Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 256: Going Home

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 On the way home.


 The season is winter.


 It was quite cold, but it was not snowing, so there were no major obstacles in the way of travel.



“Uh… it’s cold.” (Braham)



 Braham was shivering violently.


 His clothes looked quite cold. He was wearing fall clothes. This would be quite cold.



“That’s why I said you should wear warmer clothes…” (Zat)



 Zat says in annoyance.



“I didn’t expect it to get this cold…” (Braham)



 In Messiaen, there are some years when it’s not that cold in May. However, when it gets cold, it gets really cold, and Braham is definitely unprepared.



“You’re going to catch a cold.” (Femme)



 Femme, the maid, says worriedly.



“I’ve never had a cold before. I’ve felt cold, though.” (Braham)



 They say that idiots don’t catch colds, but who would have thought that there are people who really have never caught a cold?


 Braham has grown up and maybe this time he will pull it off.



 Although it was cold, the carriage was moving smoothly toward Canale.





 One night.



 We were camping.



 We were heading for Canale along a route that would take us as close to a village or town as possible, but there were days when we couldn’t stop along the way and had to camp out in the open.



 We pitch our tents, build a fire, and set up camp.


 It is winter, so it gets even colder at night, and it is quite difficult to camp, but it can’t be helped.


 There are no cars, trains, or airplanes in this world.



 Braham, Zat, and Lithia went to bed first, and I stayed near the campfire with Keefe.



 Femme was making his rounds to see if any enemies were nearby, so I was alone with Keefe.



“It’s warm.” (Keefe)



 Keefe said with a carefree expression on his face, as he sat by the campfire.


 He is just a boy by the looks of it.


 I even wondered if he really had a talent for warfare.


 Well, it is the essence of my power to recognize the talent of such a seemingly talentless person.



“What kind of place is Canale? I’ve heard about it, but I’ve never been there.” (Keefe)


“What kind of place is it? Yes, it was a remote and nondescript town until recently, but since the end of the Messiaen civil war, it has developed and become quite a lively town.” (Ars)


“That’s right! It’s because of Lord Ars’s skill that the city was able to develop!” (Keefe)


“No, it’s all thanks to the efforts of my vassals. I’m not very active due to my lack of skill.” (Ars)


“Being humble again~” (Keefe)



 I was telling the truth, but it was taken as modesty.



“I should work harder so that I can contribute to Lord Ars! If I can’t do anything, it will mean that Lord Ars’ eyes were wrong!” (Keefe)


“I have high hopes for your success. However, there’s no need to rush.” (Ars)



 Keef’s current ability values are not very high.


 I won’t be able to see results right away, but I plan to train him patiently.



 Suddenly, I looked at Keefe’s status to double-check.



 Natasha Varhan – 29 years old –



 Command 5/12

 Bravery 99/99

 Strategy 100/100

 Politics 21/25

 Ambition 50



 Infantry S               Cavalry C                  Archery S

 Magic Soldier A    Fortification D           Weaponry A

 Navy A                   Air Force A                Strategy S


 Born in Lapin, Solesia, Parthon, on November 11, 183 in the Imperial era. Parents alive and well. She is ruthless. Enjoys reading books. Likes sweets. Does not like vegetables. Enjoys drawing pictures. Has little interest in the opposite sex.



“……eh?” (Ars)




 I let out a bewildered voice.


 A completely different status was displayed.


 Even the name was different. It said “Natasha”. His gender was also female, and his country of origin was also different.



 I thought it was a bug, so I re-appraised him, but it showed exactly the same thing.



 What does it mean?



 Was it really a bug? 


 I’ve never had a bug before.


 I would like to try something other than Keefe, but there is no one nearby.



 I reappraised Keefe several times, but the result was the same.



 What if things were normal now?



 If it is normal now, it means that the first time I appraised Keefe, it was abnormal.


 However, since Keefe called himself, “Keefe Venge,” there is a good chance that that appraisal was correct.





 It is also possible that there was some way to mislead the appraisal results and that Keefe used it.


 And now that the effect has worn off, the original appraisal results are displayed.



 Am I thinking too much…? 



 But if that’s the case, Keefe seems to have some nefarious purpose for approaching me.



 Another possibility is that Keefe was killed by someone before his departure, and the person in front of me now is a completely different person disguised as Keefe.


 However, if it is a disguise, it seems unlikely. It would be strange for me not to notice her at all after being with her for several days.


 Especially, Femme, who knows his way around, would surely notice it.



 Anyway, let’s act like we won’t let anyone know that we’ve reappraised him, and have other people be reappraised as well.



 If other people’s appraisal results are also wrong, it means that there is a problem with my appraisal ability.


 I don’t know how to fix it, so it’s pretty bad.


 As for the others, if the test results are the same… For now, it seems necessary to suspect Keefe of being an imposter. It’s also possible that a bug has occurred for some reason only with Keefe, so I can’t say for sure that it’s a scam.



 As I was thinking about it, Keefe said,



“Huh? Maybe the effect has worn off?” (Keefe => Natasha)



 He said in the same tone as before.



 For a moment, I couldn’t grasp the meaning of the words.



“I can’t help it, but it’s not what I planned…” (Natasha)



 He took something out of his pocket. It was a knife.


 The moment I thought it was a knife, he started moving at a tremendous speed, and he thrust the knife toward my head.



“Huh!?” (Ars)



 I barely avoided it.


 I couldn’t avoid it completely, and my cheek was slightly cut. I felt pain.



“You avoided that? You’re surprisingly quick to respond.” (Natasha)



 He was still speaking in the same tone.



“Keefe, no… your name is Natasha? What about the real Keefe?” (Ars)


“There’s no reason to answer that. At least they don’t exist in this world.” (Natasha)



 Does that mean he was killed, or does it mean that there was never a person named Keefe?


 It can be either.



“One thing I can say is that if you trust your eyes too much, you will end up in trouble.” (Natasha)


“…” (Ars)


“Well, I guess that kind of advice is useless.” (Natasha)



 I guess she’s going to kill me here.


 Keefe… No, Natasha, armed with a knife, attacked me.



 Suddenly, she was cut in front of me from the side at a tremendous speed.


 It’s Femme. It seems like he noticed my predicament at the right time and rescued me.



“Oops, fighting you is going to be a bit of a pain.” (Natasha)


“Tsk…” (Femme)



 Femme has an irritated look on his face. Keefe… No, Natasha distanced herself from Femme.



“Oryaaaa!!” (Braham)



 Braham slashed Natasha from behind. He must have been sleeping when he heard the commotion and came running.



 Natasha who should have been caught by surprise, easily dodged Braham’s attack.



 In terms of her status, I looked at earlier, the value of her Bravery was extremely high.


 She must be very skilled.



“I see, this is definitely a disadvantage. But well… Even if I don’t give you the finishing blow, it’ll probably be fine. I’m going home.” (Natasha)


“Do you think you can go home?” (Femme)



 Femme says while glaring.



“Yes.” (Natasha)



 Natasha replied with a nod.


 She takes a ball out of her pocket and slams it into the ground.



 A pure white smoke screen filled the surrounding area.



 I can’t see anything.



 When the smoke cleared, Natasha was gone.



“I-I missed him! I’ll chase after him! I didn’t know he was an enemy!!” (Braham)



 Braham says out loud.



“No, we’ll never catch up to him. He’s a very skilled fighter. And there is a possibility that he will attack us again, pretending to have escaped. I don’t want to reduce our strength here. I said so earlier, but if he says he’s going to run away, we have no choice but to let him go quietly.” (Femme)




 Femme said in a tone of voice that seemed to be quite irritated.


 When the smoke screen was rolled out earlier, he didn’t show any signs of chasing after her, but it seemed like he stayed close to me in case the enemy came back to kill me.



“Besides, he said it’s okay even if he doesn’t finish you off.” (Femme)


“Huh? No, she did say that, but… I wasn’t seriously injured, you know?” (Ars)



 I only got a scratch on my cheek.


 However, the moment Femme saw the wound, he had a grim expression on his face.



“That’s not good… It might be poison.” (Femme)




T/N: Death to Natasha! Death to Sights! Go and start sabotaging them. Poison the wells, rivers upstream, and lakes. Start a Civil war and let the citizens kill them. Or let Femme assassinate Borotz and his ilk. Charlotte and Musha go and raze their castle to the ground! Nyahaha!



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