Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 231: Circumstances

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“Ritsu. Thank you for your help.” (Ars)


“Well, I didn’t do it for you to thank me.” (Ritsu)



 When I thanked him for the job offer he had just given the three before, he looked bashful.



“By the way, do you know about anything their home country, Yo?” (Ars)


“…I’ve heard about it. I believe it was a country located on an island far southeast of the Somerforce continent. I don’t know what kind of country it is. Forgive me.” (Ritsu)


“No, don’t apologize. There seems to be something going on, and I thought that if I could find out what their circumstances were, my solicitation might work. At least the sister Maika seems to have thought it would be better for them to become a vassal.” (Ars)


“Well… Russell might know more about the place. His wealth of knowledge is outstanding.” (Ritsu)



 Russell has an exceptionally good memory. He is the most knowledgeable of all of my vassals because he has a hunger for books. Certainly, if I asked him, he might know something.



 I headed to the library where Russell often hangs out to talk to him.


 In the quiet book room, Russell was writing something.


 Various books were scattered around him.



 Russell is doing quite a lot of things, reading and studying books, coming up with ideas for new tools and weapons, and thinking about future policies for Canare with Rietz. This time he seemed to be putting ideas together.



“Russel, can I have a word?” (Ars)


“Ah, Ars. What’s wrong?” (Russell)



 Russell was so focused that he didn’t notice when I entered the room and just kept working, but when I called out to him, he finally noticed me.



“I just wanted to ask you a few questions. …Russell have you ever heard of a country called Yo?” (Ars)


“The country of Yo? I know of it.” (Russell)



 He answered quickly.



“It is a country located on an island southeast of the Somerforce continent. It used to have a civil war like the Somerforce Empire. The book I read was written a long time ago, so it may have been settled by now. This might be the one.” (Russel)


“A civil war…” (Ars)


“Yeah, yeah. Their race is quite different from the people in the Somerforce Empire… Also, it seems that civil wars are happening frequently, so there are many strong people. Swordsmanship and other martial arts are also quite advanced. Though it was a long time ago before the Somerforce Empire was created. There is a description that a group of mercenaries from the country of Yo went on a rampage at that time.” (Russell)



 Russell then began to talk about his knowledge of the Yo Kingdom.


 I was impressed that he was able to explain so much, even though he was not a specialist in researching other countries.



“Why did you want to find out about Yo?” (Russell)



 After explaining everything, Rossell asked me a question.


 I explained to him what had happened with Rikuya and the others.



“Heh, I didn’t know that. You are still trying to make unusual people your vassals, aren’t you.” (Russell)


“I think that if they are talented people, so I should take them as vassals.” (Ars)


“Well, that may be true, but I wonder why they haven’t become vassals yet. If they’re from a foreign country, it’s hard to find a job, so it seems better to become a vassal…” (Russell)



 Even Russell did not seem to understand why Rikuya and the others refused to become vassals.



“Huh? Did you mention Fujimiya before?” (Russell)



 I explained how I found the names of Rikuya and the others earlier, but Russell seemed to be focused there.



“Fujimiya is the last name of the royal family of Yo, I believe.” (Russell)


“Royalty?” (Ars)


“Yes, the power of the Fujimiya royal family crumbled and a civil war broke out.” (Russell)


“So maybe they were defeated in the civil war and drifted to the Somerforce Empire?” (Ars)



 Russell seems to have read the book a long time ago, so it is not surprising that the civil war has already been settled.



“… No, it’s too early to assume that they are royalty just because they have the same last name. It’s the royal family’s name, and some people give it to give honor, so there seem to be quite a few people with the Fujimiya surname. Though, in the Somerforce Empire, it is forbidden to take the surname of the emperor’s family, so there are no others.” (Russell)


“I see……” (Rook)



 It was certainly a half-baked hypothesis, but…



 However, according to the information I got from my appraisal, the three of them have a crazy number of brothers and sisters. And since Rikuya’s mother is dead and Maika and Takao’s mother is alive, their mothers are definitely different. Polygamy is a possibility, which makes sense when it comes to royalty.


 And the sword that Rikuya was wearing at his waist did not look at first glance like a sword that a commoner could hold.


 Even if they weren’t members of the royal family, it’s certainly possible that they were originally of a noble status from the country of Yo.



“But if he was royalty, it might make sense that he would not become a vassal. Even though he has drifted to another country after being defeated, it would not feel good for someone who was once royalty to become a vassal of someone else.” (Russell)


“But then again, wouldn’t it be more of a problem to become a laborer?” (Ars)


“I guess that depends on what kind of work you do. Besides, you can quit your job and start your own business, but once you become a vassal, you can’t simply leave, can you?” (Russell)



 Becoming a vassal of a noble means taking an oath of allegiance, so it is not a casual relationship where you can quit if you want to. Some nobles may consider it a betrayal and execute you.


 Well, if someone insists on quitting as my vassal, I will let them quit. At least, I do not intend to execute them. In these war-torn times, that might be a bit naive, though.



“Well, as for their way of thinking, I guess only the people in question can know.” (Russell)


“That’s true… But if they are refusing to become vassals because of the fact that they are royalty, how can we invite them?” (Ars)


“…Hmmm.” (Russell)



 Looked deep in contemplation.


 It’s true that if someone rejects you because of their background, you won’t know how to persuade them easily.



“The only way is to meet and talk to them one more time. That would probably tell us if Mr. Fujimiya and the others are really royalty or not.” (Russell)


“Is that so…” (Ars)



 Russell came to the obvious conclusion.


 I don’t know if they’ll honestly admit they’re royalty, but I don’t think we’ll make any progress without meeting and talking to them again.


 Thanks to Ritsu’s cleverness, the three will be coming to Canale Castle tomorrow.


 It would be possible to talk with them there.




 Tomorrow, I will get to talk with them again.



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