Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 32: Canale Castle

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 After the letter arrived, I headed to the town of Canale.

 The ones to accompany are Ritsu, Charlotte, and other senior vassals.


 Ars is worried about whether Charlotte should be brought along, but it seems that she is feared by other family members because of her elusive character on the battlefield and her elusive character overall. By showing others that she is obedient, she is more likely to be recognized by another family, so he decided to take her.


 By the way, I didn’t send a reply letter, so they don’t know that I will be the one to come over there.


 Since it was written in the letter that the people from the county should gather as soon as possible. After receiving it, I immediately went to Canale. As a result, there was no time to reply.


 Arriving in the town of Canale, entering the area surrounding the castle.


 We proceeded through it and arrived at the castle.


 There, the gatekeeper stops us.



“Beyond this is Canale Castle. This is where the mayor lives. You cannot pass without permission.” (Gatekeeper)



 I haven’t received a permit.

 What does this mean?



“Raven-sama has a known face, so he could pass it as it is, but Ars-sama is different…” (Ritsu)


“What? Can’t you pass?” (Charlotte)


“No, Charlotte is well-known, and I’m known for some reason, but it seems that the person in charge of the gate doesn’t know of us. I think” (Ritsu)



 I am all for Ritsu’s advice,



“I’m Ars Louvent, the eldest of the Louvent family. Because my father Raven Louvent can’t come for some reason, his heir came here in response to the convocation invitation from Lemail Piles-sama. If you are in doubt, once in the castle relay what I’m talking about and bring someone to check. They know my retainers, even if they don’t know me.” (Ars)



 I said so.


 The gatekeeper listened to my words and looks a little embarrassed. It seems that he is confused about the correspondence. He might not know what to do because he looks young in appearance.


 Then an older soldier came.


 The gatekeeper tells the soldier about the situation, and the elderly soldier confirms it.


 At that moment, around your eyes,



“Oh, that’s it! The Azure Death god of Lamberk!!” (Senior Gatekeeper)



 He yelled so.

 Looks like he’s saying it while looking at Charlotte.



“I want you to stop calling me that because it’s not cute.” (Charlotte)



 Charlotte murmured with an unpleasant look.

 Were there people annoyed by their titles? I heard it for the first time.



“Then, the Marca there is the Vicious Demon of Lamberk!” (Senior Gatekeeper)



 This time when he looked at Ritsu, he asked him.



“Were you vicious?” (Ars)


“…No… I remember being vicious… Well, I’m killing people but it’s on a battlefield.” (Ritsu)



 Ritsu is also dissatisfied.


 After that, he seemed to know that I, who is master to the two, was the eldest son of the Louvent family, and he guided me to the entrance of the castle.


 Canale Castle is an old castle, not a huge one but a smaller one. It was a castle that had nothing to do with the gorgeous white fairy tale castles that one might imagine when thinking of a castle.


 A middle-aged man stood in front of the entrance to the castle entrance. Wearing a visible uniform. Is he a retainer of the Pails family? His position seems quite high. A soldier guiding us went to talk to the man, before saying “please wait a moment”.


 After talking, the middle-aged man rushed to us,



“Is it true that Raven-sama got sick!?” (Oji-san)


 He asked.



“Yes, but who are you?” (Ars)


“Oh, excuse me. Nice to meet you, Ars Louvent-sama, I am Menace Leonard, one of the Pails family vassals.” (Menace)



 What does he want?

 I will appraise him.


 Menace Leonard – 40 years old – ♂



 Command 71/71

 Bravery 70/70

 Strategy 75/77

 Politics 78/78

 Ambition 25



 Infantry B               Cavalry B                Archer A

 Magic Soldier C    Fortification B         Weapon D

 Navy D                Air Force D             Strategy B


 He has mostly average abilities. There are no outstanding points, but they are all excellent values.


 As for aptitude, it seems that the battle system is generally at B-rank.



“You might have already heard; I am Ars Louvent. I am to represent my father. The people behind me are my vassals. I’m alone, so I am accompanied by them.”


“Oh, I’ve seen them. I’ve also fought together with your vassals on the battlefield.” (Menace)



 Ritsu nodded, saying “yes”, but Charlotte seems to have been forgetful and tilts her head sideways.


 Since Menace has a plain face, it may be possible that he cannot be remembered. There is no doubt that it is rude though.


 Menace didn’t seem to care about Charlotte’s attitude and started talking.



“What made Raven-sama sick… what kind of illness?” (Menace)


“The doctor told me that he had Gray disease…” (Ars)


“Gu, Gray!? So, what he is in a state where he can’t fight?” (Menace)



 Menace was astonished whether he knew about the disease.



“Yes, the doctor told me he should be resting.” (Ars)


“What… at this time… this is very painful… Lemail-sama will be troubled…” (Menace)



 Menace looks very disappointed.



“And, anyway, I will guide you to Lemail-sama. Since other lords have not come yet, we will talk to Lemail-sama as soon as everyone gathers, but first, we will meet his excellency.” (Menace)


“I understand” (Ars)


 We were guided to the location of Mayor Lemail.

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