Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 40: War Council

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Upon arriving at Canale Castle. Since it was the second time, I could pass easily without being stopped by soldiers like the first time.


“Ars-kun came… I’m sorry about Raven… I’ve lost an irreplaceable man…” (Lemail)


 County Mayor Lemail said with a painful look.


“We don’t have the time to mourn the death of Raven now. I will have to start the war council as soon as the other lords gather.” (Lemail)

“I understand.” (Ars) [1]


 Then, after waiting for a while, other lords also arrived at the castle. Sitting on the round table as before.


“First of all, before the start of the meeting. The other day, Lamberk lord Raven Louvent fell ill and passed away. He was one of the most talented men on the battlefield…” (Lemail)


 The other two lords aren’t surprised because they already know about his father’s death, but they still felt anguish upon hearing the news.


“We have no time to mourn the death of Raven. Keep fighting for the future of Canale would be the kind of mourning Raven would want.” (Lemail)


 Lemail said with a powerful voice. After that, he urged me to stand up.


“You know, Ars has succeeded Raven and becomes the Lord of the Louvent family. Still, even as a child, he showed the mentality and grace rivaling an adult. He will surely fulfill his role as a lord.” (Lemail)


 Lemail-sama introduced me again.

 I think I should say something here.


“I’m Ars, the new lord. I’m still a child but I will strive and show you my capabilities.” (Ars)


 It’s a too ordinary greeting, but it’s probably better than a grandiose greeting that doesn’t sound like me.

 Those who were listening to my speech started applauding. After a few minutes, I was seated again.


“Then starting the war council. If anyone has an opinion, raise your hand and say anything. Don’t be afraid to say anything that is off the plan, I won’t be angry or be doling punishment.” (Lemail)


 Lemail-sama said so.

 It seems that he is willing to listen to the opinions of not only the lords but also the vassals.

 I glance slightly and meet Ritsu’s gaze.

 Ritsu nodded lightly when he met mine. It would be a signal to say something.

 Russell was hiding behind Ritsu.

 Russell seems to be intimidated. This means he is unlikely to voice out his opinion.


“First, let’s explain the current situation in detail. Menace you shall proceed.” (Lemail)

“Understood sir.” (Menace)


 Lemail-sama left his vassal Menace Leonard to explain.


“First of all, there are various discrete interactions between Clan-sama and our family. The reason Clan-sama raised the soldiers this time is that we see a chance of winning. The four counties including Masa plus the five southern counties have formed an alliance of nine counties strong. Also, Clan-sama has a contract with the Metro mercenary group that is known as the strongest within Lowfile State and has sufficient strength, so it seems we are certain to win.”


 Of course, we are also putting quite a lot of effort. Clan-sama seems to have some ability.

 However, it is an exaggeration to say that winning is certain.

 There’s no certainty in the battle, but Clan-sama won’t just lay down and accept it.


“The only county in the west is Perena County, which doesn’t respond to the letter. Perena County would be surrounded by enemies if it doesn’t join Clan-sama because of its location. It seems that he will not change his stance even with Basamark-sama.”


 Perena County is the county next to Canale and has been a constant skirmish spot these days.

 If that happens, it will be difficult to fight, so how will they act in this battle?


“It may be difficult to form an alliance, but since it’s still better than just fighting, we should try it first. I’d like to ask everyone about the idea for this alliance.”


 Do we have a plan? I didn’t expect it.

 But I don’t know if you ask me how to strategize. After all, there is no information about Perena County.

 Suddenly, when I saw Ritsu, he raised his hands.


“Do you have an idea? Then speak.” (Lemail)


 Lemail-sama said so.

 When I saw Ritsu, a Marcan, most looked down on him, but I couldn’t see anything like that in Lemail-sama. He is probably the type of person who does not discriminate.


“Strategizing would be difficult without the information related to the other side, so first of all we should investigate why Perena’s mayor did not side with Clan-sama in this situation.”

“It’s a good idea. But what action do you think we should take?” (Lemail)


 Perhaps we should suggest using mercenary Shadow? We haven’t decided yet on hiring them, so the risk is high, but if we succeed, Ritsu’s evaluation will rise.

 I was wondering if Ritsu would make the proposal,

“Yes… I‘ll have to think of some good way…” (Ritsu)


 He mumbled and looked at me.

 Maybe you’re telling me to suggest it?

 It may be a Ritsu kind of concern for raising Lemail’s evaluation of me, but it is a little embarrassing to do it.

 Well, should I do it anyway?


“What about hiring a mercenary company to gather information? We have the right mercenary company for this mission.” (Ars)

“Mercenary…I have some vassals in my vassal who are also in charge of collecting information, but unfortunately, I can’t say that they are the best. Is the mercenary company you’re thinking of good?” (Lemail)


 While looking at Ritsu, he nodded. If Ritsu says he has a way, at least it won’t be a dud. I answered “yes”.


“If so, I’ll leave it up to you to find out what’s going on with the Perena County Mayors. However, if you decide not to hire a mercenary group or if you find the mercenary group to be untrustworthy, then You come to report that you have failed. It is not a sin to fail, but it is a sin to keep silent on your failure.” (Lemail)

“I understand.” (Ars) [1]


 I don’t have anything else to say.

 I had subordinates in my past life, and the most troublesome ones are those who fail and keep silent about it.

 The war council has concluded and I left the castle to contact Shadow.


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[1]: Original translation was;

“I’ve acknowledged”

Which didn’t make sense from english, i’m guessing it makes sense in japanese. So i had to change it to something else and thought that “I understand” would be the most noble-like thing to say. Well yeah. Anyway guys, Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

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