Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 26: Greeting

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 Here’s the day’s schedule to entertain Lithia:

 First of all, after escorting her to the mansion, she will be greeted by all of the retainers. After that, I plan to have lunch, but this may change because Lithia came earlier than I expected. I may have to serve lunch earlier, but I may leave it as it is.


 After that, during the day, we would walk through the village, and have a “date”. It will be just the two of us, but far from our views our escorts will follow.


 After that, a respite within the mansion’s premises.


 Followed by supper at night.


 During the course of our meal, the retainers will entertain us. There will be a magic performance and some music accompaniment.


 It has been the habit of the Louvent family to have entertainment programs that can be performed for any sudden guests.


 The servants have skills in the arts and theater, and that includes the soldiers who could not only fight but also entertain guests.


 However, it’s the kind of entertainment for adults, so I don’t know if a child like Lithia will be happy. It is completely up to Ritsu to decide what to do about it. He’ll do something, I know it.


 For now, I will present her Miramis bouquets and other delightful gifts.


 I don’t know for how long she will stay, but for now it seems like she wouldn’t be staying for more than one day. And because she is an aristocrat, she’ll probably return to her territory tomorrow.


 If she wishes to stay more than two days, we will be quite busy.


 So, the first thing to do was to have her be welcomed by the whole family as soon as she enters the mansion, “Welcome, Lithia-sama,” the vassals bowed after the announcement.


 Everyone is looking more formal than usual.


 The interior of the mansion is also cleaner than usual. It is decorated with Miramis flowers and works of art that are usually stored in warehouses.


 She was greeted by all, but father cannot be seen.


 Perhaps he thought that it would be bad to go out in front of Lithia while he was ill. Well, it would be bad if she felt bad about it. So that was a wise decision.


 And for some reason, there is no Ritsu. Is there anything he’s supposed to do?



“Nice to meet you, my name is Lithia Plaid. Thank you for the warm welcome.” (Lithia)



 She bowed her head to the vassals.


 There are relatively many aristocrats who have no care for the vassals, but she is unlikely to be that type.


 After that, Lithia said, “I want to get along as quickly as possible with the people who in the future may become my vassals,” and greeted each one politely.


 The vassals here are those who live within the mansion premises or soldiers possessing high rank combat skills such as magic soldier and cavalry. Both of kind of vassal are employed directly by the Louvent family.



“As expected of Ars-sama’s betrothed, she’s a beautiful lady.” (Russell)



 Russell did not fit into either of these.


 In his case, he will be hired directly in the future, but for now he is just the third son of a hunter.


 Well, Russell has always been casual to me, but he knows how to be polite so he’s allowed here.



“Where is Ritsu?” (Ars)


“Hmm, she might feel uncomfortable when a marca greets her, so he said he wouldn’t be here and went somewhere?” (Russel)


“Ah……” (Ars)



 Does he worry about that?


 Since Ritsu has begun to play an active part on the battlefield, his reputation has increased. He was once ridiculed by other vassals at first. But the voices of discrimination have been silenced completely among the vassals due to his exemplary performance in and out of the battlefield.


 So, I don’t think there is any problem if he is here with the other vassals.

 Ritsu will have to meet her if she becomes my wife. I know that he knows that, so I think he has a plan for that.


 However, if she has problems with him being a marca… He might have withdrawn here if there’s such a possibility?


 Lithia shakes hands with each vassal and exchange small talk.


 Anyway, with a perfect smile and manners, it seems that she has made a very good impression that she’s a well-bred lady within the Louvent vassals.


 Looking at her plainly, you will only see that she is a proper lady. But after seeing her status, my mind keeps suspecting her actions and motives.


 I can’t forget her high ambition even if she has one of the highest political prowess.


 Thinking carefully, political prowess may grow because she is well-liked because of her good manners and charming personality. But her high ambition colors all her actions with suspicion of scheming.


 If that was the truth, then she would want power and wish to control the Louvent family.


 I must steel my heart.



“Um, the first impression is that she is a beautiful girl… She scares me…”



 Russell, who was observing Lithia by the side, said so.



“Why do you think so?” (Ars)


“Uh, I can’t say it well… I wonder if the smile is fake, the words are veiled… I feel like she’s working on something… A-Ars-sama… Be careful around her. She feels like someone who will have you assassinated or poisoned… But she might treat you like a puppet or slave…, no, just be careful when you are with her……” (Russell)



 Whispered to me.


 Russell has proven that he has great intuition.


 He’s just extremely pessimistic.


 I have no choice but to judge with her own eyes, what kind of person will she be. The depth of a person’s heart cannot be analyzed even by appraisal.



“Oh, it’s Charlotte-san’s turn.” (Russell)



 I think Russel’s words might have been wrong.


 Charlotte doesn’t have the proper etiquette.


 I don’t know what she’ll be doing because I don’t know what she’s thinking.


 There is also the possibility of her doing something very rude.


 I wish Ritsu was here instead of Charlotte.


 Before she shakes Charlotte’s hands,



“Oh, maybe you are Charlotte-san of the Louvent family? I’ve heard you’re a woman who uses great magic to bury many enemies on the battlefield.” (Lithia)



 She said.


 Charlotte was dressed like a magician wearing a robe, so perhaps Lithia noticed.


 Are you happy that your name is known to other aristocrats?



“I am that Charlotte” (Charlotte)



 She greeted her with a reply that’s like saying, “What is it like to meet me?”


 It is a completely rude act.


 I thought it was over, but



“So it is true! I respect you as a woman! Please shake hands with me!” (Lithia)



 Said Lithia, acting like a child meeting someone they admire and demanding a handshake.


 It was fine. I felt like there was a hole in my stomach for a moment.


 After a lot of handshaking, she still keeps her great attitude. For the time being, she doesn’t show any arrogance towards the adult vassals. It seems that she is quite polite.


 Once she finished greeting everyone,



“Why is Raven-sama not here?” (Lithia)


“My father seems to be a little ill, he’s resting and doesn’t want to be seen in such a state, I hope you understand.” (Ars)



“I see…I am worried about Raven-sama, but if he cannot then there is no helping it. Oh, I do wonder where Ritsu-san of Marca is? I want to meet him.



 Lithia seems to hold no discriminatory feelings towards Ritsu, a marca. I think it was okay for him to be around her. I should tell him about it.


 It was a little early, but we had lunch. And we are nearing the part where I am most nervous.   
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