Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 244: King Blue

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“This guy was shivering in the corner of the castle, so I picked him up.” (Claus)



 Claus gave a brief description of how he picked up an animal that looked like a fox…



 Its fur is blue, but other than that, it is an exact match to the foxes I have knowledge of.


 Well, maybe there are other foxes with blue fur on earth that I just don’t know about.



 I have seen many different animals since my reincarnation, but I had never seen a fox before. I wonder if there are any foxes in Canale County.


 When I was reincarnated, I was surprised to see a dog with wings, but this fox seems to have changed little other than the color of its fur.



“I’ve never seen this animal before. …Do you know this brother Ars?” (Claus)


“Maybe it’s an animal called a fox… haven’t you ever heard of it?” (Ars)


“Fox… It’s the first time I’ve heard of it.” (Lithia)



 Lithia looked at the fox and said yes.


 I guess foxes are rare in Canale County?



“But for a wild animal, it seems to be very docile and cuddly.” (Lithia)


“It looks more like it’s in some kind of pain. Is it sick?” (Ars)



 I thought so when I saw the fox’s condition.


 Its breathing was rough, and it was trembling slightly.


 It was clearly not normal.



“Maybe he’s hungry?” (Ren)



 Ren said so.


 That’s certainly possible.


 If we gave it something to eat, it might get better.



“But what does this guy eat?” (Claus)



 Claus tilts his head.



 Speaking of which, what do foxes eat? I’m sure they were omnivores…



 But that’s just about foxes on Earth, so I don’t know if it’s true in this world.



 It is possible that they only eat meat, or conversely, they could be herbivores.



“For now, let’s go to the kitchen and get some food for now. There may be some human food that it can eat.” (Lithia)



 Lithia suggested.



“Since we don’t know what they eat, that’s all we can do. Let’s go get some as soon as possible.” (Ars)



 If we leave it like this for too long, their life might be in danger. I immediately went to the kitchen.



“I’ll help you too.” (Lithia)



 Lithia followed me.


 Ren and Claus said they would go too, but I decided to let them check on the fox.



 We arrived at the kitchen.


 The cooks gave us several ingredients, including meat, vegetables, milk, and eggs.


 It was a lot of food, so Lithia took some of it too.



 We hurry back.



 We gave it food.


 It responded to the milk and began to drink it vigorously.



“Oh, they’re drinking!” (Claus)


“They like milk!” (Ren)



 Claus and Ren happily look at the fox.


 It drank everything that I brought.



 The prediction that it was hungry and not feeling well may have been right.



 After drinking it all, the fox closed its eyes and fell asleep.



“It fell asleep!” (Claus)


“I guess their stomach is full and it got sleepy. …It would be pitiful to let it sleep outside like this, so let’s bring it indoors.” (Ars)


“Yes!” (Claus)



 We brought the fox inside.


 With the help of the maids, I made a bed for the fox and put the fox to sleep there.



“I hope you get better~” (Ren)



 Ren said looking at the fox.



 But where did this fox come from?



 Was it a good idea to help it in the first place?



 Foxes in my past life are not extremely dangerous animals.


 But I don’t know about the foxes of this world.



 They didn’t do anything to us this time because it was weak, but when it gets better, they might go berserk and attack.


 It could even be venomous.


 I don’t think that would happen. As far as I can tell from the way it sleeps, it’s just cute…



 Russell, who reads a lot of books, might know what the foxes of this world are.


 Maybe we should ask him first.


 It would be easier for him to judge this fox by looking at it directly than by talking about its characteristics.



 I decided to call Russell into this room. I ask the maid who helped me make the bed to go get Russell.



 A few minutes later, Russell came to my room.



“What is that…?” (Russell)



 Russell was trembling when he saw the fox.


 Does Russell not know it? 


 Or was it a dangerous animal?



“It’s an animal that wandered into the castle…” (Ars)


“Oh, I see. I thought you were going to tell me you made it your pet.” (Russell)



 Russell patted his chest in relief.



“Is it dangerous to keep it?” (Ars)



 Are foxes dangerous animals in this world?



“I don’t think so. I’m just not good with animals.” (Russell)



 It was a very personal reason.


 He was the son of a hunter, but he is not good with animals.



“Oh, you just made a face that said, ‘Oh, you’re a hunter’s son, but you’re not good with animals!’” (Russell)



 Sharp. Did it show on my face?



“Because I’m a hunter, so I know very well that animals aren’t just cute. Most of the time, I don’t even know what they’re thinking, and I can’t read their behavior because they act out of the blue… and I’m not good with them anyway. I’ve gotten used to horses, but I don’t like other animals.” (Russell)



 Russell spoke rapidly.


 It seems that he is not very good with animals.



“Just because you don’t like animals doesn’t mean this fox is dangerous?” (Ars)


“That’s right. Foxes are rare around here, but they are not particularly dangerous. Well, it is possible to get bitten if you are not careful It’s the same with dogs and cats, isn’t it?” (Russell)



 The way Russell talks, it seems that there is not much difference between this and the foxes from my previous life. I guess I was overthinking it.



“…but it’s unusual that this fox has blue hair. …hmm? Come to think of it, I remember reading about a fox with blue fur before…” (Russell)



 Russell ponders for a while.


 He seems to be trying to remember something.



“King Blue, this fox is called that!” (Russell)


“King Blue?” (Ars)


“A fox the size of a horse when it grows up, and this is probably a kit. They are very smart for an animal and run as fast as a horse.” (Russell)


“Uh, like a horse? Isn’t that too big?” (Ars)



 I was puzzled by this unexpected explanation.


 And this fox is still a kit?


 It was at least the normal size of the foxes I know.



“What do you mean by kit?” (Claus)


“It’s a baby.” (Ren)



 Ren answers Claus’ question.



“Hey, they’re a baby. That’s why they like milk.” (Claus)



 Claus, who heard the reply, said so.



“When it grows up, won’t it be dangerous?” (Lithia)


“Basically, King Blues are omnivores and eat meat and other things, but they are mild-mannered and rarely harm humans. However, if they attacked, they would definitely be dangerous.” (Russell)



 Russell replied to Lithia’s question.



“There are some exceptions, but they don’t seem to be used to humans.” (Russell)


“Eh, we can’t keep them?” (Len)



 Ren says with a dissatisfied expression.



“Yeah. I mean, even if you could, I wouldn’t want you to keep it.” (Ars)



 Russell nods.


 Ren and Claus were a little disappointed.



 They still wanted to keep it.


 I was willing to keep it if it could get used to people, but if it can’t get used to people, I don’t have a choice.


 When they recover, I’ll release them back into the wild.



“But it’s a rare animal and shouldn’t be in Messiaen. I wonder why they’re in the castle?” (Russell)



 Russell tilted his head.



“Where do they originally live?” (Ars)


“Up north. Like in the Lowfile and Cansheep. But it doesn’t seem like they can’t survive in the south either. I don’t really know why they don’t live in the south. Maybe because of natural enemies?” (Russell)



 So, they live in a basically cold region?


 If so, it would be a pity to let them go back to the wild like this.


 And the fact that an animal that doesn’t live in Messiaen is here smells like a scheme.



“I need to find out why this guy is here.” (Ars)


“That’s right… But is it possible that this King Blue will be in the castle until then?” (Russell)


“We’re going to find out, and it’s probably best if it stays.” (Ars)


“That’s right… that’s right. Let’s prepare an iron cage for this animal and put a leash on it so it can’t run amok.” (Russell)


“You don’t need to do that much to a young body…”



 How much do you hate animals…



 But if they’re not used to people, there’s a good chance they’ll run away. Maybe we should make sure they can’t escape for a while.



“I’ll go then. If you find out why they were in this castle, please let me know.” (Russell)




 After saying that, Russell left.



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