Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 234: Work

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 An inn in the city of Canale.



 The three Fujimiya siblings, who have come to live and work in the inn, are resting in their room after a hard day’s work.



“Ah, I’m tired! I mean, I’m not listening to you! They make me do the heavy lifting like everybody.” (Maika)




 Maika, who was tired and out of sorts, exclaimed.


 Originally, she was supposed to do office work such as accounting, but there were too many customers, so she was forced to do physical labor, such as carrying dishes, cleaning, and carrying luggage.



“Was it that hard? I’m very happy with the food. I want to work here for the rest of my life.” (Takao)



 Takao did not look tired; on the contrary, he looked happy.


 The innkeeper offered him more meals than usual, and that alone seemed to satisfy him.



“I’m not joking. I’m going to quit my job as soon as possible and start my own business. We are about to do something quite reckless. If we don’t get our forces in place as soon as possible, our chances of success will be even lower than they are now. It is also fortuitous that the Louvent family, the lord of Canale County, recognizes our talents. They might be able to help us start a business here in town. It is a little annoying that I have to ask for help so many times, but I am not in a situation where I can complain. Anyway, I hope Brother makes the decision to sell the Dragon’s End sword…” (Maika)




 Maika looks at Rikuya.


 He was still wondering what to do and was looking at the Dragon’s End sword in his hands.



“Hmm… no…” (Rikuya)


“I think you should sell that sword too. I feel like we’re getting a lot of unwelcome attention, lots of dangerous gazes when we walk around town.” (Takao)


“Dangerous gaze? Are we being watched by thieves? Takao has always had a keen sense of perception.” (Rikuya)



 Takao is not only strong in the arm but also has a keen intuition when it comes to combat. He had little opening and possessed considerable ability.



“It looks expensive, you know. In that sense, too, it would be better not to keep it too long.” (Maika)


“It won’t be stolen. I’ve got it on me at all times.  We’ve had a few similar incidents in the past, haven’t we?” (Rikuya)



 Since coming to the Somerforce Empire, the three of them have been in danger several times, but each time the three of us have pulled together to get out of it.



“Even though it’s been okay up until now, it’s dangerous to think that it will be okay in the future. Humans will even kill people for money. There’s no point in dying to protect that sword.” (Maika)


“That’s also true…” (Rikuya)



 Rikuya looks at Dragon’s End Sword.



“Honestly, I feel like I should take the plunge and sell myself. Without it, I’m just an ordinary guy.  Without this sword, I can’t proudly say that I am the head of the Fujimiya family, and I don’t think it’s okay for me to remain as I am now.” (Rikuya)


“That’s right, brother. Both the country of Yo and the Somerforce empire are now entering an era where strength matters. It’s an era where if you show your weak side, you’ll die. Well, my brother alone can take over the Fujimiya family. Well, you alone may not be a match for the monsters that destroyed the Fujimiya family, but with the combined strength of us siblings, I am sure we can beat them without the Dragon’s End sword. Right, Takao?” (Maika)


“Yes, I’ll be able to eat as much as I can and sleep well.” (Takao)


“… not quite the answer I was hoping for, but it’s good enough.” (Maika)


“Maika, Takao…” (Rikuya)



 With a slightly impressed look in his eyes, Rikuya looked at the two of them.



“Okay, I’ve decided. We’ll sell it!” (Rikuya)



 Rikuya concluded.



“I’m going to go to Canale Castle tomorrow. I think we can trust them, and I am sure they will find the right place for us to sell the Dragon’s End sword.” (Rikuya)


“I think it is a good idea. If we go to the local merchants to sell it, they will just trample us.” (Maika)


“Lots of money, lots of food.” (Takao)


“Let me tell you something, Takao. The money is for the business, so you can’t increase the amount of food.” (Maika)


“Huh!?” (Takao)



 Takao was shocked by Maika’s words.



“Well, it’s okay to be extravagant for a day or so.” (Rikuya)



 Rikuya consoles Takao, who is in shock.



“Hm……?” (Rikuya)



 Rikuya stares at the window of the room, with a dubious expression on his face.



“Brother, what happened?” (Maika)


“Well, I thought I heard something move outside…” (Rikuya)


“Hmm… maybe someone was peeking in. Did you sense anything, Takao?” (Maika)


“I wasn’t paying attention to the window, so I couldn’t tell.” (Takao)


“I didn’t know. There might be thieves or something, so be on the lookout for them.” (Rikuya)



 Hearing Rikuya’s instruction, Takao nodded with a serious expression on his face.





 Canale Castle.



 In the office, I received a report.



“I heard that the three Fujimiya siblings are working properly at the inn.” (Ars)


“Well, that’s good to hear.” (Ritsu)


“But there is one aspect that worries me a little. The sword that Mr. Rikuya was carrying is too expensive for a single individual to own.” (Ars)


“It’s true… that Takao is probably quite strong, but even so, if he had to fight against a large group of people, he would probably lose…” (Ritsu)



 In Canale, security has been improved by making stricter laws and increasing the number of guards and other security personnel.


 Even so, there are still bandits and crime has not been reduced to zero. The Dragon’s End sword looks expensive, so it’s no wonder that criminals are taking notice of it.



“Oh, and since the report came in from Femme, I wanted to deliver it personally, Lord Ars, is everything all right?” (Ritsu)


“From Femme? What kind of report?” (Ars)


“I had Femme and her team investigate the bandits that are raging in this town, but it seems that even with their power, they were not able to catch them by the tail, and apparently they may be using some unknown magic tool.” (Ritsu)



 I had Femme and his team investigating the bandits. Finding out who would commit these kinds of sneaking crimes is a specialty for Femme and his team, but it still didn’t work out? They seem to be more skillful than I thought.



 I’m also curious about unknown magic tools.



 Since the advancement of magic technology, Somerforce is full of unknown magic tools that we don’t even know who made them.


 Well, they are basically junk. Therefore, catalyst engines are exclusively used in battles.



 However, there are some rare cases in which magic tools that have some use can be found.


 If such a magic tool is used this time and its effect is to keep the bandits from being detected by their pursuers, they might be quite difficult to find.



“Do you have any idea what kind of magic tool it is?” (Ars)


“It seems to have the effect of muffling sound.” (Ritsu)



 I don’t know the detailed principle, but is it using sound magic to muffle sound?



 It is true that if it can muffle the sound, it will be easier to steal things.



“Dozens of cases of damage from the bandits have risen, and we intend to increase our manpower and expand our investigative network.” (Ritsu)


“I hope they catch them soon.” (Ars)



 I mean, if such a dangerous bandit group is in Canale, are Rikuya and his siblings really safe?



 I guess I’d better give them a warning later. 



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