Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 251: Talent

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“Yes~ The botanical garden was fun!” (Lithia)



 We were walking around town after our visit to the botanical gardens.


 Lithia seemed more excited than usual.



 The botanical garden was located in the north district of Alcantes.


 It is a fairly large building. It was crowded with people and seemed to be quite popular.


 The name of the botanical garden is “Alcantes Botanical Garden”.



 I tried to appraise the people who visited there, but I could not find any high-talent people.


 It is not that easy to find.


 I had to appraise many more people.


 It is quite possible that I may not find anyone during our stay in Alcantes, so let’s appraise them without expecting too much.



 However, I entered the botanical garden thinking that I wondered if it was possible to manage a botanical garden with the technological power of another world… but the temperature was tightly controlled by magic, and there were plants on display that did not grow in clusters in Messiaen.



“Among them, the Holy Flower was a sight to behold–I didn’t know such a huge flower existed in this world…” (Lithia)



 The botanical garden has a centerpiece, and that is the Holy Flower.


 It is an extraordinary flower that blooms as big as a tree.


 The color varies from petal to petal. The flower is also covered in glittering light powder, making it quite a fantastic flower.


 It seems that it was not a flower at all, but a mushroom. The glittering powder seems to be spores.


 Normally, they do not grow to that size, but if the conditions are met, they can grow to a large size.


 There seem to be a lot of conditions, but I couldn’t find anything about them in the description.



“It was certainly beautiful… but I was also shocked to see that they were actually a mushroom.” (Ars)


“P-please let me forget about that.” (Lithia)



 The fact that it was actually a mushroom did not seem right to Lithia.



“Huh!? Were those mushrooms?” (Braham)



 Braham gave a surprised cry.



“Captain… Didn’t you read the description…?” (Zat)


“I was too absorbed in looking at it. But if they’re mushrooms, can you eat them?” (Braham)


“It seems that they are poisonous. I mean, you don’t usually get the impression that they are edible…” (Zat)



 Zat was a little taken aback by Braham’s words.



“Where shall we go next? Let’s choose the place Ars wants to go this time!” (Lithia)



 Lithia suggested.



“Hmm, well…” (Ars)



 Since we did not come to Alcantes for sightseeing, I had not decided on a particular place I wanted to go.


 Not knowing much about it, I was a little worried.



“For now, why don’t we go to the market?” (Ars)



 After thinking about it, I came to this conclusion.


 The market in Alcantes is not as lively as Sempler, the most commercial city in Messiaen, but it is still the capital of the province, and a variety of things are sold there.


 There are a lot of people here, and I can probably appraise more people.



“Okay. Now let’s go to the market!” (Ars)



 We left the botanical garden and headed to the market.



 There was a castle in the center of Alcantes, but the market was nearby.



 There were many stalls lined up in the market.


 It’s crowded with a lot of people.


 The atmosphere was like a festival.



 I look around the market while appraising people.



 I appraised about 50 people right away, but as I thought, it was not so easy to find talented people.



 I continued to appraise people, thinking that there was no way I could find anyone on the first day.



 Suddenly, my eyes fell on a corner of the market.


 The market is crowded, but there are stores in the corner with no customers.



 They seem to be selling paintings.


 I don’t know if they are paintings that he drew himself or if they were drawn by someone else.



 The seller was a boy.


 He was about the same age as I am now.


 He has a fairly well-developed face and looks like he will become a handsome man in the future.



 His drawings were quite good, good enough to be sold as merchandise, but they still didn’t seem to be selling well.



 Well, the paintings are expensive.


 They probably sell it because they think it would be good if they could sell even one piece a day. On the contrary, it would be unnatural if there were a large number of customers.



 I appraised the boy who was selling the paintings.



(!?) (Ars)



 Keefe Venge – 13 years old –



 Command 32/89

 Bravery 46/85

 Strategy 55/98

 Politics 56/95

 Ambition 33



 Infantry A               Cavalry C                  Archery A

 Magic Soldier C    Fortification C           Weaponry C

 Navy A                   Air Force A                Strategy A


 Born in Alcantes, Alcantes County, Messiaen Province, Somerforce Empire, on December 21, 199 in the Imperial era. Parents alive and well. Four older brothers. Two sisters. All are alive and well. Has a my-pace personality. Likes sweets. Does not like vegetables. Enjoys drawing pictures. He likes gentle women.



 Although his current value is not so excellent, all the limited values of his abilities are at a high level.


 Without a doubt, he was a tremendously talented person.



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