of rivalry and try to improve themselves.


“Ritsu, are you keeping the letter from father?” (Ars)

“Oh, it’s a letter from Ars-sama’s marriage partner. That’s why I’m keeping it.” (Ritsu)


 I received a letter from Ritsu’s pocket.


“A, Ars-sama has a fiancé… What kind of child is she?” (Russell)

“I’ve never seen her. I just recently knew about it. I don’t even know her name.” (Ars)

“You already have such a person…” (Russell)


 Russell seems to have been slightly shocked.


“Eh, I thought I was a wife candidate? Didn’t Ars-sama bought me so he could marry me?” (Charlotte)

“Who said… When!” (Ars)

“Oh, Then I was bought to be become a mistress.” (Charlotte)

“No I didn’t” (Ars)


 Charlotte smiles and laughs. She’s just teasing me then. Occasionally she makes outrageous claims, so it is difficult to take her seriously.

 I look at the letter.

 The sender was named Lithia Plaid. So she’s called Lithia. I should remember her name.

 The contents of the letter were beautifully written, starting with her greetings and stories about having gardening as a hobby. It also includes her feelings of joy that the flowers she raised were blooming.

 And finally,


“Then, as promised, I’ll be visiting you soon, please take care of me.” (Lithia)


 Was written.

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