Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 268: After the Meeting

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 Borotz left, and we somehow managed to finish the meeting.



“Ritsu. Was I able to act like before?” (Ars)


“That was perfect. I’m a little worried that I should have been better at suppressing my anger.” (Ritsu)


“That’s for sure.” (Ars)



 Even if it shows that Ritsu is angry, it won’t be a problem.


 I’m sure they know very well the reason why we’re angry.



“I’m a bit tired, so I’m going to the bedroom…” (Ars)


“Ah, yes. I’ll accompany you!” (Ritsu)



 I went with Ritsu as he escorted me to the bedroom.





~3rd Person Perspective~



 After concluding the meeting, Borotz returned to Fort Purled.



(It didn’t seem like the detoxification was completely successful… he looked like he was in pain at times. But it seems to be true that the symptoms were greatly alleviated. Zetsu had said that he would die in about a month, but, indeed, he’s not dead, and the symptoms are mild enough that he’s still able to talk.) (Borotz)



 As I rode my horse, I thought about the meeting I had just had.



(The fact that the detoxification was not completely successful means that his condition may worsen again… but no, Ars Louvent probably won’t die. His eyes weren’t of someone dying. It’s possible that they’ve found a way to detoxify the poison. It didn’t seem like his retainers were defeated…) (Borotz)



 Borotz realized his plan had failed.



(Well, it just makes it harder for him to use Appraisal Eye itself, so let’s call it a success for now.) (Borotz)



 In the meeting just now, he was talking about Ars’s appraisal skills under the guise of being knowledgeable about them, and that was his intention.


 By doing so, it would be difficult to find a candidate for the position because he would have to be wary of the fact that they were a secret agent from Sights.



 In reality, Borotz only heard a little bit from Zetsu and didn’t know much about it. In the end, he wasn’t even told how to fake the results of the appraisal, so it would be impossible for him to send in a spy.



(However… it is true that the Louvent family’s fighting force is extremely strong at the moment… their magic soldiers are particularly troublesome. In a field battle, it’s one thing, but in a siege, the mere presence of powerful magic soldiers makes it difficult to take Canale in one go. Their economy seems to be going well, and there are likely plenty of resources, so it will be difficult to take Canale without a solid strategy.) (Borotz)



 Canale cannot be defeated, Borotz concluded.



(I should talk to His Excellency, Governor at once. It seems that a battle with Messiaen is probably unavoidable. I need to suggest what strategy we should adopt going forward.) (Borotz)





 A few days after the meeting ended.



 Sights’ forces then quickly retreated.


 Even though we asked them to retreat, they retreated far too easily.


 Since their excuse was to fight bandits, I thought they would hold out a little longer.


 Well, if they decide to retreat, it’s better to do it sooner rather than later. It would just waste their supplies.



 Anyway, it seemed like they believed I was all alright.


 This achieved the goal of avoiding war.


 For now, I can rest easy, but…



 Now the question is whether I can truly be cured.



 As for my health… to be honest, it’s been getting a lot worse.


 It’s painful even to stand. Sometimes the pain is so bad I can’t sleep, so I feel like I’m losing a lot of energy.



 I could feel that I was approaching my limit.


 There is a limit to what I can do with my will, and if Verge doesn’t come back soon, I may really die.



 A few days passed and I somehow managed to endure it.



 Verge returns to Canale Castle.





“Then I’ll use the detoxification spell.” (Charlotte)



 I heard Charlotte’s distracted voice.



 I am now outdoors. It is getting difficult for me to even walk, so Ritsu has to carry me outside.


 Detoxification magic requires a large catalyst engine. Because of its size, it cannot be brought indoors, so it will be done outdoors.



 It is currently winter. I am wearing warm clothes, but it is still a little cold.



 My wife, Lithia, and my vassals, including Ritsu, were watching with bated breath.



 Charlotte chanted the detoxification spell and the magic took effect.



 Light pours down on my body.



 The symptoms are alleviated immediately.


 And the symptoms that had been plaguing my body completely disappeared.



“How are you feeling, Ars?” (Lithia)



 Lithia asked with a worried look on her face.



“I felt so much better all at once… It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this good.” (ARs)


“Oh, really?” (Lithia)



 My physical strength had dropped a lot, so I couldn’t walk right now, but after a little rest, I would be able to walk again.



 Cheers rise up from my vassals.



“Well, I know this may dampen the enthusiasm, but I don’t think we can say he’s completely healed until we see how he feels in the next few days.” (Russell)



 Russell calmly stated his opinion. He was certainly right.


 We knew that the poison magic would alleviate the symptoms.


 We cannot let our guard down.


 However, I sense that when I used poison magic before, I still felt some discomfort in my body, but this time I feel that the symptoms have completely disappeared.



 This time the detoxification was successful. I was sure of that.



 As Russell said, we decided to wait and see for about a week.


 A week later, my condition continued to improve, and the symptoms did not return.



 It seems that the detoxification was a complete success, just as I was sure it would be.



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