Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 4: Excellent Human Resources

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About 80% of the territory’s population lives in the Lamberk village, within the Lamberk territory governed by the Louvent family.

The village of Lamberk is located near the mansion where the Louvent family lives. It’s about a five-minute walk.

When I decided to go to the village alone.

I noticed the area is relatively safe, so it is not particularly dangerous for a child like me to walk around alone.

Still, it can be argued that you shouldn’t leave children like me alone. However, I went to the village without any escort, it would be suspicious If I have guards following, thus hampering my scouting for qualified retainers.

I was walking around the village while donning a hood to hide my face. So that nobody would recognize me.

Well, it took longer than usual, around eight minutes of walking to reach the village. I do have a 4-year-old child’s body so It probably didn’t help.

I noticed that Lamberk village is just a normal farming village.

The people of the village live on agriculture, livestock, and hunting.

The villagers’ health seems to be good overall, probably because the atmosphere of the village is peaceful and the food situation is not bad.

Even though it is just a small village, the total population is around 800 people, so it is quite difficult to appraise all of them.

Do I just look at the youth of the village for the time being?

I immediately appraised a young man who was doing heavy labor near me.

Too bad for his status board, these are not very good numbers.

I mean, this person must have come to the training ground constantly.

If I think about it, the young man should be properly trained in the training grounds to be able to move like a soldier during an emergency.

How many of the young men can I use Appraisal today?

Should I try Appraising women then?

There’s a popular belief here that women are unfit for battle, and they cannot hold a position of power. This belief reminds me of Japan during the Taisho period and the preceding periods.

I don’t see many women who are capable in battle.

Since their wisdom, leadership, and political power status are not much different from those of men, the women from the village can’t be considered candidates.

I try to Appraise more women.

However, none of them have good aptitudes.

I also search for potential retainers among children, but none have shown potential.

I might be disillusioned by my skill?

Just because I can Appraise people, it doesn’t mean that I can easily find capable people with the potential in being my future retainers.

I kept Appraising a lot of village people and I start feeling the fatigue buildup as my eyes got tired.

Using Appraisal continuously is quite taxing on my eyes.

Maybe I should stop today?

While I was pondering this and getting ready for my walk towards home, I heard something.

“Get out o’ here! We’re not sellin’ anything!” (Shop owner)

I could hear yelling from afar from where I stood.

Anxiety fills my heart because of the constant yelling. Who could be the target of abusive words? As I followed the yelling I found a young man kneeling on the street in front of the store, probably after being harshly kicked out.

His complexion is quite tanned. He doesn’t look like one of the villagers.

If the people from this continent resembles the Caucasians from my previous world, this person looks like an Asian or Southeast Asian, Like a tanned Japanese.

Certainly that race…

“A Marca here?” (Villager A)

“So dirty, why is a Marca here?” (Villager B)

“He must have wandered here” (Villager C)

I silently eavesdrop on villagers’ conversation.

A Marca is a race from the continent of Somerforce. They live on the continent beyond the seas of Somerforce.

Their racial characteristics are similar to this young man.

Although they are now a race within the Somerforce Empire, they are rarely seen.

Since Somerforce’s Marca are descendants of slaves brought to our empire many years ago they are constantly under discrimination.

To be honest, I don’t feel good about seeing this kind of discrimination, but involving myself without thinking can damage my reputation.

Well since he’ a villager, let’s use Appraisal on him.

I appraised the young man without expecting anything.

Ritsu Muses – 14 years old – ♂

  •  Status

Command 87/99

Bravery 70/90

Strategy 88/99

Politics 78/100

Ambition 21


Infantry A                 Cavalry S              Archery A

Magic Soldier C       Fortification S       Weapon A

Navy D                      Air Force C            Strategy S

Seeing the result of the Appraisal, I doubted what my eyes are seeing.

“Nobunaga!” (Ars)

An overwhelming status that is truly beyond compare. His ability was comparable to that of Oda Nobunaga, one of the most famous Japanese people in Japan (well from my favorite historical game).

He is still quite young and he is nowhere near his full potential, but in the future, he will be remarkable

This abandoned stray cat-like youth has the potential to be like Nobunaga.

The world might never see his full potential then.

His name is Ritsu Muses?

I have never been able to let such a person wander like a stray cat.

I have to make him my subordinate.

His race might become a hindrance, but it doesn’t matter given the benefits he could bring me as one of my retainers.

I quickly ran up to him. He is going to be my subordinate.

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