Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 43: True Identity

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A man with this appearance? Moreover, an adult of 22 years old. Moreover, the status is very high. His name is Mazark?

 Did the appraisal skill have a bug because it was being used too much?

 I tried to appraise Ritsu and found that it was normal. It doesn’t seem to be a bug.

 Just in case, I tried to appraise the clerk again, but the exact same status was displayed.

 There seems to be no mistake in the status.

 …Maybe…Is this person Mazark the Shadow Master?

 His status is the only one that can be considered. At least with this status, it would be impossible for him to be just a normal person. Even if the limit value is high, the current value is close to the maximum. In other words, it means that they have undergone considerable training.

 If this status is true, then Mazark would be the Shadow Commander.

 If I think carefully, Shadow is a mercenary group that collects information and works. The appearance of a girl may be suitable for others to not be on alert.

 However, this person is a 22-year-old man.

 Is it a different race or some sort of developmental disease?

 I think that he is from another race because it does not seem possible for people to reach this level with a stunted illness.

“Uh… did you still have anything you want to order?” (Mazark)

 The waitress said with a troubled look.

 Apparently she… No, he… I looked too much into Mazark’s face. [1]

 Isn’t he the Shadow master here? He should probably not ask him yet.

 I don’t know why, but at least during the daytime, he is working as a waitress, not as the manager, so even if I point it out, I might not get him to work.

 On the other hand, there is a risk that his pride will be hurt and there will be a grudge because I have identified him.

 If I make a bad impression, he may not accept the job. It is safer to not point it out.

“No, nothing.” (Ars)

“That’s right. Well then, here is some water.” (Mazark)


 He said so while pouring in water. Before leaving us.

 Even if you analyze his tone and small gestures, you can only see a girl’s movement. Even if you tell the truth, people will only think that it’s a joke until they see the evidence.

“Ars-sama, why are you giving a lot of attention to that girl?” (Lithia)

 Lithia asked.

 She is wearing a smile, but her eyes are not smiling. She looks a little angry. I wondered if I was watching Mazark for too long.

 In order to quench Lithia’s anger, I decided to be honest about why I was watching Mazark.

“Maybe that person is the shadow leader.” (Ars)

 I said in a low voice so that no one else could hear it.

 My words made everybody form a look that troubled me.

“She is a girl about the same age as me?” (Lithia)

“No, he’s a 22-year-old man.” (Ars)

“Heee!?” (Ars’ companions)

“Be quiet.” (Ars)

 Everyone who was listening to me was surprised.

 I’m a little surprised, but if they’re surprised, it’s normal to be.

“But that can’t be real, because I could only see a girl?” (Lithia)

“I do not doubt who he is.” (Ars)

“I can believe that he is the leader, but it’s hard to believe that he is 22 years old…” (Lithia)

 Well, even concerning his sex. Even I, who saw the result of appraisal is suspicious, so she cannot help it.

“I believe in what Ars-sama says. But did Ars-sama also have the power to a person’s true sex?”

 Ritsu seems to believe. He has been with me for the longest time, so his confidence in the accuracy of my appraisal is probably the highest.

“If that girl is the leader, why don’t we go out to place a job now? I’m a little tired of waiting.” (Charlotte)

 Charlotte said so and I explained that he might not accept the request right now, so we should keep silent. Charlotte accepted, even though she was dissatisfied.

 After a while, I felt the need to use the toilet, so I headed towards the bathroom.

 Ritsu wanted to come and escort me, but I refused because the store didn’t seem particularly rough and I felt embarrassed to be followed towards the toilet.

 Well, while I’m in the bathroom, Ritsu would have been vigilantly watching around the bathroom entrance.

 I entered the toilet.

 In this world, sewage is maintained reasonably well, so toilets are not unsanitary.

 I turned around, and about to get out of the bathroom.

 When suddenly, my heart almost stopped.

“How did you find out that I’m the Shadow master?”

 Mazark was projecting a completely different person.

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[1]: Original translation was “Apparently she… No, he looked too much at Mazark’s face. “

If you think about it, it doesn’t make sense so i changed it to what it meant. I think it’s correct but you guys tell me if there are other mistakes. Also, please make sure to donate and support Lazy-Kun on his translations. These things take a lot of time. Hope you enjoyed this chapter!

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