Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 24: Restraint

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As promised, I’ll be visiting you soon.

It was what was written.


 Of course, I have no idea who this promise was made to.


 Either my father has received the promise or he believes that I will help fulfill whatever promise that has been made.


 Probably the former. I mean, I want it to be the former.


 The other person might get anxious about the promise she made that it might affect the marriage talks


 Also, it says that she will be coming soon, but not the exact date.


 I suppose she didn’t write it because I was supposed to know it.


 The calendar of this word is similar to Earth. A year is three hundred sixty days and divided by twelve months. A month is made of thirty days. How the time lengths were decided was unknown?


 On Earth, it is based on the number of days the Earth finishes a revolution around the sun, but it is unknown if the shape of the planet is similar to Earths.


 However, during daytime there is a celestial body like the Sun and during nighttime there’s a “moon” and “stars.” Based on these observations the planet may be similar to Earth and probably spherical in shape.


 Today’s date is June 3rd. As for the seasons, May, June, and July are winter, so it’s a little complicated.


 August, September and October are spring, November, December and January are summer, and February, March and April are autumn. (T/N – Japanese months are numerical like January is the first month, February is the second month, so on and so forth. So to avoid tedious typing I’m naming them based on the Gregorian calendar that’s most familiar to English speaking people)


 My birthday is August 8th.


 It is the way a year and its seasons are grouped. Anyway, “to come soon” means to come around June 7th until the 9th.


 But the quickest way was to ask father. If he made a promise on my behalf, he would know.



“Ars-sama, what did she write?” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu asked.



“Apparently, my betrothed will be here soon. Do you have any idea when?” (Ars)

(T/N – I’m tired of typing future wife, future fiancé, etc. so I’ll be using betrothed, since it sounds more highbrow.)


“Eh? Sorry. I haven’t heard about it. But that’s a big event. If the lady is coming, we will have to entertain her. But there are no preparations in order. When will she be coming?” (Ritsu)


“I don’t know. I don’t remember making a promise to anyone.” (Ars)


“It might be a good idea to ask Raven-sama.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu came to the same conclusion as me.


 My father was no longer in the dining room. He’s probably at his bedroom having his illness treated. So I headed towards his room instead.



“Ah… Yes, I might have made such an appointment… It was a long time ago… Hammond told me he wanted our children to meet… I felt like agreeing at that time when we were drinking… But my memory is a bit cloudy though” (Raven)


“… Was it promised again? When will they come?” (Ars)


“Um…June…6th? No, it was 4th. Yes, it’s 4th. As I remember.” (Raven)



 the fourth……? fourth…



“That’s, tomorrow!” (Ars)


“Yes.” (Raven)


“Oh, that can’t be! Father, why did you keep silent about it until the day before they arrive?!” (Ars)



 When I asked him. Father looked at me with a resigned expression. Before he scratched his cheek, then suddenly looking determined.



“Ars, listen to me carefully…” (Raven)


“Yes.” (Ars)


“Everyone fails now and then.” (Raven)

…… (T/N – * oTL * poor Ars)



 I wonder what I should say at that.

 I’m pretty dumb for expecting.



“Ritsu, get the mansion and servants ready for receiving the guests.” (Ars)


“Understood, Ars-sama” (Ritsu)


 I ordered Ritsu, who was with me, to get everything ready.






 Preparing for receiving guests in one day was very difficult. Everyone was moving and fussing around to finish for tomorrow.


 It would be a terrible if my betrothed felt slighted by the lack of preparation and the engagement was broken.


 Forgetting the event is the worst. To be honest, words can’t describe what’s happening and how I’m feeling. Preparations for receiving a guest, not just any guest but your betrothed, can’t really be finished in a day. But we are forced to do it.


 Even the villagers are put to work to help finish the preparations on time. Cleaning the mansion and the grounds are being done simultaneously.


 Although we are in a tight situation, Ritsu was showing his outstanding capabilities. He’s given brilliant instructions that make everything progress at insane speeds.


 Nobody, even the other vassals, can mock Ritsu and put him down due to his Marca heritage. He has a firm foothold at being one of the best retainers.


 I also noticed that she likes flowers because it was written in the letter I got. A bouquet and some floral arrangements must be made.


 The letter says that she likes the miramis flower. It’s a flower that blooms only in the winter. During a season where flowers rarely booms, this is the environment the miramis prefers to bloom.


 Miramis is a flower like an albino cluster amaryllis. It’s a flower that’s planted in the mansions garden.


 The cluster amaryllis in earth is a notorious poisonous flower that is related to death for Buddhists, so it didn’t give a good impression on Earth. But when you are just admiring it, it is just a beautiful flower.


 Miramis is not poisonous and has no religious symbolism, so it was plainly seen as just a beautiful flower.


 I picked up miramis and made a bouquet. The blooming miramis are taken from the village area and transplanted into the gardens to decorate the mansion’s garden.


 My betrothed is growing miramis, so she might be tired of seeing a lot of it, would she even like being given a bouquet of it? Then again, it is important to match her tastes. With the letter as the only source of information. I decided to push through the miramis plan.


 For the time being, I think I managed to save the honor of the Louvent family in one day. She’s the daughter of an influential family. I don’t want to smear mud on her face by not exceeding expectations.


 After working all day long, Ritsu moved towards me



“The rest depends on Ars-sama… Well, since it’s Ars-sama, it would be fine.”



 he said trying to relieve the pressure but windup doing the opposite.


 That’s right.


 In the end, it’s all up to me. If I made her dislike me everything we’ve done up until now will amount to nothing.


 Ritsu seems to have a lot trust on me for some reason. But the same can’t be said about my feelings.


 According to my father, she’s one year older than me, so the other person is around ten years old.


 It might have been nice if she was a little younger. Interacting with 10-year-old girl is going to be a little difficult.


 I’m sure she’s a child, but it’s at that age that a girl will try to act like a lady. Is it also the time when children experience their first love?


 I wasn’t the type that was popular with women, and my face isn’t outstanding even in this world. I’m extremely average.


 Will things really go well?


 I only have a day; I need to move with a clear plan.



“Ars-sama, Lithia-sama has arrived!”



 The time has come. 

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