Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 254: Re-invitation

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“What did you think of Lord Clan’s words, Ars?” (Lithia)




 After the meeting, I was talking with Lithia while walking through the hallways of Alcantes Castle.



“Well… on the other hand, what did Lithia think?” (Ars)



 I wanted to hear Lithia’s thoughts first, so that’s what I replied.



“I… I see… Lord Clan said that the presence of the Somerforce Empire was causing the war, but is that really true? I did think he had a point, but I don’t think it’s the only cause of the war.” (Lithia)


“That’s right… Wars can happen for a variety of reasons, so I don’t think there’s a way to make them never happen again.” (Ars)


“I see… I wonder if Lord Clan really wants peace in the first place. The thing is that he might just be saying that to convince us, but he might actually want to be the ruler of the Somerforce continent.” (Lithia)


“That’s a possibility, but… we’d better not say too much about it. You never know who might be listening…” (Ars)


“I suppose so. I can’t say with certainty what Lord Clan’s true intentions are. But I do know that Lord Clan does not want to avoid a war with Sights.” (Lithia)


“That’s certainly true…” (Ars)



He said that Sights would not attack us because they were afraid of Canale, but he did not say anything about his intention to conduct diplomacy and promote reconciliation with Sights.



In the last war, we certainly fought well and were able to defeat Sights.


But that would not necessarily be the case next time.


Also, if Lod Clan launches an invasion of Sights, Canale will of course have to raise its troops.


 If we invade Sights and lose the battle, we will lose a large number of troops. If Sights were to start an invasion of Canale in that state, there would be a high possibility that we would lose.



 …Well, I guess it’s not good to think too much about negative things.


 Lord Clan is a capable person, and he certainly won’t fight a battle he doesn’t have a chance of winning.


 After all, since Canale is located on the state border, the threat of war is always present.


 It seems necessary to continue strengthening our military power as we have been doing so that we will not be easily defeated even if we are attacked.



 Then we headed to the market.


 Braham, Zat, and Femme are also accompanying me.



 The destination is Keefe’s store.



 I had visited Keefe several times since our first meeting.


 However, I have not yet received an answer to my request to his becoming a vassal.


 If he were to become a vassal, he would have to leave his native Alcantes and live in Canale.


 He would not be able to shake his head easily.


 However, he has not explicitly refused. He seems to be quite distressed, so it seems that the possibility is not zero.



 If we keep inviting them enthusiastically, I might get their consent.



“Oh, Lord Ars!” (Keefe)



 As I approached the store, Keefe noticed me and looked happy.



“Thank you for coming again!” (Keefe)



 There was a different picture on display in the store than when I first came.



“Did the paintings sell?” (Ars)


“No, it didn’t sell, so I painted a different picture.” (Keefe)



 Keefe gave a wry smile.



 I was wondering whether I should buy his painting, but if I bought it now, they would think it was for solicitation.


 Besides, I had not brought a large amount of money for the trip, and buying the painting would be a painful expense.


 There was no guarantee that I would not encounter some kind of trouble on the way home. When trouble occurs, money is dependable, so it would be better to have as much as possible.



“But this painting won’t sell either. Maybe I’m not cut out to be an artist after all.” (Keefe)


“That can’t be true. They have such good drawings. Maybe the place where you sell them is wrong.” (Ars)


“Thank you. Even though Lord Ars has invited me to become his vassal, it’s kind of strange that you’re complimenting me on my painting.” (Keefe)



 Keefe said with a smile.



“It’s true that you are a good painter. It is true that if you become very successful as a painter, you may not become my vassal, but I am not going to discredit your painting by lying to you.” (Ars)



 I spoke my true feelings.



“Well… Lord Ars isn’t that kind of person… Um, from Lord Ars’s perspective, what do you think of my painting? Don’t you want it?” (Keefe)


“I don’t want to… well… because I don’t collect many paintings…” (Ars)




 Although there are several paintings displayed in the Canale Castle, none of them were purchased by me.


 I don’t have an aesthetic sense about paintings. When asked for my opinion, I was a little troubled.


 All I can say is that they are good paintings.



“What does Lithia think about Keefe’s painting?” (Ars)



 Lithia knows more about paintings than I do.


 She should be able to give him lots of advice.



“I see… This is a drawing of the cityscape of Alcantes.” (Lithia)


“That’s right!” (Keefe)


“The buildings are well drawn, and I think the coloring is okay, but… I’m sorry for my words, but I feel like the drawings are boring to look at…” (Lithia)


“Oh……” (Keefe)



 It seems that Lithia frankly said what she thought. Keefe seems to have suffered some damage.



“Ah, I’m sorry. But it is because I’ve seen quite a few pictures like this…” (Lithia)


“I-I see… This picture is pretty ordinary…” (Keefe)


“Oh, but that picture of Ars was very well drawn. I love it!” (Lithia)



 Apparently, as far as my portrait is concerned, Lithia thinks it is really well drawn. She was not flattering me. What does my face look like in Lithia’s eyes?



“When I painted Lord Ars’s picture, I let my imagination run wild… For me, if it wasn’t a subject that I was interested in, the picture wouldn’t have any sense of dynamism… or rather, it would become somewhat ordinary… I like the cityscape of Alcantes, but I see it every day, so even looking at it now doesn’t really expand my imagination.” (Keefe)



 Keefe muttered with a troubled expression on his face.



“Lord Ars… I have decided. If you don’t mind me, I would like to become Lord Ars’s vassal!” (Keefe)



 He suddenly said that out of the blue.



“A-are you sure?” (Ars)


“Yes! I felt that I would not be able to paint a better picture even if I stayed in this town after all. I think my paintings won’t evolve unless I experience more things.” (Keefe)


“I see…” (Ars)


“But is it really a good idea to become a vassal in order to improve your painting? Of course, since I am a vassal, I will do the work that Lord Ars has asked me to do.” (Keefe)


“It’s okay. I’d like to see more of your paintings.” (Ars)


“…thank you!” (Keefe)



 Keefe smiled and thanked me.



“But is it okay to make a sudden decision? Do I have to get permission from your parents?” (Ars)


“Oh, I’m the fifth son of an innkeeper in Alcantes. It is a big inn that has been around for a long time, so they are very picky about heirs and such, but since I am the fifth son, I am left to my own devices, so I am sure they will give me permission.” (Keefe)



 Is he an innkeeper’s son?


 Since it’s a large inn, I wonder if Keefe is a rich kid.


 Art supplies are not cheap, and it is highly likely that you have to be born into a somewhat rich family to be able to paint.



“That would be great. I ask you again, Keefe Venge. Will you be my vassal?” (Ars)


“Yes!” (Keefe)



 Keefe nodded cheerfully. 



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