Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 41: Travel Companion

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“Uhhh… I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t do anything properly…” (Russell)


 Russell came out of the castle, holding his head and murmured.


“I think you were pretty nervous.” (Ars)

“Because I didn’t think there were so many scary people.” (Russell)


 Among the vassals who were in the military seat, there are of course military men within the group. He must be scared because there is a bearded man with a strict face.

 However, there are men like him in the Louvent family.

 Is he going to be useless if there are a lot of people?


“I haven’t heard, so I don’t know what happened, but where are we going now?” (Russell)


 I told Russell that I’m going to see Shadow now.


“Hmm, then when you say it’s on schedule, it’s on schedule… huh, but the mercenaries are scary… but maybe you’ll get caught and be sold…” (Russell)

“That’s not the case, so don’t worry. If something happens, I’d be okay since I have Ritsu or Charlotte.”


 It’s a little better, but even through all this time, Russel’s negative personality is unlikely to change.


“So Ritsu, where should we meet with Shadow?” (Ars)

“Tremps is a tavern in the town outside the castle. I will show you around.” (Ritsu)

“Pardon me” (Ars)


 We follow Ritsu as our guide.



“Ars-sama, please wait!” (Voice)


 I heard a familiar girl’s voice.

 This voice is…

 When I turned around and confirmed, there was a blonde girl, my betrothed, Lithia.


“…I was surprised by Lithia-sama. Did you go with Hammond-san?” (Ars)

“Yes. Father was opposed to it, but I wanted to see Ars-sama. I was told not to enter the war council, so I waited in one of the castle rooms until the end.” (Lithia)

“I see. But it’s been a while.” (Ars)


 I had correspondents with Lithia, but I met her for the first time after a year.

 We had the opportunity to only meet once since the day we first met, but since then we haven’t had the opportunity to meet again.

 After seeing her for the first time in a year, Lithia was growing a lot.

 Her body is growing and becoming more feminine.

 Lithia is thirteen years old. It’s the time puberty runs its course, so it’s no wonder that “it” has grown significantly in just one year.


“That’s right. Ars-sama also became more dignified without us meeting for a while.” (Ars)

“But, Lithia-sama has become beautiful.” (Ars)

“Oh dear” (Lithia)


 Lithia blushes.


“By the way, Ars-sama and others are going to meet a mercenary company called Shadow, right?” (Lithia)

“Yes, but why?” (Ars)

” I was secretly listening. If you go to the mercenary company, would you take me with you? Maybe there is something useful I can do.” (Lithia)


 She proposed so.

 Certainly, Lithia has a high degree of political power and may help in negotiations with mercenaries.

 However, the location of the mercenaries is likely to be dangerous. I think it’s okay because there is an escort, but it’s still a bit unlucky to take.


“Lithia, meeting with Shadow is likely to be dangerous.” (Ars)

“It’s okay. I got permission from my father to accompany Ars-sama. Is it still useless?” (Lithia)


 You already got permission from Hammond-san?

 Well, can I take you then I guess?

 It would be rude to refuse you even though you already asked for permission.

 I ask Ritsu if it looks okay.


“I don’t think there’s a problem. I don’t go to a dangerous place where I would need to be vigilant. At such a place, I wouldn’t take Ars-sama either.” (Ritsu)

“Okay. Well then, let’s come with us, Lithia. Please be careful not to leave us.” (Ars)

“Thank you!” (Lithia)


 Lithia smiled happily and thanked us.

 With Lithia as a companion, we followed Ritsu and headed for the Tremps tavern.


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