Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 245: Nostalgic

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 the next day.


 I reported to Ritsu about the fox I had found in the castle.



“Is that a King Blue… I remember reading about it in a book too… why is it here in Messiaen?” (Ritsu)


“I don’t know anything about it yet. Can you look into it?” (Ars)


“Understood. I would like to see it in person. Where is it now?” (Ritsu)


“I’ve made a bed and put it to sleep. I was going to go see how things were going, so follow me.” (Ars)



 Ritsu nodded.


 We both decided to go to the room where I had the fox’s bed made.



 We opened the door and looked inside.



“Eh?” (Ars)



 I let out a surprised gasp when I saw the scene inside. Inside the room were not only the fox but also Ren and Claus.



 The fox was sitting quietly on Ren’s lap, and Claus was stroking the fox’s head. The fox had a somewhat pleased expression on its face.



 It’s a heartwarming sight, but it’s different from what I heard from Russell yesterday.



 I thought King Blue didn’t like humans.



“Ah, brother, Mr. Ritsu!” (Ren)



 Ren noticed us.



“Look~, this child came to sit on my lap all by itself! Isn’t it adorable!” (Ren)



 Ren said so, her eyes sparkling.



“It seems to be attached to you, but was it like that when it woke up?” (Ars)


“Yes! I came to the room and this child came up to me! Maybe it remembered that we helped them?” (Ren)


“Brother Russell said we wouldn’t get along, but that wasn’t true at all!” (Claus)



 Claus happily strokes the fox’s head.



“I just gave it a name! I named him Rio!” (Ren)



 Ren said with a bright smile.



“I-Is that so. Rio? That’s a nice name.” (Ars)


“Right~!” (Ren)



 By the time I arrived, they had even given it a name… and Ren and Claus had completely fallen in love with it.


 It’s definitely cute.



“I was amazed at how an animal that doesn’t normally bond with a person already bonded with you…” (Ars)


“I’ve heard it said that if you raise them from the time they’re born, it’s easier for them to form bonds. I heard a rumor a long time ago that there is a warrior somewhere in the Somerforce Empire who rides and fights on a giant blue fox. I’ve never seen it, so it’s just a rumor, but maybe there are warriors who ride and fight on King Blue.” (Ritsu)



 So, there are rumors like that…


 If it’s as big as a horse, surely it could be possible to ride and fight mounting it.



 The foxRio stood up again and snuggled up to my feet.



“Ah, he went to Brother! I’m sure he wants you to pet him!” (Ren)



 Ren said so, and I stroked him. A fuzzy feeling enveloped my hand. Rio squinted his eyes pleasantly.



 So cute.


 I can understand how easily Ren and Claus felt relaxed.



 This time he went to Ritsu.


 Me, Ren, and Claus had met Rio yesterday, but Ritsu must have been the first person it had seen only once. He was quite friendly. How can it be that they are not used to humans?



 Rio got on Ren’s lap again.



“I don’t know what to say… it looks like we might end up adopting Rio. If Ren and Claus have gotten along so well, it can’t be helped. Yeah, I’ll keep him for Ren and Claus’ sake.” (Ars)


“Well, I suppose so…” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu has a wry smile on his face.



“There is no problem with keeping them, but a King Blue is going to grow as big as a horse, so it will be difficult to keep him indoors. We would have to build a building for Rio.” (Ristu)



 Building his own place? …That’s a lot of work to keep him. He’s going to eat a lot of food and stuff. Well, I guess it can’t be helped.



“Oh, I didn’t realize you were here first.” (Lithia)



 Lithia came to the room. She seemed to be curious about Rio’s condition.



“Oh? It looks like they’re getting along really well!” (Lithia)


“Ah, sister! I named this child Rio!” (Ren)


“Rio, is it? May I touch him, too?” (Lithia)


“Yes!” (Ren)



 Lithia stroked Rio’s head.



“You’re so cute~” (Lithia)



 She continued patting him while saying so. Lithia enjoys growing plants, but she also seems to like animals.



“I heard the news.” (Charlotte)



 The door opened with another voice.



 Charlotte entered the room.


 After that, Musha entered the room with a quick bow.



“What’s wrong Charlotte?” (Ars)


“I heard a rumor that you picked up a rare animal and came to see it. It’s ridiculous no one told me.” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte complains.



“Anyway, that child is so cute~” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte approaches Rio.


 However, when Charlotte approached, Rio ran away.



“Eh?” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte froze for a few seconds because of the unexpected reaction.


 She approaches again, but the result is the same.



“…did I do something to make him dislike me?” (Charlotte)


“Um… why?” (Musha)



 I can’t think of any particular reason.


 Some animals don’t like some people for some reason, but is Charlotte that type of person?



 This time, Musha also approached. Then, like with Charlotte, Rio ran away.



“Eh, oh, it ran away from me too…” (Musha)



 Musha also looks sad.


 What they have in common is that they are magic soldiers.



“Perhaps people who use magic on a daily basis are sending something unpleasant to animals.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu said so.


 Charlotte and Musha look extremely shocked.



“Eh… that can’t be~” (Musha)


“…I am quitting being a magic soldier.” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte made an outrageous statement.



“What are you talking about?” (Ritsu)


“If I can’t play with that CHILD, what’s the point of being a magic soldier? I’m quitting!” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte shouted in desperation.



“Hey, calm down! Who would quit for that reason?” (Ritsu)


“That’s right. Ms. Charlotte quitting is a very big problem!” (Musha)


“Ah, because they’re young, they’re vulnerable to many things, but when they grow up, you might be able to get close! You can get close to horses, right?” (Ars)



 I, Musha, and Ritsu tried our best to persuade her.



“Hmm… I understand. If you insist that much, I won’t quit.” (Charlotte)



 We succeeded in persuading her and canceled her request to quit.


 It was a close call… And for such a silly reason, we were about to lose the best magic soldier of the Louvent family.



“Well, it looks like we’re scaring that child if we stay here, so I’m going to leave now. Let’s go, Ms. Charlotte.” (Musha)


“Fine.” (Charlotte)



 The two left the room disappointed.



“Excuse me, Charlotte and Musha came out of the room looking depressed, did something happen?” (Russell)



 While saying that, Russell entered the room.



 Then suddenly Rio started running and jumped at Russell.



“Eh?” (Russell)



 It was so sudden that Russell could not react at all.



 Rio jumped to Russell’s chest.



“Uwaaaaa!” (Russell)



 Russell lost his balance and fell down.



 Rio then licked Russell’s face.


 It seemed that they thought they were playing.


 Unlike Charlotte and Musha, Russell seems to be favored by Rio for some reason.



“Woah! Help me… help me!!” (Russell)



 He seemed to be a nuisance to Russell, who is not fond of animals.


 He was desperate for help.


 Ritsu lifted Rio up with a quick sweep.


 Russell got up and retreated to the back of the room.



“Oh, it attacked me! It attacked me! It’s a dangerous animal!! We need to lock it up in a cage!!” (Russell)


“Oh, you’re exaggerating. He was just playing with you.” (Ars)



 Russell was overreacting.


 He must be pretty bad with animals.



“Playing around, King Blues are animals that don’t bond with humans… huh?” (Russell)



 Ritsu placed down Rio, and he moved onto Ren’s lap again.


 Russell is surprised to see the situation.



“They look like you’re really good friends. Did he get attached?” (Russell)


“Yes.” (Ars)


“I read in the book that they don’t bond with people, but I guess that was wrong. Well, not everything that is written is true.” (Russell)



 Seeing Rio’s actions, he seems to have changed his mind.



“…Um… could it be that he’s going to be kept?” (Russell)


“Well, he has already bonded with people… If it’s an animal that wasn’t originally in Canale, we can’t even return it to the wild.” (Ars)


“Huh? No, you can’t! It’s difficult to keep animals! There are not many people who know how to raise King Blues, and it’s not easy to raise them!” (Russell)


“That’s true… but Russell, can you look at Ren and Claus and tell them not to keep them?” (Ars)



 Russell saw Ren and Claus was happily playing with Rio.



“Uuu……” (Russell)



 He was at a loss for words.



“Well, it’s fine to keep him… But before you decide, shouldn’t you find out why he’s in Canale Castle?” (Russell)


“Oh, yes, that reminds me. He was found here.” (Ars)



 Before I came to this room, I was trying to find out why Rio was in this castle. I had completely forgotten.



“Well, I’m done here then. I’ll try not to come here too often…” (Russell)



 Muttering this, Russell left.



 Certainly, Russell was right, it’s not a good idea to decide to keep Rio when we don’t know why he’s here.


 For example, if he was someone else’s pet that ran away and wandered into the castle, we can’t keep him.


 Rio is very accustomed to people, so there is a good chance that he was not originally a wild animal.



“Then, Ritsu, investigate why Rio is here.” (Ars)


“Yes, milord.” (Russell)



 Saying so, Ritsu went out of the room and started the investigation.



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