Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 42: Shadow

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With the guidance of Ritsu, we were visiting the tavern known as Tremps.

 Tremps is a fairly large building, and the inside obviously seems to be just as large.


“By the way, how did Ritsu know the Shadow?” (Ars)

“Well, in my time as a mercenary. The mercenaries I belonged to traveled all around Messiaen, but I had the opportunity to come here. I got to know him because I asked him for work.” (Ritsu)

“Do mercenaries typically ask other mercenaries to work for them?” (Ars)

“Yeah. My job is different from Shadow. Shadow is information gathering, crafting, assassination, etc. The mercenary company I belong to is to fight in battles. The mercenary company is not for those who want to lose in battle. It will be a big loss as the number of casualties of the members’ increases and the rewards can hardly be obtained. In some cases, it will be destroyed. You were kind enough to help me live and helped me a lot.” (Ritsu)

“I see, there are various kinds of mercenaries.” (Ars)

“Well, the mercenary company I belonged to was destroyed. And the cause of the destruction was that the leader had become too greedy…” (Ritsu)


 Ritsu seemed to remember his past. It’s a past where many of his friends died, It’s certainly not a good memory. So I didn’t ask about it.

 We then entered Tremps.

 Tremps seems to be a popular tavern, and the interior was quite busy.

 Although it is a large store, there are almost no empty seats to be found.

 It may be more while the day is still high, so there may be more people at night.


“This shop is still popular as usual” (Ritsu)


 It seems to have been popular since olden times.


“Shadow was introduced to me by the owner of this store, so let’s talk with him.” (Ritsu)


 Ritsu said, then he walked inside the store and started heading towards the store owner.

 When we walked through the store, we got a lot of attention.

 First of all, Ritsu wears luxurious clothes even though he is a Marca.

 Charlotte looks like a magician even though she is a woman.

 And it is unavoidable because it is full of prominent elements such as me and Lithia who are dressed as nobles.


“Their stares are annoying. Can I burn them all?” (Charlotte)


 Charlotte said something that was downright ridiculous with a serious look.

 Charlotte does have a good face and excellent proportions and seems to be attracting the eyes of men.


“It’s no good. Leave it alone and forget about it. If you feel like it’s from someone wanting to hurt you, then we’ll fight.” (Ritsu)

“Yes… Ah… it’s annoying…” (Charlotte)


 Charlotte replied with frustration.

 I thought that when we were in the mansion they had a warm personality. But there are unexpected dangers. It might just happen that the “pests” aren’t here today.

 Despite the attention, no one was willing to do any harm.

 Then, we arrived in front of the owner.


“It’s been a while, Alex.” (Ritsu)


 Ritsu spoke to a bearded, muscular middle-aged man.

 Is that man the storekeeper?

 The owner, called Alex, looks at Ritsu with eyes full of suspicion.


“Marca… Maybe Ritsu? You were from the Climent Mercenaries.” (Alex)

“Yes, I was” (Ritsu)

“How are you still alive? I heard that the people in Climent were almost all dead and had disbanded.” (Alex)

“The Climent Mercenary has certainly disbanded, but I’m alive. I’m now a retainer of the Louvent family.” (Ritsu)

“Vassal? The Louvent family is the house that is run by the lord of Lamberk Why? Wait again… I heard that there is a strong Marca vassal in Lamberk, but that was you.” (Alex)

“Maybe so” (Ritsu)

“I see. Even if it was a mess, I would have heard such a rumor. You said that no one in Climent is stronger than you? Well, is that the current owner of Louvent behind you? I heard that the previous owner died and a child succeeded.” (Alex)

“I’m Ars Louvent. I’m the lord of the Louvent family and the master of Ritsu.” (Ars)

“Ah, thank you very much. I’m Alex Tremps. I’m the tavern keeper.” (Alex)


 Alex bowed respectfully.


“So what’s it you want today?” (Alex)

“I came to ask Shadow for work.” (Ritsu)


 Ritsu says,


“Oh, yeah…” (Alex)


 Alex had a troubled look.


“What’s wrong?” (Ritsu)

“No. I was the leader of Shadow back when you were working with Climent retired about two years ago.” (Alex)

“Was!?” (Ritsu)


 Ritsu is surprised.


“Why did you get out? Did you get hurt?” (Ritsu)

“No, I retired because I had a wife. I can no longer do such dangerous work.” (Alex)

“Yes, this is troublesome…” (Ritsu)

“No, I as the leader have retired, but Shadow is still working. Well, my retirement has been a trigger, and several members have retired, but it has become a different thing.” (Alex)

“Is the new shadow good in your opinion?” (Ritsu)

“It’s a few steps higher than the old shadow.” (Alex)

“A few steps higher…?? Shadow was a very good mercenary, but is it better than before?” (Ritsu)


 Ritsu asks, sounding half suspicious.


“Oh, there’s a guy who’s now the Shadowmaster, but he’s a real genius. He’s also a good mentor to teach others, and the level of this new crew is high. I’ve never heard of a request failing.” (Alex)

“Really?” (Ritsu)

“However, the criteria for not accepting a request is a bit strange one than when I was the leader. If you don’t meet, I can’t guarantee that they will accept it.” (Alex)

“Can we meet the leader?” (Ritsu)

“Oh, they don’t ask much for an intermediary fee. You can’t see them right away anyway. You should try to see them at night.” (Alex)

“Will they come to this store at night?” (Ritsu)

“Not sure, I’m just working for the day. I have a strange feeling that they won’t work as Shadow unless it’s at night. I can’t say who is the leader until tonight, but you can look for them. It might be okay to try, but I don’t think you will know them.” (Alex)


 Well, I wouldn’t normally find them if there were so many people.

 However, in my case, I have appraisal skills.

 If the leader is said to be a real genius, they would have a high status.

 At least bravery is likely to transcend ordinary people.

 It doesn’t make sense to search until it’s night time, but the night is our only option, so it might be a good idea to search for them then.


“Let’s stay in this store and wait until nighttime.” (Ars)

“Hey, I understand. I’d appreciate it if you could eat or drink something while you were waiting. It seems that liquor is okay, but I have juice as well.” (Alex)

“Okay, let’s do that.” (Ritsu)


 I pay the intermediary fee.

 After that, we asked for snacks such as juice and fruits and sat on a table, and waited for the evening to come while eating together.

 I searched for who was the Shadow Master by looking at the people in the store with appraisal.

 There are many people in the store. I searched from one side to the other, but no one has a high enough status.

 I finished looking up almost everyone in the store, but none. Perhaps my belief that bravery should be high may have been wrong.

 My appraisal doesn’t show the ability to collect information.

 I’m getting a little tired and I feel like giving up.

 My throat was dry, so I asked a nearby waitress to get some water.


“Some water” (Ars)


 There is plenty of water around here, so you can drink it at a cheap price.

 By the way, this clerk wasn’t appraised.

 She is a young girl, a waitress who is one or two years older than me.

 Black hair on a ponytail. Although she is not a great beauty by her appearance, she is at a level that can be said to be a good-looking girl.

 As expected, such a child can’t be the Shadow Master.

 I’m going to not appraise her, but I decided to do it anyway.


 Mazark Find – 22 – years old ♂


 Command 33/44

 Brave 91/92

 Strategy 87/90

 Politics 22/23

 Ambition 45 


 Infantry A         Cavalry C          Archer S

 Magic Soldier A          Fortification C       Weapon A

 Navy D           Air Force C         Strategy B


Her status was full of surprises.



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