Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 45: Making a Request

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Alex tells us that he will guide us to Femme and so we follow him.

 Going up the stairs to the third floor, he opened the closed door and went inside.


“Femme, here’s the client… What? Why do you look like that today?” (Alex)

“Because I was found out, it doesn’t make sense to hide.” (Femme)

“What?” (Alex)


 Alex looks a little stressed and he seems to not be able to absorb the information.


“Found out… Eh? You’ve been spotted as the Shadow Master, while you were working?” (Alex)

“Oh, the little boy there seems to have a strange ability. I was spotted in one glance.” (Femme)

“Se- seriously…” (Alex)


 Alex seems to have been shocked. Perhaps it is such an unexpected event that Femme, a waitress, was spotted and found out as the leader. I think it’s reasonable to think that’s because people are looking at Femme’s perfect disguise as a waitress.


“As Ars-sama says, that person was the leader…” (Charlotte probably)

“Is it true that he is a man…?” (Lithia)


 Lithia seems to doubt that Femme’s true sex is male. Well, even without his façade as a waitress, his appearance only looks nothing else but a woman’s. And his voice is only a bit lower than when he was a waitress. But his voice still cannot be considered a man’s voice.


“I’m a man” (Femme)


 Lithia didn’t seem to believe it completely even as Femme said so. But it doesn’t matter whether Femme’s sex is male or female.


“By the way, that disguise isn’t a hobby. The most common person you see around the world is a young woman.” (Femme)


 Did you practice a lot for this kind of work? I think he’s perfectly capable of being perceived as a girl, but does Femme think it is enough?

 There is a possibility that the disguise will be compromised. And that it will not work all the time?


“So, let me know what you want to ask for.” (Femme)

“Hmm? Did you decide to accept the request?” (Ars)

“Oh, you have unique abilities and you look quite interesting.” (Femme)


 I explained the request to Femme.


“Hmm…the reason why Perena County doesn’t want to join forces…” (Femme)

“Is it possible?” (Ars)

“That’s a foolish question. It is already a fact that we can do it. This kind of information gathering is our usual request. It will be done in a flash.” (Femme)

“Oh really” (Ars)

“It will be done within a week” (Femme)


 It will take less time than I expected.

 I would not be surprised if it would take about a month.


“Regarding the fee, since it is your first I’ll give you a discount. One gold coin would be enough. I shall take three silver coins now, that’s about a third as the deposit. Is that okay?” (Femme)


 Three silver coins, cheaper than I imagined.

 In this case, we seem to have enough money.

 I was thinking about price negotiations in some cases, but it seems to be not necessary. I pay the three silver coins.


“It will be done. I think it will end in a week, but please give us two weeks to confirm the information. So you can come back here again two weeks later.” (Femme)


 So the negotiations with Femme ended.

 I thought we’d talk a little more, but it went like a breeze.

 All I have to do is believe in Femme’s ability and wait, but when I look at the results of the appraisal and the quality of the disguise, I think his capabilities are can’t be doubted.

 We all left the store


“The negotiations went smoothly. I’ve come with you as a negotiator, but I didn’t do anything.”


 Lithia looks regretful.

 We’ve got the request taken, so she doesn’t have to feel sorry. I should cheer her up.


“I enjoyed our time together Lithia-sama.” (Ars)

“Huh? That’s…” (Lithia)


 Upon hearing my words, Lithia blushed with a surprised look.

 Then she hid her face by looking down. After about 3 seconds, she raised her face,


“I also enjoyed being with Ars-sama.”


 She said with a big smile.

 It was the brightest smile I’ve ever seen in Lithia. It feels like a real smile from the bottom of her heart.

 I thought this was probably not a false smile.

 Then we stayed at the castle overnight and in the morning we returned to the mansion.

 Two weeks later, as I was reminded of the request, we visited Tremps tavern that night.



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