Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 28: Solution

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 “What is that ‘good way?'” (Ars)


 Can a 10-year-old Lithia come up with a solution to this conundrum?

 Politics may be involved in arbitrating such fights. So it is not unusual for her to be far more capable than ordinary adults.


“Regarding this case, they have neglected measures to prevent troubles, and both are would worsen if left alone. So I think Ars-sama can help stop the fight between the two parties. However, it cannot be said that you will be able to stop the conflict completely. The result is that there will be a grudge if mishandled, so there is a possibility that another conflict will occur again. And perhaps distrust towards the Louvent family will bud.” (Lithia)

 This idea is the same as mine.


“This time, there is probably no convenient way for both parties to not lose money. So I think that is aiming too far. So Ars-sama should present a method to reduce the loss of both parties as much as possible, I think that a grudge will be lessened or avoided.” (Lithia)


 What will she offer as a way to reduce losses?

 I see the point. Both know their faults, but it’s probably because the damage incurred will be big.

 The peddler will lose a lot of money if they only get the down-payment, and the craftsmen are not only losing the down-payment but also be missing a big business opportunity.

 There may be other materials for the heater, and the blueprints could not have been obtained for free. It will be a huge loss if they cannot make the heater. It’s not strange for them to try to get back even just the advance payment.


“My solution is to have the peddler barter the sound-stone for a flame-stone.”

“An exchange… Speaking of which, the sound-stone is actually-sound-ore, and I feel that if you return the advance money and sell the sound-ore separately, it will not result in a lot of losses, but why not do it?” (Ars)

“Well, yeah…I don’t know, but there may be something more to it.” (Lithia)



 I think for a while more.

 Oh, right?

 The purchaser probably purchased the sound-ore at a price that was significantly higher than the market price.

 The craftsmen would have offered the purchase price intending to have them buy the flame-stone.

 And the flame-stone should be more expensive than sound-ore. I don’t know the purpose of the sound-ore, but I don’t think its price is rising. During this colder period, the flame-stone that can be used as a material for heating equipment might be more expensive.

 The prices offered by the craftsmen to buy flame-stone are mistaken for the purchase price of the sound-ore by the purchaser.

 In other words, the purchasers thought that the craftsmen were trying to buy the sound-stone at a price far exceeding the market price. So they bought sound-ore instead.

 Although it depends on the difference between the price of the flame-stone and the sound-ore, and the volume of distribution of the sound-ore, it is no wonder that the sound-ore is scraped at a higher price than the market price.

 Then, if you sell the sound-ore at the market price, you will lose a lot.


“The number of flame-stones that can be bartered and collected is likely to be less than the number initially requested by the craftsmen. So, if you raise the purchase price per kg a little and let the furniture makers buy it, the loss of the peddlers will be less.” (Lithia)

“So that’s it……” (Ars)



 It seems that the loss of furniture makers will be great, but if the price of the heating equipment is raised, the loss will also be low.

 If I bought a heater, I can promise them that I will buy it at a slightly higher price. There’s a fireplace in the mansion, but it’s good to try a new heater.


“Well, this is all you can do for now. It’s up to them to arbitrate.” (Lithia)


 The method of arbitration has been decided.

 I stopped both sides, said that they were both in the wrong as I decided, and made a suggestion to reduce their losses.

 At first, the proposal wasn’t readily accepted, but I managed to convince both sides.

 In the end, though not completely convinced, at least they succeeded in getting to calm both sides. The problems this could still make in the future is less than the other alternatives.

 The discussion took a lot of time and the sun began to set. We were on our way home as it was time to return to the mansion.

 It wasn’t a date and I have failed. It is a good thing that I learned more about her personality.

 When I saw Lithia splendidly proposed a solution, I knew she wasn’t just a normal ten years old. At the same time, I also thought that it is highly possible that all the behaviors that Lithia does were calculated.

 She has high status and can read the emotions of others, so it may be possible for her to do so.

 I’m wondering if she is a reincarnated person or something like me.


“Why is there a frown on your face, Ars-sama?” (Lithia)

“Oh, I am so sorry that the date was spoiled by me,” he said.


“No, I was very impressed by the dignity of Ars-sama.” (Lithia)

“What is dignified about me? The idea to calm them was given by Lithia, and I have done nothing in particular…” (Ars)

“Surely, I proposed, but it was Ars-sama who convinced them. Unless the arbitrator is trusted by the territory, it is not possible to convince them. I found that everyone loved you.” (Lithia)


 A child who is good at complimenting people as usual.

 But this time I received a loan from Lithia.

 There is no sign that I should return the debt now, but if I receive too many loans in the highly ambitious Lithia. She may be able to ask me for whatever she wants.

 Even if it’s impossible to repay the loan right now, I would like to know more about the true nature of Lithia. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to have her as my spouse.

 With that in mind, I return to the mansion alongside Lithia.

 With the flow of conversation on the way, I had a chance to ask about the true nature of Lithia.


“What kind of child does Ars-sama like? I would like to know more about you.” (Lithia)


 I was asked such a question.


“Yes, I like people who aren’t very secretive. I think it’s fun to be with someone you don’t have to ponder what they’re thinking. That you’re together with someone who I can talk to honestly.” (Ars)


 I don’t think I’ll have talked about this, but for the time being, I wanted to check if Lithia was upset with how I replied. It’s not a lie, and I indeed thought it would be fun to have a wife with such an honest relationship.

 Lithia replied


“I see; I will try my best to be one for you.” (Lithia)


 she answered.

 But I feel that there was some delay before she answered.

 I just don’t know if she’s upset.

 It seems that it is not so easy to know the true nature of Lithia.

 We returned to the mansion.

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