Reincarnated Aristocrat Chapter 46: Reasons

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“You arrived faster than expected.” (Femme)


 I went to meet Femme with Ritsu, Charlotte, and other escorts. This time well left Russell back at Lamberk.


“Have you completed the request?” (Ars)

“Of course. Before I tell you the information, Shouldn’t you pay the request fee before I do?”


 I paid the remaining seven silver coins.


“Thank you for your continued patronage.” (Femme)

“By the way, just for curiosity’s sake, there are other members besides you right?” (Ars)

“I’m the only one you can see because as the leader, it is my duty to negotiate and face with the client.” (Femme)


 There seem to be other members, but I won’t be able to meet them? Well, they don’t have to be there when meeting the client?


“Now let me explain why Perena County isn’t on the Clan-sama’s side. After a quick glimpse into the information, Perena County Mayor Lurook Doran finds that Basamark-sama is a better choice.” (Femme)

“How?” (Ars)

“Oh, the Dorans became the Mayor of Perena with the help of Basamark-sama.” (Femme)

“So that’s the reason?” (Ars)

“It’s not that simple. There are benefits, but nobles don’t choose to side with another family that easily.” (Femme)

“Is there another reason?” (Ars)

“Yes, I did some more research and I got something interesting.” (Femme)


 Femme handed me a letter.


“This is……” (Ars)

“Read it” (Femme)


 I read the contents.

 And I was extremely surprised to read what’s inside.

 The letter containing aristocratic families that pledged loyalty to Basamark-sama. The signatures and seals of the nobles attached to his side are contained inside.

 In addition to the eastern and northern counties on Basamark-sama’s side, there is also the signature and seal of Perena County.

 This letter seemed to contain all the houses that sided with them.

 That’s fine, but some of the signatures and stamps were from the western metropolis of Masa County.


“This is……” (Ars)

“Masa County is on the side of Basamark-sama…?” (Ritsu)


 Ritsu, who looked at the contents of the letter together with me, seemed unable to hide his surprise.


“When Masa sides with Basamark-sama, the battle situation suddenly becomes advantageous to Basamark-sama. Basamark-sama would have sent this letter because he thought he would be favored by the Mayor of Perena. Perena County, who decided that they would eventually lose, should they decide to side with Clan-sama. (Ritsu)

“Is this the real thing? How did you get it? Such an important thing can’t be taken so easily.” (Ars)


 I don’t know if the letter of this is genuine because I have no idea if the seal of the other families is genuine.


“I can’t tell you how. Also, I don’t talk about how I work. No matter how much you question my credibility. I only talk to people I trust. All I’m sure is this is from Perena County. From the castle within Perena where the mayor lives.”


 He can’t say his methods? Well, even if I ask for the method, there is no confirmation that what he says is genuine. He is able to lie.

 In the first place, there is no point in requesting if I don’t trust their information and work.

 Lemail-sama interacts with other families, so he is familiar with the seals and signatures. If we show it to him, he will know if it’s real.


“I doubted it because the letter contains quite unbelievable content. Sorry if I made you feel like we were questioning your skills.” (Ars)

“No problem. That is the result of our work. If you have more work, just give us a request” (Femme)

“Okay. Thanks for the information. Can I keep this letter?” (Ars)

“Do what you want.” (Femme)


 We left Tremps Tavern along with the letter.

 After leaving Tremps, we rented an inn and were discussing what to do next.


“But it’s going to be quite the scandal. If this letter were real, Clan-sama would be at a big disadvantage in battle. What should we do from now on… I wonder if it’s better to discuss this with Lemail-sama?” (Ars)

“I agree…………” (Ritsu)


 Ritsu thinks about something and looks at the letter we got from Femme again.


“This letter is a bit suspicious.” (Ritsu)


 After observing the letter carefully, Ritsu said so.


“You don’t trust Femme?” (Ritsu)

“No, I don’t mean that. I believe it was stolen from Perena Castle, but the problem is the signature and sign of Masa county. It may not be genuine.” (Ritsu)

“Why do you think so?” (Ars)

“I mean; this may be a plot of Basamark-sama. He showed Mayor of Perena the pledges signed and stamped by the Mayor of Masa, then have him sign and stamped it too.” (Ritsu)

“Is that possible? Maybe Perena had seen Masa’s genuine signatures and seals?” (Ars)

“I think it’s possible to forge signatures and stamps. I’ve heard that some people are making a lot of money by making counterfeits that look like the genuine article.” (Ritsu)

“Hmm…but why do you think this is a fake?” (Ars)

“It feels unnatural because the only the Mayor of Perena was solicited into entering an alliance.” (Ritsu)

“Is that so? Maybe the Mayor of Perena said he had a debt to Basamark-sama? If so, it’s a reason for him to be on his side, so it will not be strange to look like they recruited Perena. Information may be leaked if he declined.” (Ars)

“Isn’t it dangerous for Basamark-sama’s information about the meeting leaked? In the western counties, many counties in the western county had decided to join Clan-sama because Masa is on Clan-sama’s side. I think, if Masa County becomes their ally, it should not be hidden, but be advertised since more counties will become Basamark-sama’s ally if they do so. There will only be advantages, no disadvantages.” (Ritsu)

“Hmm… sure, that could be true. But even if this pledge is a fake, I think it’s better to discuss this all with the Mayor of Canale.” (Ars)

“If we move too much, they may tell that what we know of is a lie. If it is fake, we can ask Masa County directly. Then their plan will fall apart. So, even if the Mayor of Perena has a debt, probably this was sent only to them.” (Ritsu)

“got it……” (Ars)

“Now we take this to Lemail-sama and ask the Mayor of Masa to find out the truth… Now, if it were real, Masa County betrayed and didn’t inform Clan-sama. Well, I think it’s better to bring the letter to the eyes of Lemail-sama.” (Ritsu)

“Yeah. Alright, then let’s go to Canale Castle immediately.” (Ars)


 Visiting at night is a violation of proper aristocratic protocol, but since it is important information, there will be no problem this time.

 We headed to Canale Castle.

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