Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 270: Meeting

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 The next day, a meeting was held.



 For the first time in a long time, I attend. My body is still in great shape. I had been sick for a long time, so just the fact that there was nothing wrong with my body made me feel extremely light.



“Congratulations on your return, Lord Ars.” (Ritsu)



 Before the meeting began, Ritsuspoke.


 He was a little teary-eyed. Or rather, he started to cry.



“That’s good, very goouuuuuuugh.” (Russell)



 Russell, next to him, was also crying.



“Everyone is too worried. I knew you wouldn’t die from the beginning. Well, we succeeded in detoxifying you because of my magic.” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte is the same as always, a little smug.


 Indeed, I could not have survived without her. Of course, I must also thank Verge for stocking me with the poison ether.



“I’m sorry for worrying everyone. I’ll be more careful from now on and make sure it doesn’t happen again.” (Ars)


“Th-that’s not right… It’s my job to stop something like this from happening! I will never put Lord Ars in danger again. I swear.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu said, feeling responsible. He has a lot of other work to do, so he can’t be distracted only by my protection, and I don’t blame him.


 I will not be able to live in this world unless I always kept in mind my self-preservation. It is not a peaceful world like Japan.



“Well then, let’s begin the meeting.” (Ars)



 I declared, and we began our first meeting in a long time.



 The agenda, as usual, consisted of minor issues related to the territory and what to do about petitions from the people.



 The vassals discuss together and come up with the correct answer.


 I was often just a listener, but I made the final decisions.



“By the way, what’s Shadow doing now? Is he still searching for that assassin, Zetsu?” (Russell)



 Russell asked Ritsu.



 Femme and his group were searching for the assassin who had poisoned me.


 By the way, the appraisal showed that her name was Natasha, but as an assassin, she said her name was Zetsu. Fam also had a different real name, and I guess there are many cases where people change their real name and their alias.


 From now on, I will call her Zetsu.



“We are still searching for her. It is a stain on the Louvent family’s honor to leave the person who tried to assassinate the head of the family unattended. Besides, it is said that she approached Lord Ars by using some method to deceive your eyes. Since there is a possibility that Sights knows the method, it will be difficult for us to use Lord Ars’ power unless we know the method as well. The quickest way is to catch Zetsu and squeeze it from her.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu explained.


 I think there is a little bit of a personal grudge involved, but he certainly has a point. It may be difficult, but if we can catch Zetsu and get him to tell us how to falsify the appraisal results, it will make it easier for us to find personnel in the future.



“Hmm, can we catch her? But it’s true that it would be better if we caught her, and we should search for her. If we send all of Shadow searching for her, they might have a chance to start sabotaging the city like before, so I think it would be better to reduce the number of people searching.” (Russell)


“That’s true. I’ll give the instructions.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu gave permission to Russell’s proposal.



 I hope we find something about Zetsu.


 The appraisal results after the disguise was revealed were also high, and there was no doubt that she was a capable person, so if there was an opportunity, I would make her my vassal… but perhaps that is a bit naive.



 After that, the meeting ended without any unusual agenda being raised.


 My physical condition had completely returned to normal, so I was able to do my work without any problems.


 It wasn’t that strenuous to begin with.



 In this way, the Louvent family managed to escape the crisis and returned to the daily routine.



 –A few days later.



 That day, as usual, I woke up in the morning, had breakfast, and was in my study writing a reply to a letter I had received from another family.



 That was when it happened.



“Lord Ars, I have something to report!” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu came into the study, flustered.



 When he was in such a hurry, it was usually a bad report. It must be so.


 Sights had attacked, or one of my vassals had done something, or they had been poisoned like me.


 Bad imaginations come to mind at once.



 However, all of those assumptions were wrong.



“Shin has reported that the airship is complete!” (Ritsu)



T/N: Good job Shin! Ars can build his Airforce! Dominate the sky and dominate the land. Blow them away! Nyahahaha!!!! (òó) 



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