Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 35: Emergency

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 For a few weeks, I had performed many mock battles and selected soldiers that seemed to be good candidates for spies.

 To be honest, the mock battle was bad.

 I’ve studied war to some extent, but it is enough to lead soldiers.

 In my case, there are barriers to overcome to lead soldiers well. One is to prevail from the horrors of battle.

 Even though it was a simulated battle, when I saw the soldiers are charging to fight, I was frightened.

 At that moment, I can’t calmly send instructions to the soldiers.

 If I am frightened in a mock battle, I am sure to do it during an actual battle.

 And during the selection for spies, it was difficult because my appraisal was not that useful for this.

 There is no “information gathering” aptitude, and I don’t know which of the abilities in the status is better.

 I feel that I am good at those who have a high level of bravery and strategy, so I chose those with the highest values of both statuses.

 Since it is impossible to choose and deploy them immediately, they are training with Ritsu now. He used to be a spy in his mercenary days, so he seems to have some knowledge of it.


 And April 5th.


“Okay, we’ll be ready to resume the activities.” (Raven)

“Please stay still!” (Ars)

“Muuu” (Raven)


 My father’s condition has recovered considerably.

 Even so, if he doesn’t keep resting, he might have a recurrence, so I’m telling him to rest, but he’s not the type that will listen easily, so it seems like I have to make him somehow.

 I’ve managed to stop him for now, but I’m worried that the limit of his patience will come.

 After sending my father quietly in his room, I return to my room.

 I had a mock fight yesterday and my body is quite tired. I decided to take a break today, so I’ll take a break in my bed slowly.

 On the way back to the room.


“Ars-sama!” (Ritsu)


 Ritsu called out in a hurry.


“What? Today is the day I decided to take a break.” (Ars)

“I know, but I have some information you need to hear right away.” (Ritsu)

“What is it?” (Ars)

“It seems that the State of Sight is sending troops towards the Canale territory.” (Ritsu)

“What?” (Ars)


 I am upset.

 Sights is the state west of Messiaen. The Canale territory is on the border with the province of Sights.

 I was focused on the conflict between the governor’s heirs and forgot about the foreign enemies.

 Now that the governor has died and there is no sense of unity in the state, it would be a great opportunity to invade Messiaen.


“It seems that the enemy is invading from the Khmer territory. It will arrive four days later. I received a letter from the Mayor of Canale to rush as soon as possible.” (Ritsu)


 Khmer is a territory just beside the state border, and the territory of Lamberk, where I live, is located farthest from the province of Sights in Canale County.

 However, if other provinces are invaded, Lamberk will eventually be invaded. Even if we weren’t ordered, we had to go out.

 Even though my father has recovered a lot of his physical strength, it would be bad for him to enter the battle.

 In other words, the day has come for my first battle. I was frightened even in the mock battle, and I had to start my first campaign.

 With that in mind, my tension increased, and my heart rate began to increase rapidly.

 I tried not to change my facial expression so that Ritsu could not see how stressed I am.


“Okay. Let’s go. I will lead the troops.” (Ars)

“……Yes” (Ritsu)


 Ritsu had a little pause before his reply.

 I think I’m lacking in power now, but I can’t retreat in this situation. I think I’m under such a chaotic state of mind.

 After that, I head to the training grounds to prepare the troops.

 On the way, I heard from Ritsu about the enemy’s strength, but it seems that there was no specific number in the letter. There was a small chance that a large army waiting there. Since the provinces of Sights are not completely in cooperation. We expect that the other counties will not be there.

 If a large army came, we wouldn’t be able to win, so they would call for reinforcements. I don’t know who will come.

 Arriving at the military training ground.

 I told them that there was going to be a battle, and commanded them to start preparing.

 Even the soldiers who weren’t in the training ground will be called in and have them all gather.

 Charlotte was half asleep on her days off, maybe she had been sleeping before.

 When everyone was fully assembled, I stood before the soldiers. It’s better to say something to raise morale before we go out.

 When I stood in front of the soldiers, I felt that I was going to my first campaign, which made me more nervous.

 I took a deep breath once to reduce my tension.

 And I started talking to the soldiers out loud.


“I’m going to a battle to protect Canale County! I…” (Ars)

“Wait!!” (Voice)


 While I was giving my speech, my words were interrupted by a loud voice.

 It’s my father’s voice.

 I was surprised and turned my eyes to the one who said it.

 My father approached me with an incredible amount of intimidation,


“Ars, it is too early for you” (Raven)

 He said so.

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