Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 31: From now on

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 The next day, my father woke up.


 He woke up, but he doesn’t look very good. He is still lethargic and his fever has barely subsided. Knowing the whole truth may be too shocking, so instead of burdening him I just told him to rest.


 The person himself followed the instructions quietly.



“It might be better to not inform Raven-sama.” (Ritsu)


“Yeah…” (Ars)



 I decided to talk to Ritsu and not tell my dad that Governor Messiaen was assassinated.


 This is because if the illness might get worse with the added stress, it will not be of any help.



“So… what do you think the Louvent family should do?” (Ars)



 I asked.


 By the way, I’m always in the room where I’m studying. And now I’m meeting with Ritsu and Russell.


 Naturally, Ritsu and Russell’s strategy have reached 94, and they can give good opinions in such discussions.



“Well, I think the fight will happen.” (Ritsu)


“It’s inevitable now” (Russell)


“Because the governor died before the successor has been officially decided? There will be no decision unless they fight.” (Ritsu)


“Do you think similarly to Ritsu?” (Ars)


“Yes, war will surely happen.” (Russell)



 After all, there is no doubt that the governor has died at this point, a battle will happen no matter what.



“When will the dispute occur? The cause of death may be an assassination, and there is no chance that they will not initiate a fight, claiming that the other is behind the assassination.” (Ritsu)


“I see… but who sent the assassin this time?” (Ars)


“It seems that the one who killed the governor was captured, but it seems that he used a poison capsule before the information was extracted, and it remains a mystery who is behind the assassination.” (Ritsu)


“Is either of the brothers the culprit?” (Ars)


“I don’t know. At the moment, there is no official successor, so I don’t think it would make sense to send an assassin. There is no one besides the governor who could decide the successor. It is possible that it is someone he confided with. The assassin could also be sent by another state because it was a sure move to spread chaos on Messiaen if the governor died before a successor has been chosen. It may be someone else because it’s quite difficult to send an assassin from the outside and be a success.” (Ritsu)



 Is there a possibility of an outside force plotting against Messiaen?


 Either way, it’s hard to know the truth when the assassin is now dead.



“I don’t know how to find the criminal, and I can’t do anything about it even when we get the bigger picture, so let’s focus on more important issues. The problem is what to do once an all-out battle occurs. Raven-sama is not capable to march towards the battle for a long while.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu and Russell talk about father’s diagnosis.



“Can’t Ritsu lead the troops?” (Ars)


“And it’s ridiculous, that’s true. I have been accepted by the people of the Louvent family more than before, but it is impossible to lead every soldier. Ars-sama has no choice but to go. They are fighting due to loyalty towards the Louvent family, so without Rave-sama or Ars-sama, soldiers will lose their morale.” (Ritsu)



 Morale, or… after all, my father can’t enter the battlefield, so I have no choice but to go.


 I wonder if I can do it properly, but my father will die if I cannot do it. There is no choice but to do it.



“Well, I think you’ll probably get an invitation for a strategy meeting from the Mayor of Canale before the fight. There will be a meeting within the Canale County as a whole to decide what plan to go with.” (Ritsu)


“… And I don’t want my father to appear in Battle.” (Ars)


“Yes, it’s just talking, but moving alone worsens his condition. He shouldn’t be out.” (Ritsu)


“Well, I’m going to have to be the representative at the meeting… I wonder if I can go and do it properly… Somehow suddenly there were a lot of problems… I wasn’t so busy yesterday.” (Ars)



 I hold my head involuntarily.



“You can do it” (Russell)


“Russell…I’m afraid it’s nothing we have dealt before…” (Ars)


“Um, Ars. I’ll do my best to assist you. Don’t think Russell is like other people, he will help Ars properly.” (Ritsu)



 Russell nodded.



“I shouldn’t tell my father anything about the death of the governor for as long as I can.” (Ars)


“Well… if he found out the governor is dead; he might get sick from stress. If he is completely resting, as the doctor told you, the information won’t come out. If he does find out, he will be pretty angry.” (Russell)


“He is something else when he’s angry.”



 My father is certainly scary when he gets angry, but he can’t know anything about this situation.



“First of all, it may take some time before the call from the Mayor of Canale takes place. Until then, I have to study war and practice swordsmanship.” (Ars)


“Yes, leave it to me to teach.” (Ritsu)



 For a while, I worked harder to study and practice than usual.


 And March 15th.


 I received a letter from the Mayor of Canale telling me to urgently come to Canale Castle.

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