Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 33: The Meeting with the Mayor

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 As I followed Menace, I was guided in front of a grandly decorated door.


“May you please wait for a little here?” (Menace)


 He asked and I nod.

 Upon confirming my reply, Menace entered the door.

 After a few seconds,


“What!? Is that the truth!?” (Voice)


 I heard a cry.

 After that, Menace came out in a hurry,


“Everyone, please come in.” (Menace)


 My retainers and I passed through the door.

 Then a bearded man ran up to me.


“Are you Ars! Is it true that Raven fell ill?!” (Bearded man)

“Uh, uh, it’s true.” (Ars)


 The bearded man ran towards me so quickly I got a bit pushed back as he grabbed me.


“Ah, I’m sorry. I’m Lemail Pails, the owner of this castle and the mayor of Canale County. Ars, you may not remember but we met when you were young, do you have any recollection? You sure have grown a lot.” (Lemail)

“Yes, I remember.” (Ars)


 It’s a long time ago, so it’s not easy to remember, but he certainly familiar. I remember seeing him and remembering him being a little younger then.

 I should have appraised him, but I don’t remember just my impression of his skill board. I thought it was quite good back then.


 I appraised Lemail-san.



 Lemail Pails – 44 years old – ♂



 Command 67/68

 Bravery 86/86

 Strategy 56/56

 Politics 72/73

 Ambition 31



 Infantry B              Cavalry C                 Archery C

 Magic Soldier D    Fortification D           Weapon D

 Navy D                 Air Force B               Strategy D



 He has high bravery and has good status values and aptitudes. I don’t know my conjecture is reliable but I think he can be a mayor.


“You are certain that the disease that your father suffered was Gray’s disease… I’ve lost my sister to Gray’s disease, so I’m well aware of the horror of that disease. Raven will have to stay well-rested then…” (Lemail)


 Was my family not one of the very few sufferings from Gray’s disease?

 The doctor said it was a rare illness, so there was a slight discomfort in what Menace knew, but that would be strange.


“You might only be ten years old but you came here and became his proxy. It is a good decision. The Louvent family seems to have a good successor.”

 Lemail-san said, smiling at me.


“Wait a moment, because the other lords haven’t arrived yet. Menace, guide Ars to the parlor.”

“Of course.” (Menace)


 After answering Menace, he said “please follow me,” and led us to a room to wait.

 It was a rather large room with sofas, chairs, beds, etc., so that guests could relax.


“Is the mayor’s choice sure on whether and which of the brothers he will side in this battle?”

“That’s right. Probably Lemail-sama’s decision has been considered and is sure about it. This convocation is to convey it to us.” (Ritsu)


 Perhaps he will explain why he chose one of the heirs over the other.

 He may ask for my opinion, but I can’t just say anything. I don’t know whether the information I have now would help with this meeting.

 After a while, Menace appeared in the room,


“Since other lords have come, Lemail-sama will talk. Please follow me.” (Menace)


 Menace spoke.


“I understand” (Ars)

 We follow Menace.

 I was guided to the hall of the castle.

 There is a round table in the middle. Two men are already sitting at the round table. Probably the lords of Canale County other than my father. Around the round table, people who seemed to be retainers of the lords stood behind them.

 Canale consists of four territories: Lamberk, Torrequista, Khmer, and Canale.

 The size of the territory and the number of territories are as follows: Canale > Torrequista> Khmer> Lamberk.

 Canale, which is directly governed by the mayor, is the largest and has the largest number of people. Other than that, Lamberk is the smallest, but there is no big difference.


“Nice to meet you, I’m Ars Louvent. I’m here on behalf of Lord Lamberk and my father Raven Louvent.” (Ars)


 I greeted the other two lords.


“Nice to meet you, I’m Hammond Plaid, the lord of Torrequista. It looks like my daughter was taken by you. I was happy.” (Hammond)


 First, the blond man said so.

 He is Lithia’s father. I feel that their looks are a bit similar.


“If she is happy with the hospitality, I would be happy too.” (Ars)

“But Raven has caught a cold? He is the kind of man who doesn’t die even if he is murdered. Well, he’ll breeze through his cold, so I’m not worried.” (Hammond)

 Hammond-san doesn’t seem to worry about my father. It seems that he doesn’t think he will die of illness, probably because he is close to father and knows him well.


“It is also my first time here. Khmer’s Lord Karl Orslow. If Raven couldn’t come, it would hurt the meeting.” (Karl)


 The man approaching the older lord said so.

 I have to know these two lords properly. At that time, when I decided to try the appraisal.

 Lemail-san appeared.

 The lords stand up from their seats and bow their heads towards Lemail-san. I also copied their action.


“Raise your heads” (Lemail)


 That being said, I raise my head.

 And after Lemail-san sat down, the lords, including myself, sat down.


“I gathered all of you here because I have something to announce and we have a lot to discuss. The Governor has been assassinated and the war will happen soon, I will either follow Clan-sama or Basamark-sama, now I will inform you of my decision.” (Lemail)


 The story was as expected.

 As expected, Lemail-san said he would join Clan-sama.

 As I decided in advance, I agreed without raising any objection. The other lords had nothing to oppose.


“Now, there is nothing else to discuss. Prepare yourselves for the coming battle.” (Lemail)


 Was it just for this?

 I think it was necessary to have a convocation between the Lords, and it was probably important that he gets direct consent.

 We replied to Lemail-san, and today’s meeting is adjourned.

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