Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 44: Femme

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When did he come? 

 I didn’t notice anything. I wonder if it’s possible to get rid of his presence even though he’s right behind me.

 Mazark’s expression as a happy waitress during service is quite different from what he has now.

 He is staring at me expressionlessly. He has a cold expression and he looks like a completely different person. I’m wondering if someone can change so much with just an expression.


“This is the first time. Who told you I was?” (Mazark)


 But how does Mazark know that I have discovered him? 

 What should I do next?


“What are you talking about?” (Ars)

“It’s useless to play dumb. It doesn’t seem like I was not listening, but I heard all of your conversations. You are Ars Louvent, the current owner of the Louvent family. Also, you have somehow known that I am the leader of Shadow and that I am a twenty-two-year-old man.” (Mazark)


 We were having a quiet conversation with Mazark far away from us. But he still heard us. He must have exceptional hearing ability. Otherwise, it may not be possible to collect information from noisy surroundings.

 However, since he was asking who I heard it from, he may not have heard the whole conversation.


“You were heavily guarded, so I had a hard time getting near. I knew this store well so I went through another route to get here. I told you how I got here. Now, tell me how you found out who I was.” (Mazark)


 Ritsu seems to have been watching over me.

 He was able to bypass the door, will there be no help coming?


“So want to know how I knew who you were.” (Ars)

“I’m absolutely confident about disguising myself. If it is not too much to ask, but I want to know how you noticed my true identity? Please tell me what I did wrong.” (Mazark)

“…No, you were completely believable as a waitress.” (Ars)

“Then how did you figure it out?” (Mazark)


 I decided to answer his question truthfully.

 In this situation, my silence can cause more harm.

 I should probably explain my appraisal ability.


“…Ability to measure the abilities of other people…?” (Mazark)

“Yes. You had the ability to be the commander, so I concluded that you were the Shadow Master. By the way, I could tell you your name, gender, and age. Your name apparently is Mazark Find?” (Ars)

“…!” (Mazark)


 With his name being pointed out, Mazark was so surprised his eyes went quite wide.

 After that, he closed his eyes and smiled.


“It’s gone. It’s a name I threw away long ago. Now I’m calling myself Femme.” (Mazark =>  Femme)


 Did he change his name?

 My appraisal ability seems to show only his given name, not the name the other person currently uses.


“But for someone like me who has a job to be covert, you might become an ally or an enemy of mine.” (Femme)

“Really?” (Ars)

“Yes. Hiding your identity is very important in this kind of job. That includes what I look like. No one thinks a man who looks so much like a girl is a spy. I try not to reveal my identity to anyone other than the people I can trust. I conceal my face when people ask me for a request. Only Alex and some of the members of shadow know.” (Femme)


 Then, I shouldn’t ask what he was going to do to me.

 Maybe I’m in a very dangerous position right now.


“Will you partner with someone I consider my enemy or will you be destroyed? Which do you think is a better choice?” (Femme)


 When asked that, my heart nearly stopped.

 This is going to be a real problem if I give the wrong answer. My heart is now racing faster than ever.


“Of course it’s better to be on my side. You know I’m the Lord of the Louvent family? If you do me any harm, my vassals aren’t going to stay silent. Your identity has been revealed to them. You’re going to turn the Louvent family into an enemy, and the county will also become your enemy, so you won’t be able to work in this town.” (Ars)

“I can just work in another town” (Femme)

“Can you work in another town so easily?” (Ars)

“Well, it would be troublesome at first, but as long as I have my ability, there should be no problem.” (Femme)

“Even if you start working in another place, my vassals will keep chasing until the end of the earth until they kill you.” (Ars)

“I take it back” (Femme)

“Is it because my vassals are strong?” (Ars)


 After interacting up to that point, Femme suddenly began to laugh, “kekeke.”


“Don’t be scared. Your heartbeat has been quite loud since a while ago. Well, I can’t help but tease a child” (Femme)


 Although I was keeping a calm facade, he seemed to realize that I was not calm at all by hearing the sound of my heart.


“I’m just kidding. I’m not going to do any harm to you. I like unique guys like you. Certainly, your ability is dangerous, but it’s also very unique. I’m going to accept your request.” (Femme)


 And if they become employed by an aristocrat. Nobles will continue to make requests as long as they show their ability. And if that happens, they will not bother revealing anything.

 A joke, I patted my chest in relief.

 I thought I would be killed.


“Come ask me when it’s night time. Wait until then.” (Femme)

“Okay.” (Ars)


 To be honest, I’m afraid because he is a bit dangerous, so I’m wondering if it’s okay to ask for their services. But if I say that I’ve changed my mind, I’ll be completely against Femme.

 If I do so, I might become a target throughout life. I want to avoid it, so I’ll have to ask later.

 Femme said that when we are about to leave the toilet,


“Ars-sama!” (Ritsu)


 Ritsu jumped into the comfort room.

 And as soon as he sees Femme, he pulls out his sword and starts slashing.

 Femme takes a knife out of his bosom and catches Ritsu’s sword.


“Wait, stop Ritsu. That person is not an enemy.” (Ars)

“Eh? Oh yeah? I’m sorry about that.” (Ritsu)


 Ritsu apologized and pulled back.


“Looks like, it seems better to be your ally. I am not saying that I cannot win, but it seems that it won’t be easy to kill you when I become your enemy.” (Femme)


 Femme then left the toilet.


“Are you okay?” (Ritsu)

“Oh, no problem.” (Ars)

“That’s right. I didn’t notice that he was watching back. There seems to be another entrance. Even so, as Ars-sama said, that person seems to be the current leader of the shadow. We shouldn’t take him lightly” (Ritsu)


 From the point of view of Ritsu, Femme is not an ordinary person.

 I walked out of the toilet with Ritsu and sat down.

 Then, as if nothing had happened, Femme was in waitress mode and was serving as a girl.

 How can he change personalities? I almost thought that they are two different people.

 Then time passed and it was night time at last.

 Alex approached our seat,

“I’ve kept you waiting. You can now meet Shadow Master Commander Femme.” (Alex)

 Alex said.


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