Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 25: Lithia

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 When I heard the announcement that Lithia came, I hurried out of the mansion and went to the front of the mansion to meet her.

 In front of the mansion was a blonde girl followed by several butlers and maids.


 The girl walked towards me and smiled,



“Nice to meet you, my name is Lithia Plaid.” (Lithia)



 She curtsied gracefully as she greeted me.


 From her elegant gesture, you can feel that she has a great upbringing.


 I also introduced myself and returned the greeting.


 Let’s look at Lithia again.


 She’s quite petite.


 At the age of about 10 years old, girls’ and boys’ heights are similar or at least the girls grow faster at this age. But she is shorter than me, while being a year older. That does not mean I am tall.


 She is a beautiful girl with a face that exudes tranquility and calm.


 Her eyes are heavy-lidded and her skin is snow white. And her body is very childlike.


 From what he gathered in the letter, she likes flowers. Her appearance matches what I have imagined, a kindhearted child.


 For the time being, I decided to appraise her as well. Lithia may not become a vassal but part of the family. So she doesn’t have to be talented but it would be nice if she was.


 Lithia Plaid – 10 years old – ♀



 Command 5/10

 Bravery 5/10

 Strategy 45/73

 Politics 77/100

 Ambition 80



 Infantry D       Cavalry D         Archery D

 Magic Soldier D  Fortification D      Weapon D

 Navy D         Air Force D        Strategy B



 What is this status…?


 Her capacity for politics is amazing. She has a great deal of talent for strategy but not as much as her political prowess.


 100 as her maximum value… She has 77 at the moment.


 It is difficult to understand what happens if political talent is high.


 I think a person with high values have high communication skills, high negotiation skills, high management skills, and the ability to think of good policies.


 And her value of ambition is strange.


 80… why is it so high?


 Does she want to be the bride of someone powerful?


 Somehow, my first impression of her as calm and gentle girl swung a 180° just from appraising and looking at her status.


 She still smiles but is she smiling naturally or is she scheming something behind that facade. She might be doing her utmost to make a good impression. There is no doubt that is a great talent, but I don’t know if she’ll be good or bad for the Louvent family.


 Well, there is a possibility that her political value is high because she does things naturally rather than by scheming. Thinking too much may cause me to make a misjudgment.



“Um…is there something on my face?” (Lithia)



 I seemed to have stared at Lithia’s face because of her surprising skill board.


 What excuse should I say to her,



“I’m sure Lithia-sama’s face was beautiful and Ars-sama fell in awe!” (Maid)



 Said the maid behind her.


 If this happened at any occasion, it could be taken as rude statement, but at this moment it was helpful.



“That’s right. I thought Lithia-sama has a nice smile.” (Maid)



 Said the maid, and praised Lithia.


 It’s a not the right remark, but there are probably no women who feel bad about being complimented.



“Well, you’re making me shy…” (Lithia)



 Lithia was blushing, with her cheeks dyed pink.


 It’s a very natural reaction and I don’t think it’s acting.



“Then, I will guide you to the mansion.” (Ars)


“Yes, thank you” (Lithia)



 I walk towards the mansion, and Lithia walks beside me. Maids and butlers walk about five steps behind us.



“Lamberk is a wonderful place.” (Lithia)



 That’s how Lithia started.


 I don’t know if it’s flattery or an observation.



“Is that so?” (Ars)


“Yes, it’s rich in nature and the village is lively. My hometown, Torrequista, is a beautiful place, but I like your town better.” (Lithia)



 It doesn’t look like she is lying.


 I was wondering if she’d be disillusioned because it’s a rural land, but she was overwhelmed?



“What is Torrequista like?” (Ars)


“The nature is just as rich as it is here. The people are very kind, but they lack the courage to do well in battle. The soldiers led by Raven-sama are very brave and active in the battlefield. I am envious of your territory.” (Lithia)



 We converse like this.


 It would take less than a minute to walk from the gate to the mansion, but it took a while because the conversation was quite lively.


 She speaks very well.


 I’m not very communicable but she can carry a conversation well.


 I should be feeling a little nervous in meeting my betrothed for the first time, but it doesn’t seem like that at all.


 She’s got at starting conversations and listening. She makes it seem easy to talk about anything even with my personality.


 Her reactions don’t feel like lies, and it seems that she is honestly surprised or happy.


 She often praises the other person she converses with and make them feel better.

 It’s been about five minutes since we met each other, but she was able to fully understand them.


 If I was just a child with no previous knowledge and had no appraisal skills, I would have been easily captured in the last five minutes.


 If all this is done by scheming, she’s a terrifying child…


 Even some of the politicians with high political talent are not as good at conversations.


 I don’t think I’m an untalented person, but I’ve never thought I’m excellent.


 It is unexpected that communicative power may be either unrelated to politics or supplemented by other abilities.


 We walked slowly, before arriving at the mansion.


 Miramis flowers are in full bloom all around.



“Oh, there are a lot of beautiful miramis in bloom. Are they for me?” (Lithia)


“Yes, the letter says you like it. Did you like them?” (Ars)



 Looking at Miramis in the garden, Lithia murmured,



“It’s beautiful…” (Lithia)


“Just for me… it must have been difficult. Thank you. I am very impressed.” (Lithia)



 Lithia said, with blushing cheeks and carefree smile


 Looking at the smile, I remembered that I wanted this kind of daughter in the previous life.


 No, it’s not good to have such fatherly feelings for the bride.


 Getting married in the future means copulating and producing an heir.


 When that happens, I might feel guilty. Well, at that time, it might be okay because she is also an adult.



“What’s wrong?” (Lithia)



 This time, he seemed to have gazed at Lithia’s smile and stared at her for some time.


 I usually would shake my head before saying that it’s nothing, but thanks to the maid with Lithia.



“Lithia-sama’s smile was beautiful and I was enamored by it.” (Ars)


“Well… Ars-sama is really good at complimenting.” (Lithia)



 Said Lithia while blushing fiercely and eyes sparkling.


 A really bold man might say something like “You are more beautiful than Miramis’ flowers,” but I couldn’t because I would be embarrassed in saying it.


 And so I went inside the mansion with Lithia. 
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