Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 240: Rescue

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“The bandits who kidnapped Mr. Rikuya and his siblings were definitely the ones we were chasing, judging from the sound-dampening magical tools we confiscated from their hideout and the kinds of things they stole.” (Ritsu)


“I see.” (Ars)



 Ritsu reported so.


 In conclusion, the Dragon’s End Sword was not sold by Rikuya and his siblings but was stolen. Then, Ritsu and his team successfully found the hideout of the bandits and were able to round up the bandits. Now all the bandit gang members who were in the hideout have been thrown into the dungeons of Canale Castle.


 The bandits seemed to be the type to sell things carefully, but this time they seemed to have sold them carelessly, perhaps thinking that there was little chance of them being discovered as stolen goods because they were swords belonging to Rikuya and his siblings.



 Robke, who sold the sword to Tenes, said he did not know it was stolen at first, but eventually confessed that he bought it knowing it was stolen.


 Stolen goods come cheap because of the risk involved, and Robke, whose business had recently begun to go downhill, seemed to have taken the risk.



 He asked Robke for the description of the man who sold the goods to him, and following the man’s trail by asking around town, he seemed to be able to reach the hideout easily. Inside the hideout, Rikuya and the others who had been captured were trying to escape, and there was mild confusion, so there was no way Ritsu and the others could handle it from there, and they were easily caught in a noose.



 Maika and Takao were not seriously injured and were safely rescued.



 The problem is Rikuya.



 He was beaten with a mace by the bandits and suffered a serious head injury.



 He is currently unconscious and in critical condition.


 It seems that there is no fatal injury to his brain, but he is in a dangerous situation simply because he has lost too much blood.


 Medical care in this world is not that developed.


 There is some recovery magic, but it is monopolized by the state of Paradile, so Canale did not have it.


 Blood transfusion technology is not advanced at all, so blood transfusion is also impossible.


 The doctor who treated Rikuya said that whether he would recover or not depended on his vitality.



“I wonder if Rikuya will be saved…” (Ars)


“Well… I couldn’t say anything about medical matters either… well, he seemed young and energetic…” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu was also chewing his words.



 While we were talking, the rescued Maika and Takao appeared.


 As soon as she saw me, Maika,



“Please… No, I’m begging you! Please save my brother!” (Maika)



 She begged me.


 She was red and swollen under her eyes. She looked like she had cried a lot.



“We’re doing our best. I assure you we are doing our best to help[…” (Ars)



 Because of the circumstances, I couldn’t irresponsibly say that I could definitely help her.



“I’m begging you… my brother… save my brother… I’m begging you…” (Maika)



 Her body shaking and shedding tears, Maika begged again and again, as if she was barely hanging on.


 The first time I saw her, she looked completely different from the strong-willed girl I had met. I wonder if this girl is her genuine self.



“Don’t worry. Our brother won’t die.” (Takao)



 Takao said firmly and without any sign of hesitation.


 He seemed to believe from the bottom of his heart that Rikuya would survive.



 Maika, who had been completely depressed, seemed to have regained some of her composure when she saw Takao’s calm demeanor.



 A few hours later,



“Mr. Rikuya is conscious!” (Servant)



 That was the report.





~3rd Person Perspective~



“Where am I…?” (Rikuya)



 Rikuya woke up and looked around.


 The ceiling was white on the fluffy bed.


 When he tried to sit up, he felt a sharp pain in his head.



“Ouch!” (Rikuya)



 He yelled reflexively.



 Then, in a panic, a woman in a maid outfit came.



“The patient has woken up!” (Maid)



 The maid said so in high spirits.


 In her words,



“Oh, really?! I’m going to report this to Lord Ars!” (Servant)



 Rikuya heard the voice of a middle-aged man.



(Where am I? …Who are these people? …I mean, I was captured by bandits just now, right?) (Rikuya)



 He can’t quite grasp the situation.



(Hey, didn’t he just say Ars earlier?) (Rikuya)



 The image of a boy who is the county mayor from a while ago comes to Rikuya’s mind.



 As he tries to remember why he is here, a middle-aged man in a white coat sits down in front of him.



 The man looks at Rikuya as if to observe him.



“Can you see how many are raised?” (Man)



 He raised two fingers and he replied.



“Two.” (Rikuya)



 Then, what is this?


 He held up six fingers, this time with the fingers of both hands.



“Six… what is this for?” (Rikuya)


“Yeah, it doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong with you.” (Man)



 The man in the white coat is convinced on his own, and Rikuya is a little uncomfortable.



“…What about Maika and Takao? Um… Didn’t you see a small girl and a big man nearby?” (Rikuya)


“Oh, those two. I think they’ll probably be in this room very soon.” (Man)


“Very soon?” (Rikuya)



 As Rikuya was wondering, the door to the room opened.



“Brother~!!” (Maika)



 Maika entered the room with tears welling up in her eyes.


 Maika ran towards Rikuya and hugged him.



“My brother, you fool! If Mr. Ritsu had not come at that moment, you could have died! Why did you try to protect me?!” (Maika)



 Maika complained while beating Rikuya’s chest.



 Hearing Maika say that he protected her, Rikuya remembered how he injured his head.



 And he guessed from the fact that Ars and Ritsu were in the room that he was rescued in the nick of time.



(In other words, this is Canale Castle, huh… They saved my life this time.)



 Rikuya sighed lightly and looked at Maika who was hugging him.


 She was crying, shaking slightly.


 His heart ached that he had made her worry.



 While stroking Maika’s head, Rikuya said,



“I’m sorry.” (Rikuya)




 He apologized.



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