Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 271: War Council

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 At a tavern in the imperial capital of Ansel Province, Somerforce Empire.



 It was a sparsely populated bar.



 The master of the tavern and two other people were sitting at the counter side by side, and there were no other customers.



 The tavern was small, to begin with, and there were no seats other than at the counter.



 One of the customers was a woman wearing a deep hood.



 The other was a masked figure.


 It was Zetsu, the assassin.



“It’s rare for you to make a mistake.” (Woman)



 The hooded woman said,



“Well, those things happen sometimes. As expected of someone with the Appraising Eye. It seems they are blessed with good retainers.” (Zetsu)


“Aren’t you being targeted by that excellent vassal?” (Woman)


“It seems so. The Somerforce Empire may be large, but… it looks like it might be a little difficult to work there.” (Zetsu)


“Be careful not to get caught.” (Woman)



 The hooded woman said with a grin, sounding more like she was hoping they be caught.



“Rak… did something happen over there?” (Zetsu)


“Hmm, nothing in particular. Work is going well. Oh, by the way, you found someone with the ability to appraise, right?” (Woman => Rak)



 The woman called Rak asked Zetsu that question.



“Yes.” (Zetsu)


“There’s a woman in Lowfile State who seems to have a keen eye for tactics. She’s only 16, but she’s incredibly skilled in battle. She’s undefeated in 100 battles, and they call her the Goddess of War. I’ve heard she’s also quite beautiful.” (Rak)


“Isn’t she just a person who is good at warfare?” (Zetsu)


“That’s possible. Although I don’t know the details about the Tactician’s Eye, I think it allows you to see something that will help you win a battle. If they can win that many battles at the age of 16, it’s highly likely that they have some special power.” (Rak)


“That’s true. If that woman possesses the Tactical Eye, then there must be someone with both the Appraisal Eye and the Tactical Eye. There may also be someone somewhere with the Precognitive Eye.” (Zetsu)



 Zetsu picked up their cup and took a drink.



“It feels like the day when the civil war in the Somerforce Empire will come to an end is gradually approaching.” (Zetsu)





 Alcantes Castle.



 Clan gathered his vassals and held a war council.



 There is a round table in the center of the room where the vassals are sitting in a row.


 The vassals’ eyes were fixed on Clan.


 They looked as if they were afraid of him.


 Clan is now the absolute authority in Messiaen.


 One bad comment could cost them their position.


 It was understandable that they were afraid.



 Among these vassals, there was one who took a resolute stance.



 It was the wise general Remus.



 Although he was on Basamark’s side, he was not executed after the war and continued to serve Clan.


 That was how highly regarded his abilities were by Clan.



“The question on the agenda… is how to deal with the Sights in the future. It is clear that they engaged in hostile acts, and we need to take action.” (Clan)



 Clan said so.



 Clan had received a report from Canale that Sights had mobilized its troops and attempted to attack, but ultimately retreated.


 Furthermore, it was also reported that there was a very high possibility that they had plotted to assassinate Ars.



“Various hostile acts. We cannot overlook them! We must attack here and make them pay for their sins!” (Vassal)



 Said one hot-blooded vassal.



“No, no, I don’t know if it’s true that Sights tried to assassinate Sir Lovent… In the end, it seems they didn’t attack…” (Vassal)



 Dissenting opinions are voiced and the discussion continues.



“What do you think Sir Remus?” (Vassal)



 Remus was asked the question and remained silent for a few seconds.


 All of the vassals were holding their breath as they listened to what Remus had to say.


 And then he opens his mouth.



“The intention of the Sights to antagonize us is clear. However, it seems that they are reluctant to attack because of Canale, perhaps because of the traumatic loss they have suffered in the past. I think we may as well leave them alone.” (Remus)



 Remus commented.



“But wasn’t His Majesty’s mind already made up even before the war council was held?” (Remus)


“…well. Certainly, Sights is weak. I don’t know if they will attack. However, trying to assassinate Ars is an unforgivable act. If I do not take action when my vassals experience an assassination attempt, I cannot call myself king.” (Clan)



 Clan’s words were filled with rage.



“I condemn Sight’s unforgivable actions! All of you, prepare for war!” (Clan)



 He said loudly.


 Perhaps moved by Clan’s words about working for the good of his vassals, the vassals seemed to be in high spirits.



 Messiaen was beginning to move in the battle against Sights.



 After the war council was over, the vassals left the round table.


 Finally, only Crane and Remus remained.



“You’re still as good at stirring the pot as before.” (Remus)


“But it seems my attempt to provoke you was a failure.” (Clan)


“I’m an old man, and I’m not very motivated by the idea of war.” (Remus)


“But despite that, it seems you lent your wisdom to Basamark in the previous battle.” (Clan)


“Even then, I wasn’t particularly motivated. I was just answering because I was asked.” (Remus)



 Remus said nonchalantly, while Clan had a slightly grim look on his face.



“I see. In that case if we go to battle this time, then I can be sure that you will teach me good tactics if I ask you.” (Clan)


“I promise you that. I am now Your Majesty Clan’s vassal.” (Remus)



 Remus nodded in response to Clan’s question.



“It seems you disagree with me on this battle.” (Clan)


“As I said before, I am old, and I don’t have the motivation to fight.” (Remus)


“Is it really just a matter of motivation?” (Clan)


“…Well, that’s about it. I’m just wondering if we can really win. If we lose the battle, there’s nothing to be gained from it.” (Remus)


“Sights is probably scared of Messiaen after their previous defeat. But thanks to Sights giving us an excuse to attack, our allies’ morale is high. We should have a good chance of winning.” (Clan)


“That’s true, but it hasn’t been long since Your Highness Clan accomplished the great task of declaring Messiaen independence. If we attack Sights right away, the other states will be wary of us, and we may get crushed.” (Remus)


“I thought that the war should be fought after more diplomatic maneuvering, but there is no doubt that Sights is dangerous to Messiaen, even by means of assassinations and the like. If we don’t strike them soon, they will only grow stronger.” (Clan)



 Clan had an angry look on his face.


 It was undeniable that he was not happy about the fact that Ars had almost been assassinated.



“Didn’t you explain to Sir Louvent that you pushed for independence for the sake of peace?” (Remus)


“That’s not a lie. I want peace. But peace will not come without war. That’s all there is to it.” (Clan)


“…War doesn’t necessarily bring peace. At the very least, I’ve lived a long life and fought a long time, but it seems I’ll never see a peaceful era.” (Remus)



 Remus looked a little sad.



“Anyway, now that I’ve said it, there’s no turning back. If there’s a war, I’ll need your cooperation.” (Clan)


“Of course, I’ll do everything I can.” (Remus)



 Their discussion ended there, and Clan and Remus left the room.



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