Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 38: Final Moments

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 When I was told that father wanted to talk to me alone, I went straight to the room where he is currently resting.

 Opening the door gently, I went inside.

 There is no one else in the room, only my father sleeping in bed and me alone.


“Father, you called for me?” (Ars)

“Ars, come closer.” (Raven)


 Father said so in a familiar tone. [1]

 Recently, he hasn’t been able to speak properly, so I feel like I have heard his voice for the first time in a long time.

 His skin is still pale, but today’s father had vitality in his eyes. Until yesterday, even though he was conscious, he had dull eyes, but today father had a strong gaze that kept me scared of him like before.  [2]


“It’s a little hot today. What day is it now?” (Raven)

“November 2nd. If it’s hot, why not open the fanning tool?” (Ars)

“I don’t need that. It’s already summer. I thought it was spring until a while ago, but it seems like I slept through the season.” (Raven)

“Yes, it had been quite hard while father was sleeping. I’ll get in trouble if you don’t get better soon.” (Ars)

“I know. But the degree of my illness can’t just vanish tomorrow.” (Raven)


 As my father said so and the room was silent for a few seconds.


“Ars, there are many things we haven’t yet talked about.” (Raven)


 Looking at my eyes, my father continued.


“I would love to hear anything that father wishes to talk about.” (Ars)

“Why don’t we talk about something different. Like who I was before now.” (Raven)


 He said and reminisced while looking at the ceiling.


“I was born in a different place, far from Randolph. It’s a rural village in a corner of Messiaen. The lord of the land was a tax-hungry villain, and people were constantly living poor lives. When I was about ten years old, I ran away from home, left the village, and went to the next town. It was on the day that Governor Messiaen was visiting the town. The lord had invited the governor to a party or something. I don’t remember the event in detail because it’s an old story. Though, it is a hazy memory I remember what had happened like it was yesterday.” (Raven)

“What happened?” (Ars)

“It looks like the governor is going through the streets around town, accompanied by soldiers wearing luxurious armor, while straddling a large white horse. At that time, I was shocked by the sight. I was impressed by the magnificence and grandeur of the Governor because it was an image of a sovereign lord who ruled.” (Raven)

 Father tells me a story from his long lost childh


 I know that father used to be a farmer in the past, but the first thing I could ask was what kind of life he had lived.


“After seeing that, I practiced the sword by myself. I became a soldier after fighting in a deadly battle. We succeeded and I was taken in by Lemail and he appointed me as a lord.” (Raven)

“Does father still want to be governor?” (Ars)

“Wow…I lost that ambition when I was married and then you were born. I’m a poor lord, but I think I was more satisfied with this paradise-like life, more than what I dreamt to be.” (Raven)

 After finishing saying that, my father started coughing, “Gohogohoho!”

“Are you okay!?” (Ars)

“Go-hhh! Gohh-hhh…hmm… i seem to have talked a little too much.” (Raven)


 Father holds his breath.


“………Ars, I want to rest.” (Raven)

“…” (Ars)

“The people in Lamberk are my life’s treasures. I wish to protect my vassals, my lords, my wife, Ren, and Claus. I hoped for you to still be a child. I didn’t want you to do this alone, but it just can’t be helped. Ars, even if you don’t have the power to measure someone’s talent. You should be able to lead the Louvent family on the right path.” (Raven)

“Father……” (Ars)

“And maybe you’re feeling responsible for my state but it’s not yours. This is the path I decided for myself. You are my and the family’s pride and the lord of the Louvent family. Do you understand?” (Raven)


 I was having trouble answering. I thought that if I answered him, I would accept the reality that father would die.


“Ars don’t be silent. Please reassure me and let me die in peace.” (Raven)

“………………Yes” (Ars)


 After an eternity of denial, I nodded.


“Okay, then… it is good that I asked…” (Raven)


 Upon hearing my reply, father closed his eyes and fell asleep with a peaceful face.

 Then, without ever waking up again. After three days, father took his final breath.






“From today on, I, Ars Louvent, will succeed my father, your lord, Raven, and become the new lord of the Louvent family!” (Ars)


 Then, as father told me, I proudly made a declaration in front of my vassals that I would succeed the Louvent family.

 This is the Louvent family that my father created for me.

 It is difficult for the young and small Louvent family to survive this turbulent period.

 But I have to be strong.

 I decided to use my power, to strengthen the Louvent family, and to protect the things my father worked hard to achieve.

 But a few days later, information came in that Governor Messiaen’s son, Clan Salemakia-sama, had raised his army.

 From that day on, the days of the struggle of the Lord of the Louvent family began.



Edited by: SparklerMan 

Editor here!

[1]: Original translation was “Father said so in a solid tone”, i changed solid to familiar, i think it suits Ars better.

[2]: So the original translation of that little paragraph was:

“His skin is still thin, but today’s father had vitality in his eyes. Until yesterday, even though he was conscious, he had dull fish eyes, but today’s father still had the strong gaze that kept me scared of him before.“

So i changed it a bit, the skin thing didn’t make sense so i guessed an approximate meaning and yeah. And just changed some grammar to make it more fluid.

 Anyway thanks for reading this chapter of reincarnated as an aristocrat 😀

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