Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 253: The Meeting

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 A few days after I attempted to recruit Keefe, the day came to meet with Lord Clan.


 Tomorrow will be the declaration ceremony.


 Things were getting quite hectic in the Alcantes castle.



 Tomorrow, in addition to the declaration, a banquet was to be held.


 The preparations seemed to be finished, but they were hurriedly doing a final check to see if there were any flaws anywhere.



 It was Lord Clan’s subordinates who were giving instructions for the preparations.


 Lord Clan was dealing with the nobles and had left everything regarding the preparations to their subordinates.



 Lithia and I head to the reception room where Lord Clan is.



“We’ve been waiting for you. Please come in.” (Butler)



 There was a butler in front of the reception room door.


 He opened the door and Lithia and I entered.



“Ars, and Lithia, it’s been a while. Thank you for coming all the way here.” (Clan)



 When I entered the room, Lord Clan said this while walking towards me.



 Lord Clan seemed to be in a pretty good mood.



“It’s been a long time, Lord Clan. Thank you very much for inviting me to the celebration.” (Ars)



 I said that while bowing.


 Lithia also followed with a greeting.



“Well, enough with the formal greetings, please take a seat.” (Clan)



 Lord Clan urged me to take a seat. Lithia and I sat down on the sofa in the room. It seemed to be a very luxurious sofa, and it was very comfortable. I would love to have one in the Canale Castle, but it would probably be quite expensive.



“Well… You look like you have something to talk to me about.” (Clan)


“Eh… Well, there’s something I’d like to ask rather than talk.” (Ars)



 I was a little shocked when Lord Clan suddenly said those words were to me.


 I replied, feeling a little anxious.



“Why did I declare Messiaen’s independence at this time?” (Clan)



 He guessed my question.


 Lord Clan isn’t a fool.


 It seemed like he understood at least what I wanted to ask.



“Yes, milord.” (ARs)



 I replied while nodding.



“First of all, Ars, do you and your vassals agree or disagree on this matter?” (Clan)


“Well…” (Ars)


“You can answer honestly. This matter has been decided, so it won’t change whether you agree or disagree, but I would like to ask you for reference.” (Clan)


“Neither I nor my vassals agreed.” (Ars)


“What was the reason?” (Clan)


“Many of them said that it was premature. If an army were to be formed to take over Messiaen, we would be easily outnumbered and would have little chance of victory… and the possibility of all-out war is quite high.” (Ars)


“Hmm, well, I’m sure some people have that opinion. However, the Messiaen subjugation army will not be formed. Will it be the imperial family who will raise the subjugation army? The current imperial family no longer has that kind of power. Sights and Paradile… They don’t have enough strength. Lowfile currently has the most powerful military, but it is in conflict with the imperial family, so they will not cooperate with them. If Messiaen was subjugated and the imperial family has strengthened its influence, it will be Lowfile that will lose the most.” (Clan)



 Lord Clan talked about the current war situation.


 Ritsu and the others agree that the possibility of a Messiaen subjugation army is low.



“However… it is definitely true that this incident sowed the seeds of war.” (Clan)



 Lord Clan did not deny that.



“Ars, do you hate war?” (Clan)


“Well… To be honest, I don’t like it.” (Ars)



 Lord Clan turned his sharp eyes on me and asked a question. Unable to lie, I replied honestly.



“…I don’t think anyone likes it. Of course, I don’t like it either. I admit that in the short term, independence for Messiaen will sow the seeds of war. But in the long run, there will be no more wars in Messiaen unless it becomes independent.” (Clan)


“What do you mean?” (Ars)


“There were once seven kingdoms on the continent of Somerforce. The kingdom of Messiaen, the kingdom of Sights, the kingdom of Paradile, the kingdom of Lowfile, the kingdom of Ansel, the kingdom of Cansheep, and the kingdom of Shoots. You know that, don’t you?” (Clan)


“Yes.” (Ars)



 It’s common knowledge.


 I remember learning from Ritsu when I was still young.



“Of course, there were occasional incidents, but basically, they had concluded proper treaties and maintained peace. The balance was maintained until the Kingdom of Ansel gained power through trade with countries outside the continent. However, Ansel gained power and caused a major war. Peace was temporarily restored with the birth of the Somerforce Empire, but it was only temporary, and the world is still in a state of war.” (Clan)


“Are you saying that the existence of the Somerforce Empire is the cause of the war?” (Ars)


“Yes. Even if Somerforce is unified again, the same thing will happen again in the end. Each province was originally a different country. We cannot hope for a complete reconciliation. In order to maintain peace, the seven provinces must remain completely independent as they have always been.” (Clan)


“…Messiaen will become independent, but will other states also become independent?” (Ars)


“I am sure that there will be other states that will make such a move. Well, not immediately, but within a few years, Lowfile will probably declare its independence, just like Messiaen. Then the other provinces will do the same thing one after another.” (Clan)



 That’s what Lord Clan expected.


 I can’t say for sure that his idea is wrong.


 Nevertheless, I doubt that each state becoming independent will really lead to continued peace.


 It is very likely that provinces like Ansel will continue to trade with other countries, for example, and that countries that gain power will wage wars of aggression.



 Well, there is honestly no way to maintain peace permanently. There will always be conflict sooner or later.


 What I am concerned about is whether or not there will be a conflict in Canale in the near future.



“I understand what you’re thinking, Lord Clan. However, isn’t there a possibility that another war will break out in the near future? Especially from what I’ve heard, Ansel must want to prevent Messiaen’s independence at all costs, right?” (Ars)


“I can’t deny that. Certainly, from the emperor’s point of view, if Messiaen’s independence is granted, his power will be further reduced. However, Ansel lacks leadership because the emperor is a puppet and his vassals are fighting for power under him. If they become monolithic, we should be very afraid of them, but they are not. The state of Paradile has few troops and is not well supplied with food. Even if it were to be attacked, it would be well defended.” (Clan)


“What about Sights?” (Ars)


“…Sights… Last time they suffered a lot. They shouldn’t be stupid enough to attack so foolishly after being hurt like that. If Messiaen fights against other provinces and is in a disadvantageous position, they will attack. But if that doesn’t happen, they’ll wait and see.” (Clan)


“However, it seems that the Sights is increasing their military forces…” (Ars)


“That’s probably proof that they’re afraid of Messiaen, or rather of you. If they do attack, rest assured that this time we will send out reinforcements, as much as we can. Sights alone will be easy to repel.” (Clan)


“……I see.” (Ars)



 After hearing that, I can’t say anything else.


 I had no choice but to accept it.



“Is there any possibility that Messiaen’s side will attack Sights?” (Lithia)



 Lithia asked.


 That was certainly a question that needed to be asked.



“…I can’t say for sure that it won’t happen. It is possible that if we sense something disturbing in Sights’ movements, we will take the strategy of striking first.” (Clan)



 Clan did not deny that he was planning to start a fight against Sights.



“Canale, where you rule, is on the border of the state. I understand your concern, but you need not worry too much, for we have a strategy in place that will not put the Messiaen at a disadvantage.” (Clan)


“…I understand.” (Ars)



 There were a few things I did not agree with, but if I mentioned anymore, it could be taken as an accusation.


 I could not afford to have my relationship deteriorate too much with Lord Clan who would henceforth be King of Messiaen.


 I pretended to be satisfied and avoided any further mention of the matter.



“I understand. From now on, I will do my best for His Majesty, King Clan.” (Ars)


“Haha, you can start calling me that tomorrow.” (Clan)



 The conversation ended and we left the reception room.




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