Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 272: Governor Sights

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 Pandora, capital of the province of Sights.



 It is the largest city in the province of Sights, and its symbol, Pandora Castle, stands in the center.



 The top floor of Pandora Castle.


 A war council was being held at the round table.


 Leading nobles in Sights were gathered in one place.


 Among them was Borotz Heigand, who had been entrusted with the attack on Canale County.



 There was only one seat left at the round table.


 It was the seat of the castle’s master, Governor of Sights.


The nobles were nervously waiting for him to appear.



 The door to the round table slowly opens.


 A slightly small man entered leisurely.



 He was in his late 40s.


 He had a dignified face. He was small in stature but had a large presence.



 He walked to his seat and sat down slowly.



“Now, let’s begin the war council. Borotz, report.” (Ashod)



 Said the Governor Ashod Lindvall.



“I will report on the current situation. The attack on Canale and the assassination of the county mayor, Ars Louvent, have ended in failure. From now on, assassinations will be watched very carefully, and it will be very difficult to succeed.” (Borotz)



 Borotz Heigand clearly reported his failure.


 He didn’t seem to be afraid. He looked prepared for whatever might be said to him.



 Ashod put his hand to his chin and thought for a few seconds, then,



“Ars Louvent, he’s difficult as expected.” (Ashod)



 He said without any change in his expression.



“Radus, what is going on in Messiaen?” (Ashod)


“It seems that each territory is actively increasing their military forces. This is probably on the orders of their Governor, Clan. Given the circumstances, Messiaen may have guessed that we are the culprits behind the attempted assassination of the Canale County mayor and may be planning to attack us.” (Radus)



 A man with long green hair spoke up after hearing Ashdod’s words. He is Radus Keysias. He is said to be the best military strategist in the province of Sights and is Ashdod’s right-hand man.



“It’s a bit optimistic to think that they’re expanding their military to check our movements. It’s probably better to think that they’ll attack us soon. Well, I knew this would happen someday when he called himself King of Messiaen, but it’s happened sooner than I thought.” (Ashod)



 Ashod remained calm as he analyzed the current state of the battle.



“Messiaen has more supplies and people than Sights, so a frontal attack would be disadvantageous. We haven’t yet been able to fully replenish the supplies and soldiers we used when we attacked Canale.” (Radus)



 Radus said.


 Messian has a lot of flat land, a warm climate, and an abundance of water, making it an ideal place for growing crops. The population is large, and the number of soldiers is proportionally large.



 The province of Sights is more mountainous than Messiaen.


 Still, compared to the northern region of the Somerforce Empire, there are fewer mountains.


 However, there was little water and a relatively large amount of wilderness, making it difficult to grow crops in much of the land.



In terms of land area, the provinces of Messiaen and Sights are almost the same, but Messiaen has a larger population.



“In the war, the offensive side is at a disadvantage and the defensive side has the advantage, but even so, I don’t know if they can defend themselves or not. If Messiaen is going to attack, then they will probably have soldiers from Canale County…” (Ashod)


“…We’ve already been beaten so badly by Canale, so if they attack, the morale of the soldiers will drop out of fear.” (Radus)



 The nobles sitting at the round table had sour looks on their faces.



“Well, it was obvious from the start that it would be disadvantageous if they attacked. That’s why I predicted this would happen and took measures.” (Ashod)



 Ashod said this with a composed look on his face.



“That matter was…” (Ashod)


“What is it, Your Excellency?” (Vassal)



 One of the nobles asked Ashod a question with a frightened look on his face.



“Success.” (Ashod)



 The moment Ashod said this, the nobles’ eyes widened.



“We, Sights, have succeeded in forming an alliance with the State of Paradise.” (Ashod)



 Ashod’s words elicited cheers.



 Paradise borders both the Sights and Messiaen.


 The area of land they controlled was small, the population was small, and their military forces were much smaller than those of Sights and Messiaen.


 However, although their army is small, they are powerful and are feared by other states.



“We’re using Paradise’s military strength for defense!” (Vassal)


“No, the opposite. We’re going on the offensive.” (Ashod)



 Ashod said, denying the nobles’ opinion.


 The nobles were surprised by his words.



“They probably think we can only attack from the Canale’s side. But it would be a different story if we formed an alliance with Paradise. If we attack Messiaen from Paradise’s side, we should be able to catch them by surprise.” (Ashod)



 Paradise also shares a border with Messiaen. If they could gather their troops there, it would be possible to invade.



“A surprise attack… if successful, we might be able to take down some of Messiaen’s forts!” (Vassal)


“If that happens, we’ll immediately have the advantage!” (Vassal)



 The nobles, hearing Ashod’s strategy, immediately began to get excited.



“Even if we fail to take Messiaen by surprise if we can get the powerful Paradise on our side, we will be able to surpass the Messiaen in terms of military strength, so the battle won’t be unfavorable. There’s no guarantee that our alliance with Paradise will last forever, so I think it makes sense to launch an offensive while that alliance is still in place.” (Radus)



 Military strategist Radus also agrees with Ashod’s opinion.


 No one raised an objection.



“Well then, the war council is over. Everyone, begin preparing for battle.” (Ashod)



T/N: The MC has plot armor and is with Messiaen. Sights and Paradise is going to get f*cked. 



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