Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 3: Policy

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“Well…a perfect bull’s eye for the first time…” (Militia A)

“Oh, it’s a fluke, I’m sure it’s a fluke. Oi Millet! Try it again!” (Militia B)

Inspired by older soldiers, Millet shot another arrow.

This time, the arrow flew straight and beautifully and hit the target.

There is no fluke on the second time.

The soldiers were startled again. It seems that even Millet himself throws his mouth open in surprise.

“You should use your bow.” (Militia A)

“Yeah, you’re talented!” (Militia B)

“You are wielding a spear, but you are shit at using it.” (Militia C)

Millet was commended and insulted by his colleagues,

“Well, maybe the bow isn’t that bad. There’s no cowardice during a fight, hahaha.” (Millet)

I was so surprised that I facepalmed.

Even though he said it wasn’t a weapon used by men, his reason for the sudden change of heart is surprisingly too simple.

“But, how did you find out that Millet had a talent for bows?” (Militia A)

A soldier man asked.

The people who were there turned their eyes to me as if I wanted to know.

Can you believe that the ability appears to be quantified?

I didn’t know

“intuition” (Ars)

I answered.

The next day, I was having breakfast with my family.

In my front seat, my father in the world, Raven Louvent, is eating.

Raven is a tall man with an unreadable face and menacing eyes. Honestly, I am a little scared.

This man has a history of being a nobleman due to his courage, though he was a farmer.

The force is terrible, and it can lightly treat ten soldiers by themselves.

By the way, the status and aptitude are

Command 86/86

Bravery 94/95

Strategy 44/56

Politics 23/31

Ambition 67


Infantry A                  Cavalry S                 Archery B

Magic Soldier D        Fortification D           Weapon D

Navy D                     Air Force D               Strategy D

It looks like this.

A man with excellent leadership and courage, and a vessel as a general who leads a large number of soldiers.

On the other hand, political power is low, and probably because of that, he can do so, but he is reluctant to the lord of the minority.

After eating

“Ars. You say you figured out the talent of Millet’s bow yesterday.” (Raven)

father inquired.

“Yes, I did” (Ars)

“It seems that you have perceived everything with your intuition. Unexpectedly, that intuition may be at an outstanding level. It should be polished. The ability to discern human talent is one of the very important traits as a lord must possess.”

He is trying to give serious advice to a three-year-old child.

Well, I’ve been acting like a three-year-old child several times, but I can’t help it.

Since there I am only one child Raven has at the moment, He may be thinking about his child’s growth based on my performance.

“I will keep it in mind.” (Ars)

I replied to Raven’s advice.

A few months have passed since then.

I will be four years old.

During that time, I got to know more about my situation.

Let’s be clear. Honestly, my future is not bright at all.

Is it correct to say that my, or the future of the Somerforce Empire where I live, is not bright?

Soon, this country is likely to enter a turbulent period.

This country, which controls the entire continent of Somerforce, has no foreign enemies. External conflict with other countries is unlikely to occur because other countries need to cross the ocean for a war to start.

In other words, what will happen is a civil war.

It seems that the people who are currently in power within the Somerforce Empire’s upper echelons are very corrupt.

Because of that, farmers revolting occur in various places.

My father, Raven, is also one of the nobles trying to calm the rebellions.

Rebellions occurred one after another, and the power of the Emperor of the Somerforce Empire has dropped considerably, and it seems that the aristocrats in each region are gradually strengthening their autonomy.

Skirmishes are occurring throughout the empire, but the current Somerforce empire no longer has the power to stop it. The state of the empire is where anarchy and revolts are rampant and occurring all year round.

It feels like a turbulent world.

If this goes on, the Empire will crumble, and chaos will cover the continent. I have a feeling that a great war will take place rather than a small battle.

Currently, my future as the heir and the eldest son of a noble family is extremely troubling.

I would be forced into the battle many times, even against my will.

While leading the territory’s soldiers as their commander.

In a peaceful era, it might have been nice to live in a state of political peace, but I can’t say such a thing under the present circumstances.

In the past life, I was born and raised in peaceful Japan and never knew about war.

Will I be able to fight?

Can we survive in this difficult time? I’m extremely anxious.

I don’t want to die.

In my previous life, I died suddenly at the age of thirty-five.

There were many things I hadn’t done then.

Even in this second life, I don’t want to die prematurely. My wish is a life surrounded by my grandchildren and death due to old age.

But how can I avoid dying?

I have to think hard.

And then,

(――――ability to discern human talent is one of the very important traits as a lord must possess.)

My father’s words came to my mind.

Yeah, human resources.

Let’s strengthen the power of this territory by putting various talented people under my command.

That will reduce my chances of dying.

If this country is going into a turbulent period, the most important thing is power.

Let’s make full use of my appraisal and collect many talented people.

After making that decision, I left the mansion and went to a village where many people can be found.

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