Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 266: Meeting

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 A few days after walking around the town of Canale.



 My health was still a little worse, but the fatigue from the walk had worn off. I hope Verge can get me some poison ether soon so I can recover completely.



 It appears they sent a ceasefire letter to Sights.


 The enemy soldiers have not stopped advancing.


 Did they realize that the detoxification was fake?



 I don’t want it to turn into a war if possible.


 Even if the enemy attacked us in our current state, I believe there is a good chance we would not lose, but even if we could win, soldiers would be sacrificed, and resources would have to be used.


 We wanted to avoid war if we could.



“Ars, do you have time?” (Lithia)



 Lithia’s voice came from the other side of the door. It seemed like she had something to ask.



“It’s alright.” (Ars)



 I immediately replied, “Excuse me,” and Lithia entered.


 The visitors were not only Lithia, but also Ritsu and Russell.



“How are you feeling?” (Lithia)


“To be honest, a little worse, but a lot better than the worst time I’ve felt.” (Ars)


“I see…” (Lithia)



 Lithia looked a little worried.



“I’m sure you’ve come here for something.” (Ars)



 If she just came to check on my condition, she wouldn’t have come with Ritsu and Russell.



“Yes, I received a letter of reply from Sights. I thought it would be a good idea for you to read it to Ars as well. If you are not feeling well, you don’t have to read it, so, what would you like to do?” (Lithia)



 Lithia said and took out a rolled-up piece of parchment.


 Even though I am suffering from being poisoned, I would like to read it in person regarding Sight’s response to my quandary.



“It’s okay. Let me read it.” (Ars)



 I received a letter from Lithia.



 I unfolded the letter and read what was written on it.



“Sir Ars Louvent, 



 I read your letter and am very pleased to hear that you are in good health.


 Regarding the matter of moving our troops this time, I have heard rumors of the existence of bandits in the vicinity of the state border, and that is why I have sent them out to fight. Since they are former mercenaries, they have high combat skill, and we have mobilized a larger force to ensure that we can defeat them.


 We have no intention to invade Canale.


 However, it is only natural that these actions may appear to Canale as acts of aggression.


 It is our greatest fault that we forgot to report this to you in advance.


 We would like to come and apologize to you in person.


 If it is amicable, please forward a respond.



 From Borotz Heigand”



 He wants to apologize to me in person… or maybe this is just a pretense, and he wants to confirm whether I really have succeeded in detoxifying the poison.



 The claim that there were bandits was a lie, no matter how you look at it.


 No matter how troublesome they are, they would not move an army of nearly 10,000 men just because of bandits.


 Since they are using the extermination of the bandits as the reason, they are probably using the strategy of expressing apology of not stopping the march itself.



“As you can see, he wants to make sure Ars is safe. If we refuse to proceed, I think they will assume that Ars is not well and will attack Fort Khmer as they originally planned.” (Russell)



 Russell said.



“I see… so I think it would be better to allow it… I’d like to avoid a battle if at all possible… but I’m not sure if I’ll have the strength to go through it…” (Ars)



 My condition is certainly worsening.


 I don’t know when the meeting with Borotz Heigand will be, but I doubt it will be the day after tomorrow.


 If I can’t get up properly on the day of the meeting, it will be obvious that I lied about my health.



 It was a difficult decision, but if I refused the interview, it was certain that a war would break out.



“We can’t push you any further, Lord Ars… I’m going to prepare to repel the enemy with all my strength and we are going to repel the Sights for sure.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu seems determined to fight. Russell and Lithia don’t argue either.


 If it came down to it, they seemed prepared to fight.



 I thought about it and came to a conclusion.



“No, I think I’ll go through the meeting. I don’t know if I’ll be in good health on the day, but if it’s certain that a battle will occur if I don’t proceed, it’s better to do it at least once.” (Ars)


“Lord Ars… but…” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu seems to think the opposite.


 He had an anxious look on his face.



“I knew Ars would say that. I am inclined to stop you… but if Ars wants to proceed with the meeting, I won’t oppose it.” (Lithia)



 Lithia seems to respect my decision.



“It’s fine. It’s just a meeting. If Borotz comes to Canale Castle, it won’t take any effort for me to travel. He said he wants to apologize, so it would be strange if he didn’t come.” (Ars)



 I said this with an attitude of confidence to reassure everyone. In fact, I was very anxious, but I would have to do it.


We should do all we can to avoid a war.



“…I understand. I will reply to Sights that we would allow the meeting.” (Russell)



 Ritsu said with a determined look on his face.




 We are going to have a meeting with the state of Sights.





 The letter to Sights was delivered safely.


 I ordered someone who was skilled in handling horses to deliver it as quickly as possible, so it seems to have arrived within a few days.



 If a horse is ridden fast, the rider will also get very tired. I’ll have to give a special reward to the soldier who delivered the letter later.



 In the letter, I made it a condition of our meeting that we would meet at Canale Castle and that the march of their army should be halted.



 There is a possibility that they will not comply with the halt of the march.


 Since Sights explained that they were going to exterminate bandits, they might refuse, saying that if they stopped the extermination of bandits, innocent people would be harmed.



 A few days later, we waited for a letter from Sights to see what their response would be.



 Borotz Heigand had arrived at the Khmer Fort, so they were guiding him to Canale Castle when I received a report from Mireille.



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