Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 250: To Alcantes

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 I was preparing to head to Alcantes.



 The ceremony in which Lord Clan was to be proclaimed King of Messiaen at the Castle of Alcantes was about a month away.



 It is currently April 21st.



 Autumn would soon be over.


 The temperature is chilly.


 Messiaen has a mild climate, so April is not that cold yet.


 In May, it will get stone cold, so we have to wear heavy clothes. I need to prepare properly.



 I’m planning to leave tomorrow.



 If all goes well, I will arrive in Alcantes much earlier.



 However, since you never know what the trip will bring, I may be a little late.


 There is no harm in arriving early, so we should leave as soon as possible.



 A large number of nobles from all over Messiaen will gather for this ceremony.


 No doubt all of the nobles in the county head class will be in attendance.


 We must avoid a situation where we were late and could not attend.



 Braham and his companions and Femme will accompany me as escorts.


 And also my wife, Lithia, will also go with me.



 Ritsu, Russell, Mireille, and the others have been entrusted with the management of the territory.


 We have a lot of work to do, so we cannot all go to Alcantes together.



 I’m currently the county mayor, so it wouldn’t be surprising if someone targeted me.



 With the members of the elite unit led by Braham and Femme, we will be able to fight off any opponent.



 Ritsu, as usual, was quite worried and insisted on going himself, but I asked him to stay behind because I needed him to run the castle. Ritsu is as capable and competent a man as anyone, but his tendency to lose his cool when it comes to me may be his only flaw.



 After completing our preparations, we departed for Alcantes the next day.



 The journey was smoother than I expected.



 I had expected the territory formerly ruled by the Basamark faction to be rougher, but it seemed to be well governed, and we did not run into any bandits.



 Arrived in Alcantes a few days earlier than scheduled.



 It was May, but the temperature was surprisingly cold.



 I had been to Alcantes once before.


 It seemed to be more crowded than before.


 I guess the unification of Messiaen has brought more people to Alcantes.


 Also, maybe Lord Clan is simply better at governing.



 I wanted to have an interview with the clan before hearing their declaration, so I visited the castle of Alcantes to make a request.


 However, they said they were in the middle of taking in and could not meet with me right away.


 Well, they must be busy with various things before the declaration.


 It seems that there are other nobles visiting the castle of Alcantes besides myself.


 The talks were in a few days.


 It was the day before the declaration was to take place.



 On the day I arrived in Alcantes, I was taken to a guest room in the castle of Alcantes, where I was to stay the night.



 When we entered the castle, we were talked to by the nobles who had arrived earlier and had to deal with them.


 I realized that the Louvent family has been attracting more and more attention since their success in the war.



 We have dealt with the nobles many times at Canale Castle.


 I have become accustomed to the etiquette, so I was able to deal with them without any difficulty.



 I was tired from the trip, but I did not want to talk for too long.


 We finished up as early as possible and then went to our rooms to put our luggage and other things down.


 We had two rooms. One for me and Lithia, and the other for the vassals.


 It was difficult to accommodate all the vassals in the castle, so Zat and Braham stayed in their rooms, and the rest of the soldiers stayed at the inn in town.


 While staying in the castle, the soldiers other than Zat and Braham would rest. They do not need a large group of men to escort them around town. The soldiers were overjoyed to be able to unwind.



 Incidentally, Femme will stay in my and Lithia’s room as our personal maid.


 It is better to have an escort nearby just in case.


 It seems safe because it is inside the castle, but in fact, I don’t think it is that safe.


 There are other nobles staying there at the moment. Some of them are probably thinking ill of me in their hearts.


 If I wanted to send assassins there, I could do so.


 It is best to be cautious.



“I can finally take it easy.” (Lithia)



 Lithia looked tired as she entered the room.


 Traveling by horse-drawn carriage is quite difficult. Although this time she was able to travel in peace and quiet, it was still a tough trip.



 I have traveled several times, but I never got used to it.



“That’s right. Let’s get some rest today.” (Ars)


“Yes. I would like to see more of Alcantes, but I think I will do that later.” (Lithia)



 On the first day of arrival, I took a good rest to recover from the fatigue of the trip.



 the next day.



 After the rest, my body was much less tired.


 Since my body was rejuvenated after my reincarnation, I could get rid of the fatigue immediately.


 I don’t want to get old yet, because I know that when I get older, I won’t be able to go on like this.



 The last time I was in Alcantes, I had only seen a little of the city, so this time I decided to look around more.


 Maybe there are some talented people there.


 There are a lot of people, so there should be a chance to find them.


 Well, there is a high possibility that they would not become our vassals even if we find them, since they are in Alcantes.


 Still, if we promote them as excellent to Lord Clan, their reputation will increase.


 It should be worth doing.



 Me, Lithia, Braham, Zat, and Femme, dressed as a maid, were walking together through the streets of Alcantes.



“This city has changed quite a bit.” (Femme)



 Said Femme. She has a voice, a way of speaking, and a look that makes you think she is a girl.


 When she is dressed as a maid, Femme talks more often.


 It is said that the more she talks, the less likely she is to be suspected.



 I once asked Femme to gather information in Alcantes, but I guess things have changed a lot compared to that time.


 I don’t know what kind of place Alcantes was back then.



“Lithia, is there any place you would like to go to in Alcantes?” (Ars)



 I asked Lithia that.


 Appraising can be done anywhere as long as there are people.


 I was happy to go anywhere in Alcantes because there would be people to some extent no matter where we went. It would be better to go where Lithia wanted to go anyway.



“That’s right… Apparently there is a large botanical garden in Alcantes, and I would like to go there.” (Lithia)



 I had never heard of a botanical garden.


 I mean, was there one in this world?


 Lithia likes flowers, so she might enjoy them.



“Then, shall we go?” (Ars)


“Yes! I’m looking forward to it!” (Lithia)




 Lithia looked quite buoyant while saying that.



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