Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 259: Vassals I

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 Canale Castle, office.



 Ritsu Muses was looking over some documents with a frown.



 He originally had a mild expression on his face, but his eyes are sharp and violent enough to frighten anyone who looks at them.



 There were dark circles under his eyes, and it was clear he hadn’t had much sleep, which was no surprise as he had been working nonstop for several days without sleep.



 It was unthinkable for him to rest, with Ars, the head of the family in that state.



“Sir Ritsu, Mr. Femme has arrived.” (Servant)


“Let them through.” (Ritsu)



 A servant reported, and Ritsu immediately replied.



 Femme comes rushing into the office.



“Did you find out what happened?” (Ritsu)


“Yes… It’s likely that the assassin was hired by the State of Sights. It seems that one of Borotz Heigand’s subordinates was searching for the assassin ‘Zetsu’.” (Femme)


“I see, it was Sights, as expected. It could have been another noble in Messiaen, but Sights is the most suspect.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu spoke in a calm voice, but rage was seeping out from his every word.



“But Zetsu? I’ve heard of him. He’s a skilled assassin.” (Ritsu)


“In this business, a well-known name is not proof of skill, but… the rumors about Zetsu seem to be true.” (Femme)


“So, did you find Zetsu?” (Ritsu)


“No, we searched for Sights, but no leads. My men have been looking in other places, but again, no significant clues. We just got together to discuss the search plan.” (Femme)


“What did you…? This is not the time to take our time searching! It is imperative that we capture the assassin!” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu yelled, raising his voice.


 He was not trying to catch the assassin for revenge, but to catch him as soon as possible for the sake of Ars’s treatment.


 Those who use poison are likely to have the antidote in their possession at the same time.



 This is essential because it is dangerous to not have an antidote if you are going to use poison to threaten someone. However, if the assassin mishandled the poison and used it on himself, it would be bad if he did not have the antidote, so Ritsu thought that if he caught the assassin, he could cure Ars’s poisoning.


 Even if he did not have it, he could ask what kind of poison he used.


 If we knew that, it would make it easier to make the antidote.



“I know that, but he’s also a highly skilled assassin. He won’t show his tail that easily.” (Femme)


“This is not the time to say that… otherwise, Lord Ars!!” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu shouted, his anger directed at Femme.



“…I’m sorry. I lost myself. I know it will not be easy to catch him…” (Ritsu)



 Realizing that he was taking out his anger on Femme, Ritsu quickly apologized.



“No, it’s fine… in the first place, it was my fault that Ars became like this. I don’t care how much you blame me.” (Femme)


“…No, it’s not your fault… If only he had more guards… It’s also because I relied too much on Lord Ars’s power to get talent…” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu regretted that he had made a mistake in his judgment and that Ars had been attacked.



“I don’t intend to spend too much time on the report. We will resume the search.” (Femme)


“……please.” (Ritsu)



 Femme, then left the room.



“Excuse me.” (Russell)



 Russel entered the office next, replacing Femme.



“I brought the things you need.” (Ritsu)



 There are various materials in the office.


 Russell had just come to pick up the materials he needed to create the antidote.



“Yeah. Once I’m done with my current work, I’ll go help develop an antidote.” (Ritsu)



 Although not as knowledgeable as Russell, Ritsu also has knowledge about medicine. Whenever he had free time, he would go and help out.



“No, no, it’s fine. Please rest, Teacher Ritsu!” (Russell)


“That’s not possible…” (Ritsu)


“You look horribly pale! I’m concentrating on developing an antidote, but Teacher Ritsu, in addition to your regular duties, you’ve been giving instructions to Femme and the others, searching for information on old poisons, and working without even giving time to sleep. Leave the antidote to me and rest!” (Russell)


“I can’t. I can’t rest…” (Ritsu)


“If Teacher Ritsu also falls, the Louvent family will not be able to function. I know you want to act for Ars, but…” (Russell)


“…” (Ritsu)



 To Russell, Ritsu was visibly overworking himself.


 Although he usually looked busy, he actually took appropriate breaks and wasn’t pushing himself too hard. Of course, this was a workload that would have caused an average person to collapse, but Ritsu was able to handle it without any problems.


 However, even for someone like Ritsu, the current workload was unreasonable, and Russell felt that if he continued like this, he would definitely collapse sonner or later.



“I don’t care about my body… I have to save Lord Ars…” (Ritsu)


“It doesn’t really matter. I don’t want to say this, but if Ars dies or is unable to act properly as the head of the family, it will be Teacher Ritsu who will lead the Louvent family.” (Russell)


“If Lord Ars dies, I will lead the Louvent family? That will never happen. Never.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu said with conviction.



“I’m a Marcan. No matter how much my abilities are recognized, that won’t change. I was discovered by Lord Ars, and because of Lord Ars, I can play an important role in the Louvent family. Without Lord Ars, my position would only become weaker.” (Ritsu)


“Th-that’s not true! Everyone recognizes Teacher Ritsu’s ability! Of course, even I do!” (Russell)


“No matter what you say, the majority of people in Canale will not acknowledge me. I am completely worthless without Lord Ars.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu said while laughing self-deprecatingly.


 Even though his abilities were recognized, he was looked down upon with contempt, something he had experienced many times, even after becoming a retainer of the Louvent family. Of course, not everyone was like that, but Ritsu had no confidence that he could continue working for the Louvent family without Ars.



“You’re overthinking it! That can’t be possible. Please calm down and think.” (Russell)



 Knowing how highly esteemed Ritsu was, Roselle thought that Ritsu’s words were merely spoken out of weakness.




“And also… if Lord Ars dies, I will go and kill that Borotz Heigand of Sights, who hired the assassin. After I kill him, there is a high possibility that I will not be able to return to Canale. In that sense, there’s no way I’m going to drag the Louvent family with me.” (Ritsu)


“Wh-what are you talking about? Are you planning on taking revenge?” (Russell)


“Yes. Of course, I will not attack with soldiers. I don’t have much chance of winning, and I’m not going to let my men die in vain. I’m going to sneak in and kill them. Don’t worry, I am strong, as you know. I’m sure I won’t fail.” (Ritsu)


“I’m not worried about whether you’ll succeed or not! Ars wouldn’t want you to take revenge and risk your life.”  (Russell)


“Still, that’s all I can do.” (Ritsu)


“What are you talking about…” (Russell)



 Ritsu’s eyes were completely serious.


 It seemed like he really believed that.


 Russell was unable to say anything more to Ritsu.



“Either way, I will definitely help you, so there’s no need to talk about what happens if Lord Ars dies.” (Ritsu)


“Well, that’s true though.” (Russell)


“Okay, I’ve finished writing. Now, I’ll go help create the antidote.” (Russell)



 Even while talking to Russell, Ritsu was busy writing up some documents. What an incredible multitasking ability.



 He stood up, but at that moment, Ritsu’s vision became distorted.



“…?!” (Ritsu)



 All the strength in his body vanishes.


 The distortion of his vision became worse, then it was snatched away, and he couldn’t see out of the corner of his eye.


 His legs lost strength, and Ritsu fell with a thud on the spot.



“Teacher Ritsu!!” (Russell)




 Russell’s voice echoed through the office.





“You’re overworked… If you work this hard without sleep, you’re going to collapse.” (Mike)



 That’s the diagnosis made by Doctor Mike in the infirmary.


 After Ritsu collapsed, Russell quickly called for a servant and helped take Ritsu to the medical room.



 Russel was relieved that it wasn’t a serious illness, but it was certain that Ritsu would be unable to move for a while, even if it was just from overwork.



(Wh-what would happen if Teacher Ritsu collapsed here?! Lady Lithia would be busy taking care of Ars and wouldn’t be able to work… I wonder if I should give orders instead?! But I need to make an antidote! What should I do?) (Russell)



 Russell was confused, holding his head.



 Russell usually has a negative way of thinking, but this time, even if he was an optimist, he was in such a difficult situation that he couldn’t think of anything positive.



“Well, Russell, I think you should go ahead and make an antidote. Mr. Ritsu is just overworked, so it’s not like he’s going to be out for a long time, and… even if the administration slows down for a few days or so, it won’t cause any major problems.” (Mike)


“Um… well, I suppose that’s true.” (Russell)



 With Mike’s advice, Russell calmed down a little.



(I will save Ars, and I will not let him die.) (Russell)



 Russell clenched his fists in determination.


 Like Ritsu and Lithia, who he thought were mentally strong, were all at once upset by Ars’s absence. For the sake of the Louvent family, he absolutely must not let Ars die here.


 And above all, as his friend, benefactor, and lord, he wants to help Ars, Russell thought from the bottom of his heart.



“I will definitely make an antidote. Mr. Mike, please keep an eye on Teacher Ritsu.” (Russell)


“I will.” (Mike)



 Russell left the medical room.



(I will definitely make an antidote with the power that Ars found in me!) (Russell)



 Invigorated, Russell resumed his research for an antidote.



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