Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 27: Trouble

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 We left the mansion and walked together.

 There are escorts following us from behind but keeping themselves out of sight.


 If we have armed soldiers close-by, we may not be able to enjoy the walk. So we are guarded from the distance, but honestly, I think it’s better to be close-by and visible, for safety reasons.


 When something happens, I wonder if they can handle it from that position. Well, I’ve never been attacked in the village, so I think we will probably be fine.


 The problem is we have nothing to do in the village.


 Randolph Village is nothing but a large village.


Since there are no entertainment establishments, it is doubtful whether this date will be successful.


 I feel that it would have been easier and far more entertaining to walk slowly around the garden while looking at the flowers. However, Ritsu says, “Having the people and your betrothed see that both sides have a good relationship with the heir, will show that you are a good lord.” So we walked around the village as he suggested.


 I was wondering if Lithia will be impressed, but I thought that the other person was also a noble and had similar growing environments it would work, so I decided to go to the village.


 It seems that he wasn’t wrong, because Lithia seems like a smart and mature girl.


 It would be nice if I could make our conversations more enjoyable, but sadly it is not a skill I have.


 I was worried if our conversation would peter-out and make the walk awkward. But Lithia kept the conversation moving in a comfortable and enjoyable direction.


 We walked around the village.


 Then, we headed to the village square at the center.


 The square is a bit small but it has a market place. There are no large products sold, but small rare things can sometimes be sold here. It is the most crowded area and the liveliest place in the village. Lithia might enjoy watching the hustle and bustle of the market



“First let us head to the square in the center of the village.” (Ars)


“Yes.” (Lithia)



 After telling her our destination we walked towards the square.


 When I arrive at the square, I notice something strange.


 It’s always a lively place, but it seems that there’s a crowd of people and shouting can be heard from the crowd.



“Yer’ not getting our money!”, “Hey, keep your promise you sh*t!” If we do not handle this delicately this might end up in a brawl.



 Why is this happening on our date?


 What should I do, should I ignore this?


 However, turning a blind eye would show that I am a self-centered lord.



“What is happening?” (Lithia)



 Lithia muttered anxiously.


 It seems like she became curious, so I have to solve this quickly.


 The timing of this quarrel is so bad.


 I have told the villagers that Lithia will be coming, but I should have told them how to behave.


 The villagers probably thought that we would not even venture here.



“Maybe I should ask the villagers nearby?” (Ars)



 I asked the villagers who were watching the situation nearby for some information about the argument.



“What are they arguing about?” (Ars)


“Oh, young master? Um…I heard your wife will be coming, but… Ah, is that Beauty-sama your future wife?” (Villager)



 Lithia politely greeted the villagers.



“Well, the argument is a bit complicated.” (Villager)


“Complicated?” (Ars)



 After that, the villagers explained everything about the situation.


 So here’s the detailed explanation:


 The village is small, but there is a peddler that comes to buy furniture from the villagers.


 The craftsmen decided to make and sell a newly developed heater because it was winter. Then they asked the peddler to purchase some magic stone of fire that will be used as a material.


 A magi-ore is usually used for ether, but it has other uses.


 For example, the flame-ore generates some heat. I don’t know how, but it was discovered recently that it heats up when combined with another material. And this property is the foundation for the heater.


 We don’t have this at the mansion yet, but if it works well, we will be purchasing some.


 The price of magi-ore increased due to the on-going war, but magi-stones, low-quality magi-ore, cannot be used in making ether. Therefore, it is cheap and the peddlers can trade with it.


 However, trouble occurred here.


 The magi-stones purchased by the peddlers were sound-stones, not flame-stones.


 It seems that there was a miscommunication somewhere. So the peddler bought the sound magic stone for a sound amplifier the craftsmen allegedly were going to make and sell it to the Louvent family.


 The craftsmen say that they weren’t making sound amplifiers, and thus won’t be needing sound-stones, but fire-stones instead. But the peddler had already stocked up on the sound-stones so he plans on having the craftsmen complete the end of the bargain. However, both sides are not planning on doing what the other wants.


 The craftsmen are angry because they have made some down payment. But the peddlers are angry because they also paid money to purchase the requested amount of sounds-stones.


 To be honest, I don’t know which side had it worse.


 Either one could have made the mistake, but I don’t know who for sure.

 To prevent such troubles, a representative from the Louvent family was supposed to be a witness during the transaction, but it seems that they considered it troublesome and neglected to say because of a few issues.


 If either side loses, the losing side will bear a grudge. But currently, both sides are losing.


 I’m afraid of suddenly approaching. Me getting involved could have the argument start again or it could escalate.


 Asking both sides will give me an idea of what each side will lose and some clues regarding the argument. But talking to both won’t help me prove which side made the mistake.


 Is there any good way to end this situation well?

 I thought for a while,



“Uh, Ars, please lend me an ear. I came up with a good way to keep them from arguing escalate.”



 Lithia said so. 
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