Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 242: Secret Maneuvers

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~3rd Person Perspective~



“Thank you for your service.” (Governor)



 Fort Purled, Purled County, Sights Region.



 Borotz Heigand thanked him after hearing the report from the agent he sent.



 Although the last war was such a blunder that he could have been executed or exiled, the governor of Sights did not punish him greatly and gave him the task of attacking Canale again.



 Both Borotz and the Governor of Sights were of the same opinion that if it was difficult to get Ars Louvent on their side, they had no choice but to dispose of him.



 After their loss, they had their forces prepared, and at the same time, they had them conduct secret maneuvers and gather information on Canale County.



 It was not easy to gather information, and there was less information than expected.



 In addition, they dismissed the bandits who had become vassals of Sights and drove them to Canale County, but that was also handled easily, and they did not cause more damage than they expected.



(After all, he has many capable vassals, and half-hearted measures are easily dealt with. …It takes too much time to prepare a force and attack. That’s not good.) (Borotz)



 It was reported that Canale is adding new personnel one after another.


 Since they had only just become vassals, he did not know how capable they were, but Borotz was sure that he was acquiring more and more talented people.



 Not only was the talent pool growing, but Canale also had a strong economy.


 Partly because the situation within the state of Messiaen was good, but also because Canale was rational and excellent in each of its policies, and perhaps even more so in its ability to persuade its people, its business plans were advancing quickly and clearly growing at a faster rate than in other counties.



 When a neighboring county develops to that extent, it is a threat to the province of Sights.



(If I don’t kill him immediately…  It will be as predicted… is there any other way than assassinating him?) (Borotz)



 They came to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to assassinate him.



 However, assassination is difficult, and none of Borotz’s vassals have that level of skill.


 Therefore, he thought he had no choice but to request an outside party to assassinate him, but information on assassins is not easy to obtain.


 Borotz had obtained information about a skilled assassin and had his retainers investigate, but the reports were slow to come back.



 Borotz, looking impatient, asked a vassal who was nearby,



“Are you still unable to make contact with ‘Zetsu’?” (Borotz)



 He asked.



“No report has come back yet…” (Vassal)


“I see… Are you sure that is correct?” (Borotz)



 Borotz tilts his head.







“Lord Borots, I have a report. We have found ‘Zetsu’.” (Vassal)



 A vassal came to report in such a panicked manner.



“Oh, good work finding them!” (Borotz)



 Borotz replied with a relieved expression.



“He would very much like to negotiate with you, Lord Borotz, so I’m taking him to the fort’s parlor.” (Vassal)


“Understood. To the parlor. I’ll go right away.” (Borotz)



 Borotz went to the parlor to negotiate.


 The plan to assassinate Ars was finally set in motion.



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