Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 30: Illness

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The next day, after Lithia had breakfast. I gave her a gift, and then returned to Torrequista.


 When she received the gift, she was happy and showing a big smile.

 I didn’t think it was an act with such a natural smile, but since it was Lithia, I was hoping she was truly happy.


 A few days have passed since Lithia returned.

 Then a letter arrives from Lithia.


 There were reports of gratitude for the hospitality and reports that the flowers she received were growing properly.

 I wrote a reply as a courtesy and sent it to Lithia.


 Since then, letters have arrived at a much faster pace. The content is her complaining about a recent status report. I can’t help but reply, so I’m replying to all her letters, but since there isn’t much to write in the first place, I’m worried about writing letters every time.


 What Lithia’s intention of sending out such a letter? Is she testing my vocabulary and letter writing skills?

 Or is it because, of a simple reason, she thinks it’s purely fun to exchange letters?

 No, that can’t be it, right?


 It hasn’t changed in any way other than exchanging letters with Lithia. I haven’t found any special talent. Since the territory is poor, there is a limit to the number of people that can be hired. The number of vassals had increased to the limit that the Louvent family could hire.


 And one and a half years have passed without any major events.


 Until my father fell ill.





 It was March 4th, an autumn day.

 It happened when I was eleven.


 A few months prior, father stopped coughing and he looked fine. I thought the illness had been completely cured.


 So when I heard that my father fell suddenly, I was extremely surprised.


 It seems that he fell when he was training the soldiers at the training ground in the morning. He did not die but lost consciousness.


 The cause is unknown. He was immediately taken to the mansion and I called a doctor in Lamberk for treatment.


“Is my father okay? Can I help?” (Ars)


 I asked the doctor how my father was.


 In front of me is my father lying in bed.


“There are no life-threatening problems so far… It seems that he has a very high fever. Well… Raven-sama was sick a while ago … I thought it was just a long cold. Thus, I felt relieved because he seemed to be cured… This is…” (Doctor)


 The doctor murmured with a slightly dark face.


“Is father’s illness not cured?” (Ars)

“Yes, probably Raven-sama has Gray’s disease. It is a mysterious disease that has no known causes. But it is not contagious to other people. Once it happens, it seems like a cold at first. Symptoms continue, and the symptoms subside for a while, but after a while, suddenly a high fever, sudden loss of appetite, vomiting, and diarrhea, etc. Various symptoms can make you more easily get sick, and eventually, you may die.” (Doctor)


 Father has a sickness that I have never heard of.

 I have never heard of any illness with similar symptoms in my previous life. Well, I’m not familiar with most illnesses, so maybe there was a similar illness, I just don’t know it.


“Can you be cured of the disease?” (Ars)

“There is no cure for it. There is no choice but to wait for it to heal naturally, but in most cases, it seems that he will die within a year without healing. Raven is stronger than ordinary people, so it is more likely to survive than ordinary people. I think it’s not likely…” (Doctor)

(…) (Ars)


 Will my father die?


 I was very upset.


 I know the time would come, but I wonder if it’s too early.


“Anyway, it is similar to a normal cold, you may still recover if you keep resting. Raven-sama is a hard worker, but if he tries to work, he must stop and have him lie down. If you do so, he may be cured and not die.”


 The doctor went home after telling me what kind of food was good and which herbs to decoct.


 If he is properly resting, maybe it’ll be cured?


 He will surely be healed.


 My father has a stronger body than anyone else. He would not lose to an illness.


 Recently, the number of battles has unexpectedly decreased.

 It was because Governor Messiaen, who was supposed to die, miraculously revived and stopped his sons’ fight.

 By the way, it seems true that the younger brother was appointed as the successor.

 However, he nominated the younger brother to be the heir to his house. And I thought it was going to be a rough discussion.

 Apparently, after a long discussion with the vassals and himself, he decided to review his decision again.


 Anyway, thanks to that, the number of battles decreased.


 If there is no battle, my father can rest.


 I thought so, but…


 That night, I received an extremely untimely report that Governor Messiaen was assassinated.

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