Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 246: Clues

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 After that, Ritsu began to investigate Rio.


 It’s only been a few days, so no progress.



 Rio became even closer to Ren and Claus. Many of the people in the castle were also friendly, and Rio got used to people quickly.


 Within a few days, Rio had become popular.



 I guess I can keep him now. I’m curious about the reason, but it doesn’t matter if I don’t know.



 I had come to think that, but a clue about Rio was brought to me surprisingly quickly.



 That day was the day when the regular meeting was held at Canale Castle.


 As usual, the vassals gathered and went to make their reports.



 And Braham began his report.



 Currently, the elite unit led by him was assisting the security operation in Canale.


 Originally, the castle guards were protecting the security of Canale, but when the existing guards alone were not strong enough, they borrowed the help of Braham and his group.


 Eventually, Ritsu said, he plans to increase the number of guards even more and give Braham another job.



“Well, we recently uncovered a criminal organization that was operating in town. They were a cunning bunch who were masquerading as merchants and selling stolen goods, interspersed with the usual legitimate goods. It’s good that we uncovered them, but there was a bit of a problem…” (Braham)



 Braham reports in a faltering tone.


 He was not used to speaking at meetings.



“We seized some stolen goods, but among the stolen goods there were some animals… and a few of them escaped…” (Braham)


“Animals? Are the animals that got away dangerous?” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu asked a question.


 The animal trade itself is not illegal in Canale.


 There is a culture of keeping pets.


 However, it is forbidden to bring into Canale animals that are poisonous or aggressively attack humans.


 Of course, it is also forbidden to keep, sell, or trade them.



“No, it doesn’t seem like animals are dangerous. It seems that they were stealing and selling pets that were from other places, not prohibited animals.” (Braham)


“That’s fine, but… but if they’re pets, we have to find them as soon as possible.” (Ritsu)


“Well, that’s right. If they go outside Canale, there’s no way to find them. The management of stolen goods was lax…” (Braham)


“There’s no point in regretting what has gone before.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu consoled the frustrated Braham.



“What features did the animal that got away have?” (Ars)


“Well, I drew their characteristics on a piece of paper, and I’ll hand them out now.” (Braham)



 Braham said and handed out the papers.


 He also puts these drawings up around town to collect eyewitness testimonies.



 I checked the papers.


 There are three sheets in total.


 There seem to be three animals that escaped.


 The first one is a snake-like animal.


 The second one was a cat-like animal.


 I had never seen either of them before.


 They must be rare animals since they went to the trouble of stealing and selling them.



 I check the third one.



“…Th-This is–” (Ars)



 Fluffy fur, fluffier tail.


 The form was familiar.


 The picture was not in color but in black and white.


 Information such as fur color is written in letters.


 When I checked it, the fur was described as blue.



“Lord Ars… This one…” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu, who was standing next to me, also seemed to have some thoughts.


 Lithia, Musha, and Russell were also at the meeting. All of them are quite unnerved.



“Ah, ah… it matches Rio’s characteristics…” (Ars)



 I replied with agitation.


 I’m not sure if it’s confirmed yet, but I can only assume it’s true when the characteristics match so well.


 Rio is a King Blue, which should not be found in Messiaen.


 If it was a stolen pet that wandered into the castle, it makes sense.



 If Rio is indeed a stolen pet, he has to be returned to his owner.



 Frankly, I have a wish that I want things to be different.


 I myself had a strong desire to keep Rio, and above all, I don’t know how to explain it to Ren and Claus, with whom I have become the closest of friends.



 But, well, this is something that can’t be helped…



“Huh? By any chance, did you find any of the animals?” (Braham)


“The animal written on this paper… may be the one protected in this castle.” (Ars)


“Well, are you serious? Please show me!!” (Braham)



 That’s what Braham asked me to do.


 I can’t say no.



“I understand. Let’s go see it together as soon as the meeting is over.” (Ars)



“Yes, sir!” (Braham)



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